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Evan and Jackie Goldschneider Net Worth

Evan and Jackie  Goldschneider Net Worth – $5 million

What is the net worth of Jackie and Evan Goldschneider? What does Evan Goldschneider do?


Evan Goldschneider is a partner at a New York City investment firm who has held prominent positions at several other large firms, including JP Morgan Chase and Olympia Capital.

However, despite his prosperous finance career, Evan is most known for his relationship with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldschneider.

Since Jackie’s first appearance on RHONJ in 2018, the pair have received more attention than ever before.

Rumors of the state of their marriage began circulating during the reality show’s eleventh season when fellow co-star Teresa Giudice accused Evan of cheating on his wife.

Unsurprisingly, fans flocked to social media to exchange theories and voice their opinions on the matter.

The Origin Story

evan and jackie goldschneider net worth

Jackie Goldschneider and Evan Goldschneider attend the 34th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at New York Hilton – @Getty

He was born on August 8th, 1974, in New York to parents Michael Goldschneider and Mary Goldschneider.

Evan spent his childhood on the upper east coast in the states of New Jersey and Connecticut.

Upon his high school graduation, Evan attended Michigan University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1996.

Three years later, Evan enrolled in graduate school. He attended Georgetown University, from which he received an MBA in Finance in 2001.


what is the net worth of Evan Goldschneider


Evan’s academic pursuits would later serve him well in his career, as he is now a distinguished figure in the finance industry.

He has an impressive resume that serves as a testament to his success.

After earning his bachelor’s degree, Evan received his start as an analyst for Credit Suisse, a global financial services company.

After three years, however, Evan briefly worked at JP Morgan Chase, another investment bank and financial services company, where he held the title of an associate.

However, he did not stay there for long.

In 2004, Evan began working as the Vice President of RiskMetrics Group, a company specializing in risk management, for two years.

He then assumed the role of senior vice president at Olympia Capital Management.

A year later, he joined Bank of America Merril Lynch.

evan goldschneider college

Jackie Goldschneider and Evan Goldschneider attend the launch party for the book “Not All Diamonds and Rosé” – @Getty

Then, in 2012, Evan worked as a partner at Beachhead Capital Management for four years.

In July 2016, Evan became a founding partner and financier at Hawthorne Lane Capital Group, earning him significant revenue.

Apart from the finance world, Evan has also made appearances on RHONJ since his wife joined the cast in 2018. However, despite his wife’s presence in the public eye, Evan chooses to maintain a low profile to protect his name and reputation.


The year is 2003. Two career-focused twenty-somethings arrive at a dive bar in Manhattan.

Evan Goldschneider and wife


There, Evan met his future spouse and future RHONJ star, Jackie Mark. They exchanged emails and arranged to meet at a Mexican restaurant for their first date. In early 2004, the pair began dating exclusively.

A year later, Evan proposed at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in New York, where the couple claims they fell in love.

Evan and Jackie exchanged wedding vows in 2006 at the same hotel and spared no expense.

Along with two hundred guests, the glamorous reception featured a four-piece jazz band in the Mandarin Ballroom, which provided a perfect view of Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

In an interview with Bravo Insider, Evan and Jackie reflected on their relationship.

When asked about the quality time the couple spent together, Evan elaborated on the fun they have and replied, “I think if we ever got stranded on a deserted island, we may try not to come back.”

In another interview with Bravo Insider, Evan detailed his and Jackie’s passion for traveling, saying, “You could either spend your money on items like cars or things, which frankly don’t mean much to me, or experiences.”

Evan and Jackie soon became a family of six – they have two sets of twins.

After two years of marriage, Jackie gave birth to Jonas and Adin in 2008.

Then, two years later, the Goldenschneiders welcomed Hudson and Alexis to the family.

According to the RHONJ star, she and Evan are active figures in their children’s lives.

A quick scroll through Evan’s Instagram reveals many photos of his wife and children, which show the family at events, playing sports, and celebrating holidays.

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Cheating Allegations

what does evan goldschneider do

Jackie Goldschneider and husband Evan Goldschneider are seen arriving at WWHL studios – @Getty

However, Evan’s marriage has not always been tranquil.

Like most families of reality stars, Evan has been unable to avoid being the subject of controversies, most notably rumors of an affair, which started circulating during the eleventh season of the show.

At Evan’s birthday party, fellow co-star Teresa Guidice told guests that Evan had cheated on Jackie with several women from his gym.

In an effort to extinguish the flames, Jackie quickly came to her husband’s defense and insisted the rumors were just that – rumors. Teresa later apologized to both Evan and Jackie for her role in the controversy.

Some fans of the show, however, still believe certain details were omitted from the whole story.

evan goldschneider job

Jackie Goldschneider and Evan Goldschneider attend the Bilt Rewards x Wells Fargo Launch Party – @Getty

Evan and Jackie Goldschneider – Net Worth

So, how much are Evan and Jackie Goldschneider worth?

Goldschneider earned most of his wealth through his lucrative career in finance and capital management, along with several real estate investments he shares with his wife.

Together, Evan and Jackie have a robust real estate portfolio. In addition to their New Jersey home, the couple also owns properties in Manhattan and the Hamptons.

Their beach house in the Hamptons is rented for $60,000 per month.

Therefore, businessman Evan Goldschneider has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Note – Evan Goldschneider’s net worth is cumulated with his wife’s.

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