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Anthony Loffredo Net Worth 2024

Anthony Loffredo Net Worth – $700,000

What is Anthony Loffredo’s net worth? Is Anthony Loffredo married?


With extreme body modifications, mutilations, and tattoos on every inch of his body, Anthony Loffredo has become a social media star with millions of followers.

Let’s explore everything we know about him and how his physical transformation came about.

The Origin Story

Anthony Loffredo was born in 1988 in France and is currently a content creator and body modification enthusiast.

Anthony is known as the Black Alien because of his appearance.

His goal is to transform himself into a “black alien,” and he has spent almost a decade changing his appearance to achieve this goal.

Anthony and his mother have a very close relationship. His mother actually accepts his transformation.

He’s shared photos of her on his Instagram several times.


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He’s also indicated on his Instagram account that his mother supports him regardless of his choices to change his appearance.

Though it’s believed that he has siblings, Anthon hasn’t shared any information about his family.

Surgeries, Tattoos, and Body Modifications

Anthony Loffredo has tattooed his entire body from the top of his head to his feet and everything in-between.

He’s also had the white area in his eye tattooed.

He has removed his ears, the tip of his nose, and his lips in his endeavor to become an alien.

Since the nasal surgery he wanted is banned in France, Anthony had to travel to Spain to have his surgery done.

In November 2021, Anthony traveled to Mexico and had his little finger and ring finger on one hand cut off to give his hand the appearance of a claw.


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He’s also split his tongue and had implants inserted into his skull to give him the appearance of an alien. Loffredo admitted that he had to learn to talk again after lip removal surgery.

He claims that he’s only completed about 46% of the body modifications that he has planned to become a black alien.

Anthony claimed that he would like to have surgeries done on his legs, the back of his head, and other parts of his body in the future.

At the end of 2023, Loffredo considered his transformation to be at 65%.


Fans of this French artist are curious to know about his relationship status. At the time of writing, Anthony Loffredo is not married. Anthony Loffredo has not shared a lot of information about his dating and romantic life.

It appears that Loffredo is not in a relationship.

He claims that he wants to focus on his goal of becoming a black alien. Anthony may not be married yet, but that doesn’t stop him from living out his dreams and inspiring others. 


After graduating from high school, Anthony Loffredo took a job as a security guard.

He worked as a guard for about a year, then decided to leave to pursue his dream of becoming an alien.

At age 27, Anthony started his transformation, and later he began posting pictures of himself on Instagram wearing his designs.

His unique look quickly gained him a large following on the platform, and soon he was featured in magazines and newspapers worldwide.

Since he began his transformation, it has been difficult for Anthony to secure any regular job.

Anthony began sharing his transformation on social media in 2017 and gained a massive following.

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Anthony Loffredo – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Anthony Loffredo worth? Loffredo earned most of his wealth from working as a tattoo artist and model. Anthony also makes money from brand deals via his Instagram account. For example, Loffredo promoted the app beleaf. Therefore, Anthony Loffredo has an estimated net worth of $700,000.

Key facts

Anthony Loffredo is an internet sensation who has achieved fame through hard work and dedication to creating unique looks for himself that stand out from the crowd.

His transformation into “The Black Alien” has made him even more popular than before, with millions of followers across multiple social media platforms admiring him for his creativity and originality when it comes to fashion trends or lifestyle tips that he shares with others online through live streams or Q&A sessions on Instagram Stories or YouTube videos.

With an estimated net worth of $700K, Anthony Loffredo continues to make money from various sources, such as brand endorsements and appearing at events.

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