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Wanelda Diaries Net Worth | Family

Wanelda Diaries Net Worth – $2 million

What is Wanelda Diaries’ net worth? Who is Wanelda Farmer’s husband?


Wanelda Diaries is the profile of Wanelda Farmer, a social media influencer who shares videos of her everyday life with her fans.

The reason that Wanelda’s content is so popular is that it’s relatable, and her fans truly feel as if they know her.

She earns most of her money through sponsored posts on Facebook, where she has more than one million followers.

Below, we explore the net worth of Wanelda Diaries and explain how she has made her money.

The Origin Story

Wanelda was born on August 31, 1980, in Chicago, Illinois.

She graduated from the University of Michigan in 2015 with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Women’s Studies.

Wanelda has six children, and she remarried in 2019, just a few years after divorcing her previous husband.

She is open with many of the tough topics that she experiences in her everyday life, sharing how she has had weight loss surgery and also the challenges related to raising her autistic son, Maverick.


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She said:

“In the area that we live in, there are very few resources for someone like Maverick, and so I have all this stress and all this weight on my shoulders to make sure that he is fine and taken care of.”

Wanelda has a close relationship with her mum, and she helps her look after the kids when she’s out doing other things.

Anyone who has tuned into Wanelda’s videos can see that she gives everything for her family and she is motivated every single day to support her kids.



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She currently lives in Chapmanville.

Wanelda Farmer documented the process of building a new house with her husband, Gary Farmer.

In 2023, Wanelda hinted on social media that she was going through a divorce from her husband, Gary.

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Wanelda Diaries – Net Worth

So, how much is Wanelda Farmer worth?

Wanelda Diaries is the online profile of Wanelda Farmer, a vlogger who posts and shares most of her content on Facebook.

Her selfie-styled blog is basically Wanelda’s take on everyday events, but she continues to captivate her audience with her witty posts.

The reason that Wanelda Diaries is such a success story is that people can resonate with the affable and personable host.

When she started her online journey, Wanelda quit her job, went through a divorce, and started experiencing health issues.

For the people that followed her from the beginning, they revel in Wanelda’s feel-good story.

The first video that she posted documented a trip home from the doctor’s office, and it was an immediate hit. In fact, it received over one million views and kick-started her career as a social media star.

Although she initially didn’t like the fame that came with her profile, she soon embraced it with encouragement from family and friends.

With more than one million followers on Facebook, Winelda’s primary source of income is the sponsored posts that she shares with her followers.


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According to research, influencer posts are highly lucrative for someone with Winelda’s follower base.

Influencers with more than 1 million followers can typically charge at least $10,000 per sponsored post, which highlights just how well she is doing financially out of her regular video posts.

One thing that has to be said about Winelda’s content is that she doesn’t overdo it as far as sponsored posts are concerned.

She has brand deals with companies like SeneGence, which is a skincare brand that she often promotes to her followers.

These deals allow Wanelda to earn money from her Facebook profile, and she is supporting her family as a result.

Also, it’s common for content creators to put together a team to help build their brands when they get to a certain level of followers.

But Winelda takes care of everything herself and is responsible for planning and posting her content, as well as dealing with all other aspects of her business.

This has helped her keep her costs and overheads low and means she can keep all of the money that she earns from sponsored posts for her family.

Talking about her unique talent, Winelda said:

I have always had the gift of the gab and a knack for storytelling, and I guess it has just always followed me through life, but I never dreamed at all this would happen.”

In spite of the incredible earning potential for someone like Wanelda on YouTube, she only started out on the platform at the start of 2020. As a result, she has around 16,000 subscribers, and her videos have been viewed around 500,000 times.

While this is impressive, it’s nowhere near the level of popularity that she enjoys on Facebook, and it remains to be seen whether or not Wanelda will maximize her outreach on YouTube and be able to expand her audience – and increase her net worth – as a result.

Thanks to her incredible success as a vlogger on Facebook and the various paid posts that she shares with her followers, American influencer Wanelda Farmer has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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