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Sylvia Fowles Husband: Is the Basketball Star Married?

Who is Sylvia Fowles’ partner? Is Sylvia Fowles married?


When it comes to being a basketball star in the USA today, more and more fans are paying attention to the WNBA.

The WNBA has enjoyed pretty stellar growth in the last few years, and the talent level on the court is beginning to increase more than ever

. Some great players have emerged in recent years to give the league an extra feeling of ‘star power’ – however, these new young stars are following in the footsteps of the legends who came before.

One player who certainly fits that description is Sylvia Fowles.

Fowles is a WNBA star who has won the MVP award in the past, doing so in 2017 and being the Defensive Player of the Year an incredible four times between 2011 and 2021.

A two-times winner of the WNBA, too, doing so with the Minnesota Lynx in 2015 and 2017, Fowles is a 2-times WNBA Finals MVP.

She is also the all-time leader in the WNBA regarding rebounds.

She plays an essential role in her team’s success, having played in the league with distinction from 2008 until her retirement in 2022.

Now an ex-WNBA star, she can watch with pride as the league she helped put on the map flourishes more than ever.

Many know about Fowles and her on-the-court achievements, but what about the star off the court?

Who is she?

Is she married?

Is there a Sylvia Fowls husband or wife out there?

Let’s take a look at her life away from her WNBA achievements.

Sylvia Fowles dating history

Sylvia Fowles leaves the “Today Show” taping at the NBC Rockefeller Center Studios on April 27, 2016 in New York City – @Getty

The Origin Story

Born in Miami, Florida, on the 6th of October 1985, Fowles was born into a family with many siblings: three brothers and one sister, to be exact.

Growing up, her family lived in one of the tougher neighborhoods in Miami, in locations like Little Hiati and Coconut Grove.

Anyone who has lived there will know it is not the paradisial Miami we see on TV; it is a different universe.

Growing up, though, it was clear that Fowles had a natural talent for basketball.

Sylvia played for Edison Senior High in her early life, leading them to a pair of school championship titles.

She moved to the Gulliver Preparatory School after this and helped them win a title as well, becoming named an All-American star athlete simultaneously.

Fowles continued to impress, too, when she participated in the WBCA High School All-America Game, where she was the MVP. Stardom on the court, then, was sure to follow.

She played for LSU as a freshman, taking the team to the NCAA Final Four.

She helped the team reach the Final Four in her junior year and was named to the All-American team before her senior year.

She played in the NCAA Tournament, setting her career in motion as a professional.

On The Court As A Professional

Who is Sylvia Fowles' Partner

Sylvia Fowles of the Minnesota Lynx throws out a first pitch prior to the game between the Minnesota Twins and Kansas City Royals on May 26, 2022 – @Getty

Fowles’s achievements across an exceptional career are too many to list quickly.

In terms of major accomplishments with her teams, though, she won two WNBA titles with the Lynx.

She was also an 8-time All-Star and a 3-time All-WNBA First Team player.

A 4-time WNBA Defensive Player of the Year and an 8-time WNBA-All Defensive First Team player, she was also the block leader and rebounding champion several times in her career.

Sylvia Fowles is the Impact Player of the Decade

Assistant coach Cheryl Reeve, Maya Moore, Sylvia Fowles and Lindsay Whalen of the Minnesota Lynx and Olympic gold medalists are honored prior to the game between the Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers on September 22, 2016 – @Getty

She also played abroad, though, and during her time in Europe and Asia, she managed to win titles in Turkey and China. She won the league title in China twice, the Turkish Cup three times, and the EuroLeague twice.

Across her career, she played for teams as diverse as the Chicago Sky, where she was drafted as the 2nd overall pick, before playing in Europe with Spartak Moscow and Galatasaray.

She also spent time in China, playing for the Shanghai Swordfish and the Beijing Great Wall. She finished her career in the WNBA, though, where she made her name as one of the league’s stars with the Lynx.

Sylvia Fowles' career

Sylvia Fowles #34 of the Minnesota Lynx drives to the basket defended by Brionna Jones #42 of the Connecticut Sun during the Connecticut Sun Vs Minnesota Lynx – @Getty

Sylvia Fowles Husband: Is The WNBA Star Married?

Over the years, Fowles, like many of her teammates, has made many statements in support of LGBTQ+ athletes in the WNBA and elsewhere.

Many have assumed then that due to her utterances on the topic that, Fowles must be gay – is that the case?

Like many stars in the WNBA, though, Fowles has made it a priority to keep her personal life out of the public eye. She has never stated with any certainty that she is gay or straight, nor has she given any kind of confirmation of her marital status. In terms of whether or not there is a Sylvia Fowles husband or wife, it is hard to say.

She has never been one to elaborate too much about her personal relationship status.

Despite her rise in popularity and stardom, she has managed to keep that secret and made sure nobody knows outside of her private personal circle.

Sylvia Fowles married

Sylvia Fowles and Sara Parker attend the Candace Parker’s Ace All-Star Party – @Getty

Despite what many sources and rumors suggest, there is no confirmation that Sylvia Fowles is married to a male or a female: we simply do not know her marital status or relationship status.

As more WNBA stars become more visible in the public eye, it is only natural that people will start asking more questions about their lives off the court.

This is simply part of the trap of stardom and having a profile: as good as it can be to have that kind of position in the community, it does open stars up to more questions about their personal lives that they might rather avoid.

Whether or not she is married, though, it is spectacular that she is a mother.

She has recently shared posts on social media that announced that she was “missing my baby” with a photo of a small child.

It appears, then, that she does have children – who the father is, though, we have no idea, and it is not likely that we will find out anytime soon. However, these could be her nephews, as it is confirmed that she has two nephews.

Despite being increasingly more visible and open about her lifestyle via social media, Sylvia Fowles is not keen to share her dating experiences with the world at large.

While many fans would like to know even more about the WNBA legend, it is clear that she intends to keep some things private – as is her right, of course!


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