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JeromeASF Net Worth | Girlfriend

JeromeASF Net Worth – $6 million

What is JeromeASF’s net worth? Who is JeromeASF’s girlfriend?


Jerome Robert Aceti, better known as JeromeASF, is a popular YouTuber who uploads videos about gaming, challenges, and interviews.

Aceti is best known for his Minecraft videos, which garner millions of views.

The Origin Story

Aceti was born on March 9, 1994, in New Jersey.

Aceti attended Ridge High School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

After high school, Aceti attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, to pursue biology.

He dropped out of school after a semester to pursue YouTube.

Aceti first started uploading content to YouTube on January 13, 2009, on his channel, “AwesomeSauceFilms.”

His first video, titled “Spore: How to find earth in Spore,” was him showing viewers how to find the earth and its solar system in “Spore.”

The “AwesomeSauceFilms” channel would involve posting content with Aceti’s friends, such as his friend Mitch, Zak “Hippoqqih,” and Mat “TheNoochM” Nooch.

The group would post videos of them playing Call of Duty (COD), weekly podcasts, and other gaming-related content.

The ground of friends eventually stopped posting content on the channel in November 2012 because they were bored of playing first-person shooter games.

Aceti said in an interview he started posting on YouTube as a creative outlet for him and his friends to make video content and entertain viewers.

Aceti’s friends eventually had less interest in posting on YouTube, so he had to learn how to create content, shoot, edit, and film on his own.

On July 11, 2011, Aceti uploaded a video on the channel “JeromeASF.”

This channel would go onto become his most popular channel.

The first video Aceti uploaded was titled “Minecraft – BIG BOY ADVENTURE Episode 1.”

The video was a solo play, but the content eventually transitioned into posting with his friends again.

These types of collaboration videos were called “Minecraft Insanity.”

What is the net worth of JeromeASF

Jerome “ASF” Aceti, Tiffany “Cupquake” and Ryan “xRpMx13” McNulty – @Getty

Aceti grew widely in popularity around the same time that Minecraft was becoming popular.

Aceti’s videos and channel were one of the most-watched and subscribed Minecraft YouTube channels during the time.

In late 2021, Ty “Deadlox” Ellis came up with an idea to have several content creators, like Aceti—in addition to creating regular Minecraft content—work together on interactive, innovative, and creative projects.

The idea was named “Team Crafted,” and an announcement trailer was released to the public on December 8, 2013.

The public’s response to “Team Crafted” was unfavorable.

The project faced criticism of exclusion and, eventually, ceased production in March 2014, with Aceti leaving the project at that time, as well.

The Pack


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In late 2014, Aceti, Mitch, Preston “TBNRFrags” Arsement, Rob “Woofless” Latsky, Lachlan “CraftBattleDuty” Power, and Vikram “Vikkstar123” Barn formed a group called “The Pack.”

The collaboration featured vlogs, skits, challenges, as well as Minecraft content.

“The Pack” eventually stopped posting content together in 2015.

However, members of “The Pack” have reunited throughout the years to create content.

Aceti posted a video with group members in August 2021 titled, “The ULTIMATE Minecraft Pixelmon Tournament VS The Pack.”

In addition to Aceti’s most popular channel, “JeromeASF,” he also has several other YouTube channels where he posts content. “JeromeACE” is a channel Aceti started in April 2015, where he posts videos of comedy gaming.

Aceti has a personal channel that started in August 2015, called “Jerome,” where he posts videos of his life, like challenge videos with his girlfriend. “Jerome LIVE,” started in August 2015, is a channel where Aceti live streams himself playing video games.

“JeromeASF – Roblox” is a channel Aceti started in January 2018 where he posts videos of him playing Roblox and other video games.

Personal Life

While growing up in New Jersey, Aceti met his future best friend, Mitch.

The pair met in fourth grade while Mitch was still living in New Jersey.

Despite Mitch moving to Montreal at the beginning of the sixth grade, the two stayed in contact and remained friends into their adult lives.

During his time in high school, he participated in fencing and the debate team. However, he didn’t have a competitive interest in either activity.

Aceti lived in New Jersey his entire life until 2016, when he moved to Florida with his mother.

More recently, Aceti has seemingly moved back to New Jersey.

He currently owns a German Shepherd named Shadow.

Aceti’s former German Shepard, Coco, passed away in 2014.

His bunny, Cookie, passed away in 2021.

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Aceti has dated a fellow YouTuber named Jasmine, as well as a woman named Louise. In 2018, JeromeASF started dating a girl named Erica “Epatronx.” Erica is from a nearby city where Aceti is from.

The couple has posted several videos together on Aceti’s “Jerome” channel.

Aceti has a sister named Angelica who has been in a challenge video with him, titled “Heads Up WHAT Do You KNOW Challenge w/ My Sister.” Update – the two ended their relationship.

In 2022, JeromeASF started to date Tori Wayne.


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Aceti is red-green colorblind.


Aceti is 6 feet tall.

JeromeASF – Net Worth

So, how much is JeromeASF worth? Aceti earned most of his wealth through his YouTube channels, merchandise store, sponsorship, affiliate commissions, and more. On YouTube (two channels — JeromeACE and JeromeASF), Aceti has over 2.8 billion views, meaning about $8.4 million in revenue before taxes. Therefore, YouTube star JeromeASF has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

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