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Willy McQuillian Net Worth | Biography

What is Willy McQuillian’s net worth?


Willy McQuillian is a hunter and reality TV star most associated with the cryptid-hunting reality TV show ‘Mountain Monsters.’

The Origin Story

Little is known of Willy McQuillian’s early life, except that he went to St Mary’s High School, Limavady.

Due to his background in hunting, McQuillian is an expert trapper, and is able to design and construct snares and traps that can capture and hold many different kinds of wild animals.

McQuillian is also an accomplished carpenter; this, inevitably, is of great assistance when it comes to the manufacture of the elaborate traps he is responsible for.

Military Service?

Even if he occasionally wears army clothes, it is unclear if Willy McQuillian was in the Army.

Mountain Monsters

McQuillian joined the cast of Mountain Monsters for season one in 2013.

He has since appeared in every single episode of the reality TV smash hit, and is slated to appear in season 9 of the show beginning in 2023.

The show revolves around the tracking, hunting, and tracking of various Appalachian cryptids and folkloric monsters.

The team has gone after such cryptids as bigfoot, Spearfinger (a monstrous female monster made of stone that eats the livers of children), werewolves, smoke wolves, chupacabras, lizardmen, mothmen, and many more.

The basic premise of the show is that McQuillian and his team are called in following alleged sightings of such creatures.

After having done some basic legwork and ‘identifying’ the cryptid, McQuillian and the other hunters discuss how best to lure and trap the creature.

Each member of the team brings their own insights and specialties to the table; as mentioned, Willy McQuillian’s specialty is in the construction, deployment, and maintenance of traps.

Due to the unusual and esoteric nature of the cryptids the team is allegedly hunting, McQuillian’s genius has been stretched to the limit on more than one occasion, and some of his trap designs are, consequently, incredibly ingenious.

In 2019, one of the founders of The A.I.M.S. team, John Tice, passed away.

McQuillian’s relationship with William “Wild Bill” Neff

Willy McQuillian’s right-hand man is US Army veteran William “Wild Bill” Neff.

Neff assists McQuillian in his hunting and trapping duties, and the pair reportedly get along extremely well.

Neff is also less reticent than McQuillian, and is happy to pose for photos with fans and answer their questions.

Originally from Clay County, FL, Neff is not a native of Appalachia, unlike most of his co-stars.

Despite this, he gets along well with the other Mountain Monster cast members, and he and McQuillian have demonstrated an affable and close-knit relationship on more than one occasion.

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Due to the fact that McQuillian is so close-lipped and private when not filming Mountain Monsters, very little is known about his private life.

His marital status, for instance, and whether or not he has children, remain unknown.

What is known is that McQuillian is a master of the hunting, trapping, and carpentry professions – and that he will continue to bring that mastery to bear for the foreseeable future.

Mountain Monster has, as of 2023, been renewed for a ninth season, with McQuillian slated to return.

Willy McQuillian – Net Worth

McQuillian earned most of his wealth from appearing in 80 episodes of the series — “Mountain Monsters.” He also worked as a woodcutter.

Therefore, Willy McQuillian has an estimated net worth of $300,000.

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