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A. B. Quintanilla Net Worth | Wife

A. B. Quintanilla Net Worth – $6 million

What is A. B. Quintanilla’s net worth? Who is A. B. Quintanilla’s wife?


Abraham Isaac Quintanilla III, known professionally as A.B. Quintanilla, is an American musician, songwriter, and record producer.

Quintanilla is well-known as the brother of “The Queen of Tejano Music,” Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, having co-written many of her most popular songs.

He has also released music through his band “Kumbia Kings,” in addition to multiple songs and albums from his two more bands.

With 30 albums under his belt, Quintanilla had grown to become a popular name with Cumbia’s surge in popularity throughout the United States in the 80s and 90s.

However, with the decline in Cumbia and Latin pop as a whole, Quintanilla’s name has been used less in the music industry, even with his own recently launched band and late 2010s album.

So, let’s take a look at the man known as A.B. Quintanilla and the King of Kumbia, Abraham Quintanilla III.

The Origin Story

A. B. Quintanilla biography


Quintanilla was born on December 13th, 1963, in the town of Toppenish, Washington.

While the musician was born in Washington, his family moved to Lake Jackson, Texas, where he spent the rest of his childhood.  

From an early age, Quintanilla had a heavy interest in music, having learned to play the bass and guitar.

The need to play music was apparently genetic, as his father was a musician who had convinced both his younger sisters, Selena and Suzette, to join Quintanilla in starting the band Selena y Los Dinos.

The group was made up of Quintanilla’s family members, with his sister Selena obviously fronting the band.

Not much about Quintanilla’s life is known before the family’s band launched, which occurred some time before his 21st birthday.


what is the net worth of A. B. Quintanilla


Selena y Los Dinos

Alongside his family, Quintanilla quickly built up a name for himself through their band Selena y Los Dinos.

He had worked at his family’s restaurant, Papagallos, where the group would sing and perform for live audiences.

Things quickly went wrong, however, with the restaurant going out of business soon afterward.

The Quintanilla family had to declare bankruptcy and move to Corpus Christi, where Selena y Los Dinos ran hundreds of small gigs.

The group’s name quickly picked up a reputation within Texas, where they were soon invited to perform at clubs and fairs.

Not too much later, the group was picked up by Freddie Records, an independent label owned by Freddie Martinez.

Quintanilla soon released his first album alongside the family, named Mis First Grabaciones (My First Recordings) in 1984.

Following a dispute with the recording studio, the group and Quintanilla left Freddie Records to move across a few more local record labels, which oftentimes resulted in no sales.

Within three years, however (1987), the group released Munequito De Trapo (Rag Doll), which was an immediate success.

By 1988, Quintanilla helped release Preciosa (Precious), one of the group’s final independent album, which led to Selena y Los Dinos music selling more than 20,000 units per release.

Soon after this final album, Selena was signed to EMI Latin, where Selena y Los Dinos ended, and Selena and Quintanilla’s songwriting careers began.


By 1990, within a year of Quintanilla being signed alongside his sister to EMI, the duo produced and wrote the album Mis Primeros Exitos (My First Successes).

The album quickly hit gold, thanks in part to Baila Esta Cumbia (Dance this Cumbia), which was mostly written by Quintanilla himself.

Soon after Selena’s quick explosion to stardom, the duo kept releasing albums, such as 1992’s Entre a Mi Mundo (Enter My World).

Yet again co-written by Quintanilla, the album was even more popular, leading to the creation of 1993’s Live.

This Quintanilla written album won a Grammy for Best Mexican-American Album.

The duo kept releasing hit songs with Quintanilla’s catchy songwriting and Selena’s recognizable singing.

That was until 1994, with Amor Prohibido (Forbidden Love), which sat atop the Top Latin Album charts at number 1 for 78 weeks.

This was Quintanilla’s largest hit, which earned international success and recognition previously unseen for the duo.

However, Selena was tragically murdered by the president of her fan club in March 1995, which led to Quintanilla’s withdrawal from the music industry.

He had been a major part of Selena’s career, and she was a major part of his. Selena’s murder devastated Quintanilla, who went off the grid for nearly 5 years, excluding a few co-writes.

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Kumbia Kings

A. B. Quintanilla Net Worth


Quintanilla staged a comeback in 1999 by creating Kumbia Kings and releasing Amor, Familia y Respeto (Love, Family, and Respect).

While not as commercially well-received as his work with Selena, Kumbia Kings was nominated for a Grammy, Latin Grammy, and Billboard Latin Music Award, with the group winning another Billboard Latin Music Award.

Quintanilla’s first tracks broke into the top ten but rested there for a bit.

Things were different with the release of Kumbia Kings’ second album, 2001’s Shhh!, which immediately entered the charts at number 2 before rising to the top of the Latin charts.

Quintanilla took advantage of the craze for Kumbia Kings’ music with the release of a few remix albums and minor albums.

With 2003’s ‘4’, the group topped the charts yet again, before Kumbia Kings collapsed.

In 2006, multiple members of the group sued for neglected pay.

Kumbia Kings apparently had issues over pay and income, and the group fell apart.

Kumbia All Starz and Beyond

Quintanilla quickly rebranded, launching the group Kumbia All Starz.

The group did well in South America, although their North American success had dried up. Following a Latin Grammy win, the group quickly fell apart, and Quintanilla went solo.

Launching his third band in 2016 with DEL Records, Quintanilla formed the group Elektro Kumbia, where he released a 2017 single called Piña Colada Shot.

Quintanilla has gone relatively silent from the mainstream music industry for a few years now, although he continues to be social on his Instagram account, @abquintanilla3.

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Quintanilla has eight children, two of them born to his first wife, Vangie.

The couple had divorced before Quintanilla’s Kumbia Kings career, leading to five more sons and one daughter by 2007.

In November 2011, Quintanilla married his girlfriend, Rikkie Robertson, before divorcing in July 2016.

The couple had no children during their near-5-year marriage.

In September 2019, Quintanilla wed Anjelah O., with not much information known about the wife.

A. B. Quintanilla – Net Worth

So, how much is A. B. Quintanilla worth? Quintanilla earned most of his wealth from a combination of continued sales from his own successes and money from his band tours. Therefore, A. B. Quintanilla has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

He also makes money comes from his current role as producer of the band Elektro Kumbia and his family’s music company, Q-Productions.

On YouTube, A. B. Quintanilla has over 474 million–about $1.2 million in revenue.

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