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Zeb Evans Net Worth | Wife

Zeb Evans Net Worth – $20 million

What is Zeb Evans’ net worth? Is Zeb Evans married?


Zeb Evans is a CEO and serial entrepreneur.

He is best known for starting several software companies.

Currently, he’s the founder and CEO of ClickUp, a productivity app.

The Origin Story

Evans reports that he has been an entrepreneur at heart since he was the age of 3.

However, he also attributes his entrepreneurial mindset to having had several near-death experiences, including one from a boating accident when he was 10 and another during a home invasion later in life.

He believes these experiences have led him to focus on life’s value and thus to pursue productive and meaningful uses of his time.


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He studied tourism and hospitality management at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, before dropping out of school after one of his near-death experiences.

His intuition at that time led him to feel that he should leave school early and teach himself to code.

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Evans is the CEO of ClickUp, a productivity platform.

He founded ClickUp in 2017 with the company’s CTO, Alex Yurkowski.

He reports having used nearly all of his savings at the time to fund the company in order to get it off the ground.

The platform unites all of the work done by every team in an organization in a single application.

The app’s ultimate goal is to save time by helping workers to coordinate their tasks.

It includes access to documents, reminders, calendars, and in-app messaging. Because of its diverse suite of services, its slogan is that it is “one app to replace them all.”

Its clients have included Google, Nike, and Uber.


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ClickUp’s initial goal was to produce a competitor to the popular service Craigslist.

The productivity app, now known as ClickUp, started as a way to streamline the company’s own internal work.

However, as the company began to share the app with other start-ups in Silicon Valley, it became clear that the service was useful and there would be a market for it. 

ClickUp has experienced rapid growth since its founding: in just a few years, it grew to being worth a billion dollars.

”We’re right around 200 people right now,” Zeb told Lucas Matney from TechCrunch in December 2020. He added: ”We’re going to double again hopefully in the next quarter.”

Evans attributes this success to steady, incremental progress; for instance, ClickUp aspires to grow by at least 1% per day.

This type of leadership principle is common for Evans, who believes that success is not possible without the use of a clear system for staying productive and focused.

For this reason, he journals every morning and evening, recording his thoughts and goals.

Prior to starting at ClickUp, he was the CEO of Curfew Entertainment, the Founder of Fast Followerz, and both the Founder and CEO of Mango Technologies.


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”The idea for ClickUp actually came to me at one of my previous companies.,” Evans said in an interview with Authority Magazine.

In 2021, he was judged to be Entrepreneur of the Year by the group EY.  

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Zeb Evans is not married and does not have children.

Zeb Evans – Net Worth

So, how much is Zeb Evans worth?

Evans currently lives in San Diego, California.

He has lived in California since first moving to Silicon Valley to participate in the tech scene and launch the initial version of ClickUp.  

Evans’ primary source of income is his company.

In December 2020, ClickUp raised $100 million in the second round of venture capital funding. Revenue has increased by over 900% over the past year.

In October 2021, ClickUp raised $400 million at a $4 billion valuation. “This is just another goal post moved towards our mission of making the world more productive,” Zeb wrote on Instagram.

Zeb also heads up a variety of other projects, including the development of a healthy fast-food restaurant.

In 2023, ClickUp has laid off 10% of its workforce — about 90 people.

Therefore, American entrepreneur Zeb Evans has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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