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Bankroll Freddie Net Worth 2024

Bankroll Freddie Net Worth – $2 million


Bankroll Freddie is an American rapper who released the album “From Trap to Rap” in 2020.

The Origin Story

Freddie Demarcus Gladney III—AKA Bankroll Freddie—was born on October 15, 1994, in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, a small town that borders the Mississippi River.

Things were rough when Gladney was a kid.

According to Bankroll Freddie, his dad was a big time drug dealer and gambler in their area.

While he always had nice cars and big money—something the young Freddie aspired to have—there was also a lot of trouble in the area.

In 2009, when Gladney was 15 years old, he and his mother packed up and moved to Conway, Arkansas, following the shooting and death of Gladney’s young cousin in Helena.


Gladney was enrolled at Conway High School, and graduated in 2013.


There is some confusion as to how many children Gladney has.

In an interview in June of 2020, he claimed to have two sons by two different women.

In an interview a month later on VladTV, he claimed he had five children with five different women.

Whatever the true number, he claims to pay child support and try to make time to see all his kids during the week—especially because he’s booked up for gigs most weekends.

His eldest son was born in 2018.


Bankroll Freddie is not married. Also, there is no information about Bankroll Freddie’s girlfriend.

No Place Like Home

In 2021, Gladney—who by this stage was living in Little Rock, Arkansas—took WorldStarHipHop on a tour of his old neighborhood in Helena-West Helena.

He explained that he loves to let people know where he’s from, and to shine a light on the music scene in Arkansas.

“They think it’s just, like a bunch of country and stuff. Like, come up out of that.”

Gladney has also used his fame to showcase specific areas in his hometown.


In his Add It Up video, he used Helena’s Cherry Street as a backdrop, explaining that it’s always good to go home.

He believes that, where he comes from, nobody makes it out, and so he’s proud that in a town of 10,000, he’s blessed to “make it up outta there.”

Gladney’s dad still lives in the area, and his mother’s family all still live in Marianna—a smaller town not too far from where Bankroll Freddie was born.

The loyal rapper with a taste for home says his favorite spots to eat when he’s got time are Jones BBQ in Marianna—a spot that’s been open since the 1920s—and PaTio, Rio Lindo, in Helena.

Gladney was shot in May 2021, but later that day posted to Instagram that he was fine. “I’m good,” he wrote, alongside a photo of him sporting a chin wound.

Regardless of how many fans and followers, the young Arkansas native wins over, he still likes to go home.

In a 2021 interview, he said that when he’s asked what he’s doing in the hood, his answer is always the same: it’s always good to go home, enjoy the atmosphere, and be around old friends.

All About The Music


Gladney launched his music career in 2017, releasing two freestyles—Lil Baby, and Act Up. Act Up was part of the viral #ActUpChallenge launched by City Girls under the Quality Control Music label.

Gladney recorded his freestyle over the Act Up beat, and it caught the eye of Pierre “P” Thomas—the CEO over at Quality Control.

Thomas invited Gladney to a meet up in Los Angeles, and the rest was history.

Gladney’s debut single under Quality Control was Drip Like This.

He followed it up with a mixtape called Saved by the Bales in the summer of 2019, and then a remix of Drip Like This, with features by Young Dolph and Lil Baby. On the back of some solid mainstream successes, Gladney—now going by Bankroll Freddie—signed to QCM.

To celebrate the signing, he released another single in November of that year—this one featured Renni Rucci, and it was called Lil Mama.

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A Brush With The Law

In April 2022, Bankroll Freddie was stopped in Marion, Arkansas, and his car was searched.

Police allegedly found 21 pounds of marijuana, 171 grams of promethazine, and a gun in the vehicle.

He was held on federal charges. In 2024, the Arkansas rapper was found guilty of multiple charges.

how much is Bankroll Freddie worth


Bankroll Freddie – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Bankroll Freddie worth? Freddie earned most of his wealth from selling copies of his albums (From Trap To Rap, Saved By The Bales, and Big Bank), ads on YouTube, and concerts. Therefore, Bankroll Freddie has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

On YouTube, Bankroll has more than 102 million views, meaning about $300k in revenue.

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