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Asian Andy Net Worth | Girlfriend?

Asian Andy Net Worth – $500,000

What is Asian Andy’s net worth? Is Asian Andy dating?


A mid-20s kid of Vietnamese American descent, Asian Andy has gone from modest beginnings on YouTube back in 2007, via an extended session on Twitch, to now back on YouTube as a prominent vlogger, IRL Streamer, and social media personality.

The LA-based maverick’s offbeat comedic talent uses multiple platforms which tap not only into the broad internet viewer base but especially appeal to those who love real-life situations where the people react to the outrageous dialogues that seem to be coming out from … Andy’s dog, maybe?

Or his laptop, phone, or a hole in the wall?

A Modern-Day Candid Camera, On Steroids


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Capturing the reactions of normal people at a Starbucks or a restaurant, or the officials at an airport or DMV – while Andy Asian is shopping, eating out, driving for Uber, or even out on a date – provides the same thrills as those experienced by the viewers of the “Candid Cameras” types of reality shows.

There is, however, a major twist from the earlier reality TV shows.

Given the interactivity afforded by social media, people can actually react in real-time, texting during many of Asian Andy’s famous live sessions.

From Modest Starts To “Ascending”

In 2007, Asian Andy – whose real name is Steven, though much of his actual background, including his personal life or romantic relationships remain private – began as a gamer.

This explains his use of Amazon Twitch, a platform where people log in to watch other people’s games.

In a way, the way Asian Andy has evolved in terms of how, and what, he live-streams on Twitch is symptomatic of prominent personalities who want to reach the 15 million-plus viewers who log in daily – including the likes of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who finds use for one of the most popular platforms for Gen Y and Z viewers.

The Asian Andy persona evolved over time to where it is now – popular on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram star, Vlogger – a personality who shines across multiple social media platforms.

He has 44,000+ followers on Twitter, 68,000+ on Instagram, along with a million YouTube followers.

Over time, he has developed a style, along with some signature moves.

Asian Andy is definitely hard on his T-shirts, prone to ripping them off in public places or whenever his followers ask him to “Ascend” – it could be at 3 AM at night while he’s lying in bed!

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How I Made $6,000 (or $16,000) While I Was Sleeping


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That’s the title of many episodes of Asian Andy’s famous series, with different dollar amounts, where he live streams over several hours while he lies in bed and tries to sleep.

Don’t laugh, “sleep streaming” has become one of the new fads on social media, and Andy Asian excels at it.

While it’s evident that Andy is not getting much rest, regardless of the 6-7 hours he is lying in bed, the feeds and dialogue – with the webcam turned on and the voices blaring, plus Andy’s own reactions to being woken up with insane requests or absurd threats – combines our deepest fears of the night with how best to prank someone even when he is expecting it!

What ultimately wins out, though, is that Asian Andy is never taking himself or the situation seriously.

Plus, he constantly gets woken up from deep sleep to be told things like his computer’s smoking – so naturally, he has to take it seriously, put on his glasses and peer over anxiously, after which … nada, of course! But still fun for his viewers.

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What Else?


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What makes Asian Andy act funny is his look and style.

He’s barely 5’6”, chubby going to fat, with partially dyed hair and an every day “blah, don’t bother me” attitude.

He lists his hobbies as weightlifting, old-school hip hop, smoking Adderall, and occasionally imbibing medicinal marijuana.

He is a member of the Purple Army and a friend of the media personality Ice Poseidon.

He’s the quintessential kid next door, the one who you don’t pay attention to until something completely outrageous streams out from something he’s carrying close to you – therein lies the shock value and the charm.

When someone like that starts ripping up his shirt and acts as the ultimate macho man in public, he is poking fun at every established social tradition along with his own limitations.

The fact that he is concerned about what his mother may think completes the picture.

Try him out … he’s not hard to find.


There is not much information about Asian Andy’s romantic life. At the time of writing, Asian Andy is probably single.

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Asian Andy – Net Worth

So, how much is Asian Andy worth? Andy earned most of his wealth by streaming on Twitch. In addition, he has a YouTube channel that has over 110 million views, meaning about $320k in revenue before taxes. Therefore, social media celebrity Asian Andy has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

During a 72 hour YouTube stream, Andy received about $28,000. He donated all the money to his mother.

Andy also has a website ( on which he sells personalized T-shirts.

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