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Desus Nice Net Worth | Wife?

Desus Nice Net Worth – $3 million

What is Desus Nice’s net worth? Is Desus Nice married?


Desus Nice (real name – Daniel Baker) is a Jamaican-American comedian, Twitter personality, YouTube personality, and TV personality who is best known as a co-host of Viceland’s Desus & Mero alongside The Kid Mero.

The Kid Mero (real name – Joel Martinez) is a Dominican-American Twitter personality, music blogger, YouTube personality, voice actor, TV personality, comedian, and writer.

Baker first met Martinez long before Twitter. Desus said:

“Later on, I ran back into him online and we hooked up.”


He was born in The Bronx, New York, USA. Both of his parents were immigrants from Jamaica.

Along with his sister and the other two siblings, Daniel grew up in the Wakefield section of The Bronx. During an interview, he said about his childhood:

”My whole family is really funny, that kind of dark, edgy, hurtful, cutthroat thing.”

Desus later added:

desus nice net worth


”Dinnertime would be like high school, when you’re walking down the hallway and you just want to get to class because these people gonna roast you.”

Baker earned a degree in literature from the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

In 2013, Desus and The Kid Mero connected on Twitter. They launched the podcast that they recorded sitting on milk crates.

In December 2014, MTV announced that Baker and Martinez would be joining the cast of Guy Code (an American reality comedy television series that debuted on November 15, 2011) for season 5.

After building a relationship with MTV and MTV2, they appeared on other shows, including ”Joking Off” and ”Uncommon Sense.”

The Bodega Boys

daniel desus nice baker

Desus Nice and The Kid Mero – @Getty

On September 12, 2015, they released the first episode of The Bodega Boys podcast. Desus said:

“People say, ‘Your show is like overhearing two guys in a bodega.’”

Daniel continued:

“That’s the feel we want it to have; a couple homeboys chilling. You can’t get enraged when we make some off-the-wall comment — it’s not NPR!”

During another interview, he remembered:

”When we started the show, I had two pairs of sneakers.”

Baker went on to say:

”Cause I worked an office job and all I could wear were dress shoes, which is like a totally different world. And now I easily have over 500 sneakers. I have a sneaker room.”

Desus & Mero

How old is Desus Nice


On August 30, 2016, Viceland announced Desus & Mero show. It stood out in a Viceland landscape full of shows about growing weed, eating weed, and smoking weed. The show was produced by Erik Rydholm and developed by Nick Weidenfeld.

The half-hour show premiered on October 17, 2016, and ran Monday-Thursday.

American writer and editor Jazmine Hughes wrote in The New York Times Magazine:

“[I]n a landscape in which black people dominate the culture but have few recognized channels to respond to it, the show, which stars two American black men, provides a venue for black authority in the mainstream.”

In 2018, Mero carried the flag of the Dominican Republic, while Desus held a Jamaican flag. Their audience went wild; however, it was later apparent that the Dominican Republic crowd far outnumbered the Jamaicans in the house.

Baker replied:

“That’s ’cause all my good Jamaicans are working right now.”

The show had its finale aired on June 28, 2018.

One interesting fact is that Vice supposedly canceled the show as soon as Baker and Martinez announced their move to Showtime.

Daniel declared:

“We did not leave Vice, Vice ended our contract. They were in their feelings because we were leaving.”


Who is Mero's wife


On February 21, 2019, they started their latest show on Showtime called, Desus & Mero. Desus said:

“It’s a show that comes on at late night. But it’s not a ‘late-night show.’”

At some point, Daniel and Mero realized the necessity of self-censoring some of their jokes, especially the jokes which would have flown on the podcast, particularly since their producers at Showtime have been hands-off. Daniel said:

“They give you enough rope that you could hang yourself.”

In a different interview, he talked about being tired. In his words:

“When we feel tired and don’t want to do it anymore. It’s like, well, what were we doing before this?”

Desus later added:

desus net worth

Kelly Hill and Desus Nice attend the 2022 HARTBEAT Brunch – @Getty

”Do you want to go back to doing that? The answer is no? Get back in the studio.”


Desus Nice is not married. Also, not much is known about Desus Nice’s current girlfriend, except that he mentioned, in 2013, that he has a new girlfriend in a tweet.

In 2022, Desus was linked with Anna Kendrick. Desus and Anna were photographed while visiting Iceland.

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desus nice family

Pia Glenn and Desus Nice attend Comedy Central’s “The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper” premiere party – @Getty

“People generally have this idea that if you’re from the Bronx, you’re uncultured.”

“There was no Bronx representation on TV, so people embraced us.”

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What is Desus Nice doing now


He wrote blog posts with titles such as – “Free Verizon Webinar on Offering Leadership Principles for Small-Business Owners” for Black Enterprise (a magazine that focuses on African-American business owners) while simultaneously working at Desus vs. Mero podcast.

His ability to fix his family’s computer when he was young earned him the nickname “Jesus,” which Daniel changed to ”Desus” to reflect his first name.

Desus goes by several aliases on the Bodega Boys Podcast, including:

  • Pino Brown;
  • Young Day Party;
  • The Bronx Celine Dion;
  • Eli Litby;
  • The Topic of Gossip in Syosset;
  • Desus Vice;
  • Andrew Coolnanan;
  • The Bronx Bloodclot;
  • The Jamaican Jackhammer;
  • Jamal Hashburn;
  • Desus Spicer;
  • Jay Chuckles;
  • Desus Ex Machina;
  • The Ghost of Mufasa;
  • Desus H. Fuego;
  • Young Hot Take.

These aliases are based on references to hip-hop, sports, and pop culture.

In August 2019, Desus and Mero will host the 35th annual TCA Awards.

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how much is Desus Nice worth


Desus Nice – Net Worth

So, how much is Desus Nice worth? Baker earned most of his wealth from co-hosting The Bodega Boys podcast, Desus & Mero show, and Desus & Mero show on Showtimes. In addition, he also sells merch on his website. Therefore, American comedian Desus Nice has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Daniel and Martinez have 350 million views on YouTube, meaning about $1 million in revenue before taxes.

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