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Andre Marhold Net Worth $1 Million

What Is Andre Marhold’s Net Worth?

Andre Marhold is a professional basketball player who has a net worth of $1 million. He played professional basketball in Europe. Later, Andre rocketed to fame following his relationship with Jeffree Star. 

Marhold accrued most of his wealth from his career as a professional basketball, as well as other financial ventures. 

Andre played professional basketball in Germany (he went undrafted in the 2013 NBA Draft), where players can earn a median salary of $225,000 per year.

Short Biography

Andre Marhold is a professional basketball player who has played in the US, Germany, and Austria.

While he is noted for his basketball career, Marhold is also noted for aspects of his personal life, with many taking an interest in Andre Marhold due to his rumored relationship with make-up artist and online personality Jeffree Star.

Andre Marhold Net Worth

Andre Marhold #0 of the Duquesne Dukes dunks the ball against the Butler Bulldogs – @Getty

He was born on August 6, 1990. 

Marhold is 6 feet 7 inches tall.

The Origin Story

Marhold was originally born in Pensacola, Florida, but he has said in the past that he considered Pittsburgh to be his real home.

He went to elementary school in Pittsburgh, then moved to North Carolina in 2003.

He then attended Duquesne, back in Pittsburgh, for the duration of his college years (2009-2013).

Following college, he was not drafted for the NBA.

What Is Andre Marhold's Net Worth

Andre Marhold attends the Zeus Network’s “Bobby I Love You, Purr” Los Angeles Premiere Screening – @Getty

After college, Marhold moved to Europe, where he played for a German team called Team Koblenz, then joined another team, the Geissen 46ers.

Marhold also spends time in Atlanta and LA when he is back in the US.


In 2020, Marhold began dating Jeffree Star — the founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, a company that sells around $100 million annually.

Jeffree Star Net Worth

© Guliver / Getty Images

The news about their relationship came about after Star posted a photo of himself with Marhold, without tagging him or revealing who he was.

However, fans quickly worked out that the person in the photo was Andre, based on tattoos. “I didn’t think that it would go viral,” Andre said in an interview with HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED at the end of 2020.

Their relationship caused a lot of online gossip due to the fact that Marhold is black and Jeffree Star had a history of making racist videos in the past.

He had previously addressed his racist comments in 2017 but did apologize for them. “I am so sorry for my words,” Star said in a YouTube video. He went on to say: “I am so sorry you ever had to see me like that.”

Andre Marhold Net Worth, Wiki

Dolores Catania and Andre Marhold pose at Dolce Aesthetics 3rd Annual Pride Event – @Getty

Andre and Jeffree Star met through Instagram, and Marhold’s appearance on Jeffree Star’s Instagram pages caused numerous changes to his lifestyle.

He has said that Jeffree Star accused him of theft and, in his view, resorted to racist stereotypes during their relationship.

However, Marhold has also defended Jeffree Star at times, claiming that he doesn’t believe he is a racist, meaning that Marhold clearly has a complex view of their relationship. “What I like about Jeffrey and what people don’t know is it’s just like he takes care of a lot of people,” Andre also said.


A French model by the name of Emma “Leezy” Chartol has said that Andre Marhold is the father of her child, a son named Amari, after the professional basketball player.

Andre and Emma were in a relationship for an undisclosed time.

Leezy’s statements about their relationship, including their break-up, have fueled the speculation about Andre’s relationship with Jeffree Star.

In fact, Leezy said that she was “blindsided” when she discovered that Jeffree Star was posting photos of her man as if they were in a relationship.

She said in an Instagram post that Andre and her lived together.

She also revealed Andre had told her he was going to LA on a “tour,” but then she learned from friends and family that he was linking up with Jeffree Star while there.

The suddenness and confusion surrounding Andre’s break-up from Leezy, and his subsequent relationship with Jeffree Star, has led to intense theorizing about how exactly Andre and Jeffree met and what the full nature of their relationship really was.

At the time of writing, Andre Marhold is not married.

Social Media

Ever since news leaked about his potential relationship with Jeffree Star, Marhold has switched his social media profiles several times and has also made most of his social media profiles private or deleted them entirely.

While there is currently an Instagram page under Andre Marhold’s name, with the handle @amarxii_, there is nothing to confirm that this is Andre Marhold’s official account.

Important note – there are several fake Andre Marhold social media accounts out there.

What Else?

Andre Marhold said that he’s the Chief Executive Officer of an agency called Belle Agency, which seems to be a modeling agency. However, there are very few details about this agency.


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