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Stephen Gardner Net Worth 2024 | Wife

Stephen Gardner Net Worth – $5 million

What is Stephen Gardner’s net worth? Also, who is Stephen Gardner’s wife?


Stephen Gardner is an incredibly successful author, speaker, and YouTuber.

With all of these different passions and projects, his net worth has continued to rise over the past few years.

If you’re wondering who Stephen Gardner is and what his exact net worth is, you’ve come to the right place!

The Origin Story

Stephen Gardner is an incredibly private person, so details about his life are difficult to dig up.

His social media accounts hold no basic information, like his birthday or town of residence.

He tries to keep a low profile aside from his work, and he does a very good job at it.

What we know about his childhood and early life comes from interviews that he has done in the past.

One interview with Esmie Lawrence on the podcast Sprinting to Success gave a deeper dive into his childhood.

He told Lawrence that he grew up feeling as if he were always doing something bad and was always in trouble, though in reality, he did nothing wrong.

He was told he was a problem kid, that he wouldn’t go anywhere in life, and he struggled in school because he believes that school was never made for him, as he is an auditory learner.

Stephen Gardner had a rough childhood, and one of the few things that got him through it was his love of baseball.

When he cut his finger off, he had to give this up too and struggled with nerve damage and scrambling to find other sports to play to try to graduate.

He struggled with self-confidence issues his entire life and grew up feeling unintelligent and unworthy.


Gardner worked in the financial world for a long time and thoroughly enjoyed it, as it was something he was good at.

When his father-in-law came up with a business proposition, it was difficult, but Stephen Gardner felt that it was the right move to leave his steady job behind to help him out.

He went in with the hope that this business would sustain his family, but unfortunately, that dream fell flat.

After the business failed, Stephen Gardner was left with goals, aspirations, and passions but no outlet for any of them.

With no way to make any money, he decided to start a YouTube channel on August 20, 2008.

This eventually led to an incredibly successful and lucrative business providing financial coaching to families.

Gardner sought out to provide tools to everyone, including women, as he noticed through his financial training that they were traditionally left out in financial decisions and education even though they typically outlive men.

Stephen Gardner’s dream led to an extremely popular YouTube channel and the creation of YourBridgePlan, which is his business that provides business owners with the tools needed to generate and sustain income while saving along the way.

Gardner is a best-selling author and has written two hit books that have topped the charts consistently, “Taming Wall Street” and “Billion Dollar Blueprint.”

He coaches individuals, he invests, and he provides financial and retirement specialist services. is a wild success in the financial industry.

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Stephen Gardner has self-proclaimed himself as being somewhat awkward.

He has stated in countless interviews that he has always struggled talking to women and always lacked the nerve to start a conversation.

Because of this, it is quite ironic that he ended up with his wife, Kacey Gardner.

Kacey is a relationship coach who advocates for women prioritizing themselves in relationships and in the bedroom.

As Stephen and Kacey are very religious, Kacey’s coaching business is centered around Christian beliefs.

Her website states that she is there to “guide you along this beautiful journey of recognizing your worth, undoing the false narrative given to women, forging a more solid sense of self, and incorporating new techniques that will help you maintain a healthy and passionate marriage.”

The pair is quite the business duo, both passionately pursuing their interests.

They have been married for fifteen years, have three children, and work together daily, collaborating on their projects.

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Stephen Gardner – Net Worth

So, how much is Stephen Gardner worth? Gardner is a YouTube sensation, financial and retirement specialist, best-selling author, investor, and has a ton of different side hustles. He regularly interviews for radio talk shows and podcasts. On YouTube, Gardner has over 371 million views — this means an estimated $1 million in revenue. Therefore, financial author Stephen Gardner has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Stephen Gardner proves that anyone can become successful if they are smart about their money.

All it takes is gaining confidence and educating yourself about financial processes and how to make them work for you, not against you.

With the right tools and circumstances, anything is possible!

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Sonny Tavres

Tuesday 7th of March 2023

Steve I applaud you for the honesty and integrity of your youtube channel that updates us on the real news of our time, plus your interviews with people who have knowledge of the subjects on which they are speaking. Also, the generosity of you and your wife on giving away $$$$$ each month. We need more decent human beings like you in the world and maybe, just maybe we can have a better world. Thank you Sir, I salute you.

“Ava” Lisa Loren

Monday 20th of December 2021

To the darling Gardners, You are fabulous Kacey and Steven, (note: A woman’s name should always precede.) I read your bio and am not surprised you have arrived to this point, “and many more “ as the song goes. It never really matters what obstacles a person stumbles with because in the rear there were stronger forces that you obliviously took in. You overcame. I commend all the efforts. Applause. Hello Kacey. Seems as if you played a hand, a big one in steering the boat for Steve and the entire family. I love what you both do to encourage and inspire the masses. I love, love love to bake chocolate chip cookies and mine are the absolute best. Sellable too. No insecurity here. HA! Be happy, healthy and have a wonderful Xmas. Blessings to you and yours. Sincerely, Ava