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Bryan Voltaggio Net Worth | Wife

Bryan Voltaggio Net Worth – $2 million

What is Bryan Voltaggio’s net worth? Who is Bryan Voltaggio’s wife?


Bryan Voltaggio is a popular American chef known for his innovative and progressive cooking style.

Bryan is unique among other chefs because he has found success in both the restaurant and entertainment worlds.

Shows like Top Chef and Top Chef Masters provided Bryan with a loyal fanbase eager to see how his culinary career grows.

Bryan Voltaggio also proves that success is a family business, as his brother Michael is also a professional chef!

Even without his appearance on Top Chef, Bryan has become the executive chef of three restaurants as well as opening up his own.

His charming television appearances and culinary talent have provided Bryan with a base of loyal customers eager to eat at his restaurants.

The Origin Story

Bryan grew up in Frederick County, Maryland, with his family.

He credits his family with teaching him that food was an important way to express himself and his culture.

The Voltaggios often ate food that they grew from their own garden, inspiring Bryan to use natural and homegrown ingredients later in his career.

This teaching obviously took root in both Bryan and his brother Michael Voltaggio, who has always had a passion for cooking.

voltaggio brothers net worth

Michael Voltaggio & Bryan Voltaggio – @Getty

“I can remember when the neighbors would all gather at my parent’s house, and we’d shuck corn and make it into creamed corn,” said Bryan in an interview with the Cooking Channel. He added: ”Those are the things that impacted me on the importance of food.”

In fact, Bryan has always known that he would be a chef and was fully committed to the career by the time he was only a teenager.

This understanding of his passion would allow Bryan to serve as a sous chef at multiple restaurants by the time he was only twenty years old!

Following his first few experiences as a sous chef, Bryan decided to further his culinary education.

Bryan attended the internationally-renowned Culinary Institute of America to expand his knowledge and talent.

This further education would lead to a distinguished career full of executive chef experience, television fame, and a personal mentorship from the famous chef Charlie Palmer.

Career From Top Chef to Becoming a Top Chef!

bryan voltaggio restaurants

Chef Bryan Voltaggio poses with guests during dinner with Amanda Freitag, Brooke Williamson, and Stephanie Izard – @Getty

After he graduated from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Bryan began a career among distinguished Manhattan restaurants.

One such restaurant belonged to Charlie Palmer, an American chef and hospitality entrepreneur.

Palmer would go on to become a proud mentor to Bryan, who became the restaurant’s sous chef and stayed there for several years.

The relationship between Charlie and Bryan definitely guided Bryan’s career, as even after leaving for a few years, he came back to become the executive chef of Charlie’s steak restaurant in Washington, D.C.

In 2008, Bryan realized his life-long dream and opened up a restaurant of his very own: VOLT.

VOLT was an instant hit, mainly due to its seasonal menus and dedication to fresh ingredients inspired by Bryan’s childhood. It even won a James Beard nomination for Best New Restaurant!

Bryan Voltaggio Net Worth


Only a year after opening his own restaurant, Bryan (alongside his brother) appeared on the sixth season of Top Chef. Their relationship was an instant hit, and Bryan ultimately was the runner-up of the entire season.

His television career did not end there; Bryan returned four years later to compete on Top Chef Masters, where he also went far and placed as the runner-up.

He was actually the first chef ever to compete on both Top Chef and Top Chef Masters! In 2019, he came back for the spin-off titled All-Stars L.A.

Hopefully, he will make his Top Chef return soon and continue the trend!

Bryan has collaborated with several other restaurants, including the Flying Dog Brewery, to create a specialty Backyard Ale.

The Cooking Channel also hosted a Thanksgiving special featuring the Voltaggio brothers! Clearly, his career has not slowed down at all and only continues to rise.


Bryan Voltaggio has been married to his wife, Jennifer, since 2004, and they are still going strong. In 2019, the couple celebrated their fifteenth anniversary together, and Bryan made several sweet social media posts about their happy relationship. He’s clearly still very much in love!

Bryan and Jennifer’s family has only expanded since their marriage!

The two have three children together: their son Thatcher and two daughters named Piper and Ever.

Family is incredibly important to Bryan, with his wife and children always coming first.

He is also very close to his brother Michael, collaborating often and joking around. Bryan Voltaggio is successful in his personal life as well as his work life.

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bryan voltaggio wife

Chefs Bryan Voltaggio and Michael Voltaggio pose onstage after their cooking demonstration during the Grand Tasting featuring culinary demonstrations – @Getty

Bryan Voltaggio – Net worth

So, how much is Bryan Voltaggio worth?

Since we’ve covered Bryan Voltaggio’s extremely successful career, the next question is his net worth!

Bryan has many streams of income between his restaurants, television appearances, and collaborations with other brands.

He not only wins deals and income based on his professional brand but also royalties each time the network airs his episodes of Top Chef as reruns.

His restaurants will be his primary form of income, and the restaurants he owns have included: VOLT, Family Meal, Lunchbox, AGGIO, and The Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse.

Depending on the pricing of each restaurant (VOLT ranges from $30-$50 per person) as well as their popularity, Bryan can make a significant amount of money each night.

These restaurants can also be rented out for weddings and private events, which guarantees a minimum nightly income.

The royalties and income from his television appearances are relatively small compared to his restaurant earnings, but they cannot be discounted.

Bryan can also earn money from sponsorships for products like cooking supplies, which he occasionally does on social media.

In addition, he can be paid an appearance fee for attending or leading certain events.

Therefore, Bryan Voltaggio has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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