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How Much Does Kelly Ripa Weigh?

How much does Kelly Ripa weigh?


Being a celebrity means getting used to people gossiping about your every action and behavior in life.

Sadly, the life of a celebrity means that you often need to get used to seeing things about yourself on the internet that, strictly speaking, are not true.

One of the most common examples of this can be found when discussing a celebrity’s weight.

Take Kelly Ripa, for example.

The talk show host and TV personality is one of the most recognizable on TV today – and it would be fair to say that she looks awesome!

That leads many people to ask one thing: how much does Kelly Ripa weigh?

People always want to know what celebrities weigh and what height they are.

It might be down to personal curiosity or the need to try and feel better about themselves.

Others like comparing themselves to celebrities, and knowing how much they weigh can give you a lot of feel-good confidence. For other people, it can come down to wanting to look like that particular celebrity.

kelly ripa weight and height

Kelly Ripa attends the 88th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood & Highland Center – @Getty

Whatever the reason, though, there are lots of people wondering how much Kelly Ripa weighs.

Well, let us try to find out some information for you so that you can better understand how much the TV star weighs.

The Origin Story

You likely know who she is by now if you are here, but Kelly Ripa is a TV personality and one of the most well-known presenters in the industry.

She has been involved in various TV shows and has been a six-time Daytime Emmy winner in her career.

Ripa has also won various accolades for her TV acting career and was memorable as a member of the soap opera All My Children.

Kelly Ripa with her husband Mark Consuelos


Since departing AMC in 2002, before a brief return in 2010, Ripa made her name as part of the Hope & Faith sitcom and as her time on the Live! With Kelly and Mark show.

She has been one of the most popular TV show hosts and presenters since she made her debut in 2001, and she is recognizable around the world for her upbeat manner and effervescent, friendly personality.

Away from TV, she has eloped with her partner, Mark Consuelos, who is also her co-star from AMC and then her talk show partner.

what is mark consuelos net worth

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos attend the “Two Turns From Zero” book launch event at The Regency Bar and Grill

The two have been together since the mid-1990s and have three children– their oldest, Michael; middle child, Lola Grace; and then oldest son, Joaquin Antonio.

She has also been a pretty prominent advocate for people getting help with misophonia, a condition that Ripa herself suffers from.

This has meant that she has come out and spoken about the issue, revealing that she had the condition in 2011.

Her advocacy for getting help with the condition has been a huge help to many people around the world who also had misophonia but have never sought out treatment or care.


kelly ripa height and weight

Kelly Ripa attends Logo TV Fire Island Premiere Party at Atlas Social Club – @Getty

Given her longevity in TV, it would be fair to assume that Kelly Ripa is at least in her 40s. However, most are shocked that she is 53 at the time of writing.

Born on the 2nd October 1970in Berlin, New Jersey, Ripa often gets mistaken for someone ten years younger than she is.

She has done much to stay in the best physical condition over the years.

Ripa is often used as an inspiration for other women aged 40 and above who want to try and emulate her routine.

For the most part, Kelly has always focused on trying to retain that kind of timeless look that stands out; however, unlike other celebs, she isn’t forthcoming about how she manages to stay in such incredible shape.

If you believe in horoscopes, you might be interested to know that Ripa is a Libra.

Libra is typically associated with a sense of elegance and passion and having a real natural energy for what they feel passionate about.

As such, it should come as no surprise that Ripa, even at 53, manages to look incredible: Libra tend to be the kind of people who look far younger than they are!

kelly ripa mark consuelos net worth

Kelly Ripa visits “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” at Rockefeller Center – @Getty

How much does Kelly Ripa weigh?

So, you wanted to know how much the TV star weighs. Kelly Ripa is estimated to retain a weight of around 50kg or 110 lbs. That is a weight that would be considered very healthy indeed for someone of her height. Ripa is around 5ft 3” tall, or around 1.6m. That means that her weight and height match up very well, which is another reason why she tends to look so incredible.

Suppose you are interested in how she keeps that weight, though, well, good luck. Ripa has never been a celebrity to do tell-all interviews about their weight loss or lifestyle maintenance.

She has always maintained that same petite form that has been a hallmark of her look ever since she first appeared on All My Children.

Kelly has retained that natural look and style for her whole career, never having to get involved in the world of plastic surgery or medical treatment to stay in the condition that she is in.

We would imagine that her weight is maintained through regular exercise, a healthy diet, and the kind of discipline that so many of us find hard to stay connected to.

This is why many people look to Ripa as an inspiration when it comes to their weight journey.

how much is Kelly Ripa worth

Kelly Ripa visits People Now on February 19, 2020 in New York – @Getty

She had managed to stay in stunning condition for her whole career, retaining that look she had when she first appeared on the scene.

Despite being a fixture of American television for nearly 30 years now, it is easy to see why Ripa still looks so glowing and fantastic when she is on the TV screen.

Having mentioned that she exercises daily, she has also retained a high-alkaline diet throughout her professional career to help her stay in the best shape that she can.

This alkaline-heavy diet is often used for around one week before returning to her routine.

However, regular running and SoulCycle exercises are believed to be the secret.

Staying stress-free is a big part of it, too, for which Ripa uses yoga and dancing to help stay in good physical and mental shape.

So, at a very comfortable 110lbs, Kelly Ripa has maintained that stunning look that, when matched to her personality, makes her one of the most immediately recognizable people in the American TV world today.


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