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YBN Almighty Jay Net Worth 2024

YBN Almighty Jay Net Worth – $1 million

What is Almighty Jay‘s net worth?


Jay Gerard Bradley – better known by his nom de guerre “Almighty Jay” – may only be 24 years old, but has long established himself on the West Coast rap scene as a force to be reckoned with.

Industry pundits clocked the spirited rapper on the 2017 track “No Hooks” when Almighty Jay was a mere 19 years old, and he has gone from strength to strength since then.

The Origin Story

Despite his West Coast persona, Almighty Jay doesn’t actually hail from NYC, but from Texas.

As a child, he would bop along to his mother’s gospel songs, before he discovered the alluring and energetic world of rap.

Jay started penning his own rhymes at the tender age of nine, and thus began a lifelong passion.

In his teens, Bradley had designs on a YouTube vlogging career, but it was the close-knit ties he formed over Xbox Live that would dictate his future.

Jay and his gaming buddies’ conversations mid- and post-game turned to rap, and before long, the friends coalesced into the YBN collective (‘YBN’ standing for ‘Young Boss N*ggas’).

Two members of the nascent group, Jay and Nick Simmons, would freestyle during their online GTA sessions, and soon they were separately recording their own contributions to the YBN brand.

YBN and Chopsticks

ybn almighty jay son

YBN Almighty Jay and YBN Nahmir – @Getty

The pair didn’t actually meet in person until 2017.

Simmons (now going by the moniker “YBN Nahmir”) enjoyed some success with his solo effort “Rubbin’ Off The Paint,” but it was Jay that broke out with the 2017 hit, “Chopsticks.”

With his trenchant lyrics and technical proficiency, Bradley proved himself to be a rap tour de force.

Post-Chopsticks: Signing A Deal

YBN Almighty Jay Net Worth


After the runaway success of Chopsticks, YBN Nahmir’s record label – Human Re Sources – signed Jay, too, continuing to ensure that the two rappers enjoyed a close and fruitful professional and personal relationship.

In 2018, Bradley began to enjoy success on mainstream streaming platforms; a remix of ‘Chopsticks’ hit the airwaves, and he released the songs ‘Takin’ Off’ as well as co-rapping with YBN Nahmir on the track “Bread Winners.”


When not tearing up the rapping scene with his effortless hits, Jay was hitting the headlines for his tumultuous love life.

Almighty Jay briefly dated the socialite/entrepreneur Blac Chyna, and was later involved with reality star and rapper DreamDoll.

The relationship ended in 2019, with DreamDoll suggesting that the relationship had been a toxic one.

Hospitalized for Days

ybn almighty jay age


Prior to that breakup, however, Almighty Jay was involved in an incident in New York whereby a group assaulted and robbed him, leaving him with over 300 stitches.

Bradley himself was left unfazed by the attack, seeing it as creative fuel for the rap fire and an opportunity to turn personal setbacks into artistic wins.

Jay made headlines last year after his longstanding beef with rival rapper Skinnyfromthe9 spilled over into a bare-knuckle boxing fight. The fight, stemming from jewelry allegedly stolen from Skinnyfromthe9 by Jay, was uploaded to Instagram briefly before being removed by the platform for violating community standards.


Rapper YBN Almighty Jay has a son named Sir Lucious Scott (b. in September 2018).

He was 19 when he became a dad.


YBN Almighty Jay is about 5 ft 8 in (172) tall.

ybn almighty jay net worth


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YBN Almighty Jay – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is YBN Almighty Jay worth? Jay earned most of his wealth from selling copies of his EP (Almighty: The EP) and mixtapes (Battling My Spirit and YBN: The Mixtape), ads on his YouTube channel (about $150), and touring the country. Therefore, YBN Almighty Jay has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

His signature YBN chain stolen is allegedly valued at $20k.

“I always encourage [expletitive] to be your own boss,” Jay said on the No Jumper podcast. “Yeah, that’s my whole, that’s how I changed everything around I end up starting my own label, and I’m gonna start starting artists, and I’m just like business-minded now.”

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