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SoFlo – Net Worth & Biography

What is SoFlo’s net worth?


Antonio Lievano (known for his YouTube channels called SoFloComedy and SoFloAntonio) is a popular name on the internet. He used to post YouTube prank videos.


He was born in Florida, USA, on the 16th of May, 1995. Lievano then spent time in Bogota, Colombia. At the age of 5, his family moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


While attending the University of Maryland, Antonio came up with ideas for a variety of different prank videos all involving getting girls to kiss him.

On March 24, 2013, he created his first YouTube channel and started uploading prank videos.

At the time of writing, his main YouTube channel has more than 474,000 subscribers.

Lievano is notorious for having enemies around the internet for recycling popular content on his Facebook page without citing the source or its original creators.

His most famous online beef was with H3h3, an Israeli-American comedy YouTube channel that is produced by wife and husband duo Hila Klein and Ethan Klein.

In 2017, Antonio founded Perfeos, a marketing company that is home to some of the most powerful consumer video brands with more than 1 billion views a month delivering premium content to the coveted millennial audience.


SoFloAntonio created a video called “Drugging Girls Prank,” which ended with him getting beaten up, which Antonio says was not worth it. The video was featured on WorldStar Hip Hop and resulted in SoFloAntonio being stomped on and attacked by members of the public who ended up subscribing to his channel after the incident was explained.

In May 2014, SoFloAntonio posted a video titled “Slap, Hug or Kiss!” that went viral. It was featured on 9GAG, a Hong Kong-based social media website, that allows its users to upload and share “user-generated content.”

In December 2011, Antonio launched a YouTube video where he staged a fight that included props such as breakaway bottles, to make the fight more realistic. Later in the YouTube video, the police showed up and left them with a warning.

Other famous YouTubers are Asian Andy and Swifty.

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SoFlo – Net Worth

Lievano earned most of his wealth from advertisements on his YouTube channels. In total, his videos have over 120 million views, but many are now deleted.

On YouTube, monetized views range from 40 to 60 percent of the total views. Furthermore, YouTubers are being paid between 200 to $500 per 100,000 monetized views after YouTube takes its share. In addition, all these views are influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • time of the year (December is usually the best, while January is the worst month);
  • ad engagement;
  • how many people skip the ads on the video;
  • if there is a holiday;
  • ad inventory;
  • how many ads there are on a YouTube video (there are more ads on a video that is over 600 seconds long);
  • the device played on (on a desktop is more expensive than on a smartphone);
  • the location of the viewer (having a viewer from the United States and the United Kingdom is paid significantly better than, for instance, a viewer from India);

As such, Lievano made around $360k from YouTube ads.

In addition to his YouTube channels, Antonio founded the marketing company Perfeos. He serves as the CEO since 2017.

Therefore, Antonio Lievano has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. 

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