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Who is Baylen Levine’s girlfriend?

Who is Baylen Levine dating?


Baylen Levine is a social media influencer and YouTuber.

With 1.3 million Instagram followers and 4.41 million YouTube subscribers, Levine has built an entire career around his name and class clown personality.

He takes pride in being immature and having fun wherever he goes.

A mixture of pranks and goofing off in Walmart videos make his channel a great place to drop in for a laugh.

Who is Baylen Levine’s girlfriend?

Before social media, people typically relied on paparazzi and magazines to report celebrity dating gossip.

Now, with influencers in the mix, putting most-but-not-all of their lives online, it’s easier for fans to read between the lines.

baylen levine girlfriend

Baylen Levine attends Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” Season 5 Premiere Event – @Getty

With fame and humor making Levine a charming choice, it’s no wonder people are curious to know if there’s a girl in his life.

Recent videos on his and fellow YouTuber Sadie Crowell’s channels have people connecting the dots and asking if Sadie Crowell is Baylen Levine’s girlfriend.

Before we jump into the rationale behind the Levine & Crowell rumors, here’s a little background on Sadie Crowell.

The potential girlfriend: who is Sadie Crowell?


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Sadie Crowell is a social media influencer and YouTuber.

She started her channel as a young teen and created relatable content about her everyday life.

Her videos often have humorous twists and editing affects that’ll have you laughing along, sometimes unexpectedly.

She has over a million followers across all her platforms.

With a sunshine attitude and goofy personality, Crowell is a great representation of the free-spirited mindset characteristic of Gen Z.

The evidence behind Baylen Levine & Sadie Crowell’s maybe-relationship


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Levine and Crowell have appeared on each other’s channels numerous times.

Though the crossovers are shown as platonic, one video, in particular, has fans on the edge of their seats about this potential couple.

Exhibit A: The “Kiss”

Nearly two minutes into Levine’s He Tried to Get Me Arrested! video, Crowell licks a snack that the friend group deemed disgusting.

When the boys were grumbling about trying a piece, Crowell stepped up to the plate and said she’d have a taste.

Levine quickly warned her against it, but Crowell is a woman of her own mind and licked the snack anyway.

Less than a second after Crowell tastes the snack, you can hear Levine mutter under his breath, “I’m never kissing you again.”

The again clearly implies that they’ve kissed before.

The fact that this is Levine’s immediate reaction suggests that kissing Crowell was on his mind, either as something they do regularly or had done recently.

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Exhibit B: Meet Me in Hawaii


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After the infamous “kiss” mention, Levine and Crowell continued appearing on each other’s channels.

A hit video for both of them was their trip to Hawaii.

Even though the trip wasn’t a couple’s trip (there was a third friend who came along for the ride), we do see more of them alone together than we do with other people in the clips.

On top of that, Levine posted a picture on his Instagram from the Hawaii trip of his head resting against a girl’s chest.

The picture was cropped to hide the girl’s face, but the complexion, build, and hair are all similar to (if not actually) Crowell’s features.

To hit the point home, if we head over to Sadie Crowell’s Instagram, she posted pictures from her time in Hawaii as well.

In one of the posts, she’s wearing a bikini and squeezing a chicken nugget between her breasts.

The bikini is the same one the girl was wearing in Levine’s pic.

Who is Baylen Levine dating: unanswered

Even though evidence is building to suggest that Baylen Levine and Sadie Crowell are dating, neither has confirmed – or officially denied – a relationship status.

You can keep your eye out for more clues in their YouTube videos.


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