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Angie Bellemare Net Worth 2024 | Husband

Angie Bellemare Net Worth – $4 million

What is Angie Bellemare’s net worth? Who is Angie Bellemare’s husband?


Angie Bellemare describes herself as a “Disney Nerd” with a “passion for mentoring women.”

As the #Girlboss movement gained momentum in the past decade, Angie jumped aboard the bandwagon with the goal of encouraging women to “dream bigger” and live their best lives.

It’s a grand—and very honorable—mission in life.

But how does she do that?

And is she doing it at all?

Between kitting out a Disney-themed holiday home, spending lavishly to redecorate every season, and posting beauty routines and fashion hauls on YouTube like kids ten years younger than her—when does Angie Bellemare have time to make money?

We’re unpacking everything we know about the brunette beauty and Canadian fitness blogger.

The Origin Story


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Angie Bellemare was born on September 3, 1987, in Ottawa, Canada.

Born and raised in Ottawa, her dad was an engineer, and her mom was a successful paralegal.

Angie credits her mom’s entrepreneurial spirit—she had her own firm—with her own early interest in starting a business.


While still in high school, Angie met Andre Bellemare.

Andre hails from a very successful Ontario family.

His parents, Jean-Louis and Collette Bellemare, sold their company, Farm Boy, to Sobey’s for just over $600 million in 2018.

Angie and Andre began dating when Angie was 15, and stayed together through high school and college.

Angie and Andre Bellemare tied the knot in 2012, and have a dog named Carl Bellemare—he’s named after the Carl character in the kids’ movie Up.



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Andre would eventually move into the family business as a manager after graduating from college.

Angie, who also went to college to study architecture, graduated and began looking for business opportunities.

Initially, Andre helped her, and the pair started a business selling designer bags.

It didn’t pan out, and Andre went to work at Farm Boy.

With the financial support of her husband and his parents, Angie changed tack—moving into the world of fitness coaching for BeachBody.

After joining the highly controversial fitness and nutrition coaching scheme—which encourages coaches to recruit other coaches and sell fitness packages—Angie became one of the top performers in the program.


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This taste of success encouraged Angie to start marketing herself more aggressively on social media.

She positioned herself as an influencer, and—according to her—within a few years, her husband was able to retire from his role at Farm Boy.

For many fans, however, this is where the story starts to unravel.

At the same time, Angie was claiming her husband “retired” to be supported by her business, his parents were selling the company for almost $800 million Canadian dollars.

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The Disney House


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Angie was interviewed by several media outlets after posting a tour of her Disney house on YouTube in 2021.

The YouTuber and fitness coach said that she and her husband had dreamed of living in the Disney-themed Golden Oaks community for over a decade, and so jumped at the chance when it arose.

The residential community is part of Disney World Resort and offers fully customizable Disney-inspired homes—if you’ve got a couple of million dollars to spend.

The finishing touches on Angie and Andre Bellemare’s home include a Mickey Mouse topiary, and a giant Mickey Mouse etched into the glass door.

The couple’s usual home is in Canada.

Angie Bellemare – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Angie Bellemare worth? Bellemare earned most of her wealth from founding and managing Build a Content Machine, ads on YouTube (about $150k), and from founding The Daily Grind Planner. Angie Bellemare has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Angie also sells merch on her website —

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