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Baylen Levine Net Worth & Income

Baylen Levine Net Worth – $2 million

What is Baylen Levine‘s net worth? How much money does Baylen Levine make?


Baylen Levine is a well-known personality on the internet, best known for his prank videos on YouTube.

He has gained millions of followers on social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Baylen is also a big fan of Shrek and loves to show it.

According to his fans, when he’s not using Baylen, he goes by his second name, “Ben Dover.”

The Origin Story

On October 30th, 2000, Baylen Lowell Levine was born.

Adam Levine, a medical salesman, and Crystal Levine, a stay-at-home mother, raised Levine and his younger sister, Lyla.

As a child, Levine claims he was a self-taught entertainer.

Throughout childhood, he knew he wanted to work in the entertainment sector and aspired to be a director.

This led him to film himself doing pranks and getting into mischief at local retailers, like Target or Walmart, as a result.

The stability of his YouTube channel has made Levine happy, despite the fact that his career has taken a different path.

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Baylen Levine Net Worth


When he was just 17 years old, Levine launched his first YouTube channel.

Levine chose to use another name for the channel in order to safeguard his identity.

As a substitute, he gave the channel the name Benitez, after a YMCA camp counselor.

He and his pals invested in equipment and started posting videos on Youtube.

Several prominent Instagram meme accounts have shared his work, which has helped to spread the word about him.

Benitez was subsequently replaced with Levine’s birth name “Baylen Levine” on his YouTube account.

There have been hundreds of people who have subscribed to his channel since it began in 2019.

He had over half a million subscribers by the beginning of 2020. And only five months after that, he had amassed over a million total followers.

At the time of writing, Levine has over 4.45 million subscribers.

how much money does baylen levine make

Baylen Levine performs during “The Never Grow Up Tour” at Gramercy Theatre – @Getty

He met Lil Yachty, an American rapper from Levine’s hometown of Georgia, who served as proof of his rapid growth.

Levine was even requested to perform with him onstage by the rapper, while they’ve also been seen going to the gym together.

Lil Yachty has not been the only celebrity to get in contact with Baylen either, the NELKBOYS, who also have a big YouTube account, were contacted by Levine afterward as well to collaborate on a video. The NELKBOYS told Baylen they would always be open to doing a prank together if he was ever in LA.

As a performer, Levine’s career has seen its share of setbacks. He was on the verge of being locked up after he slept on an inflatable mattress in a local business as others shopped around.

Throughout his social media accounts, Levine frequently advocates for sobriety. And even admitted in an interview that he doesn’t enjoy using narcotics in general.

Next, he said his objective was to be an example for his younger fans and show them that having fun without succumbing to peer pressure is achievable.

After thanking his followers for creating something so wonderful, he went on to tell them how much he appreciates their support.


Levine prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye, but the public eventually would find out that YouTuber and singer Lil Peej helped him get over a breakup in one of his videos.

An unidentified girl who reportedly went to Blessed Trinity Catholic High School (which is also a previous school Levine attended) was said to be Levine’s ex-girlfriend.

When Levine was growing up, his parents insisted that the only way to be successful was to go to college and get a degree.

Levine’s parents emphasized that the only way to be successful was for him to go to college and earn a degree when he was a child.

In order to protect him, Levine’s parents committed him to a variety of private institutions, including High Meadows in Roswell, Georgia, where he spent his childhood.

In 2023, Baylen Levine is linked with Sadie Crowell.

Got Kicked Out Of School

As a result of his disobedience, Levine was expelled from High Meadows and assigned to Mountain Road Elementary, a public school in Woodstock, Georgia.

Through his efforts in fifth grade, Levine was able to generate more than $1000 for the PTA and the school’s media center. However, despite his act of kindness, Levine found it difficult to maintain a good attitude.

Cherokee Charter Academy, a charter school in Canton, Georgia, was assigned to him by his parents thereafter.

Since Baylen had been on ADHD medicine between those years, there had been no further incidents of him getting into trouble.

After Charter school, he then managed to find time to work as a YMCA counselor during his high school years, from his freshman year through his final year of high school.

It turned out that the teenagers with whom he worked admired him, and Levine was chosen as their favorite counselor as a result of his efforts in the group.

Following his success at Cherokee Charter Academy, Levine was accepted into Blessed Trinity Catholic High School, where he would meet his now ex-girlfriend.


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Because Blessed Trinity Catholic High School was opposed to Levine’s rise to popularity, he was denied the opportunity to attend the school.

The school could no longer tolerate his misbehavior, and the administration made the decision to expel Levine over the summer before his final year.

Levine took to his YouTube account to express his dissatisfaction at his expulsion, which he claimed was unfair.

As a backup plan for when he wasn’t working on his YouTube channel, he pursued a high school diploma online as an alternative.

He would later choose to skip college in order to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

To be more specific, the YouTube celebrity claimed that he couldn’t picture spending another four years in a traditional academic setting, and he’s been a rising star on Youtube ever since.

Baylen Levine – Net Worth

Many people are wondering how much is Baylen Levine worth. And, how much money does Baylen Levine makes? Levine earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube, merch, and sponsors. Therefore, YouTube star Baylen Levine has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

On YouTube, Baylen has over 673 million views meaning about $2.2 million in revenue before taxes.

On TikTok, Levine has about 5.3 million followers.

He sells merch on

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