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Chad Wild Clay Net Worth $10 Million

What Is Chad Wild Clay’s Net Worth?

Chad Wild Clay is a wildly successful YouTuber who has a net worth of $10 million. Chris has billions of views on his YouTube channel and is also the owner of a children’s toy company selling spy gadgets for kids on popular retail sites. Keep reading if you would like to know more about Chad Wild Clay’s net worth and what he does to earn his fortune.

Chad Wild Clay was born in Minnesota on March 10, 1984, as Chris William Chris.

He launched his YouTube channel in September 2010, with his first video a marriage proposal he created for his then girlfriend Vy Qwaint.

He managed to get a local movie theater to play the video on the screen, which Vy originally thought was an actual iPhone commercial.

The couple was married in July 2011.

Vy and Chad’s Wedding


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Vy and Chad basically had two weddings. Vy, a Vietnamese, had one ceremony at her parent’s house with a traditional Vietnamese ceremony, and another all-American-style wedding at the Profile Event Center in Minneapolis.

Both ceremonies were featured on Chad’s YouTube channel so his fan could share their special day with the couple.

More About Vy Qwaint, Chad’s Wife

While Vy regularly appears in Chad’s videos, she also has a very successful YouTube channel under her own name, with millions of subscribers and more than 6.6 billion views.

Vy started with beauty and life hacks on her YouTube channel but has since transitioned to parodies and skits similar to the content seen on Chad’s channel.

Qwaint originally lived in Vietnam with her parents but moved to Minnesota where she met Chad.

According to some reports, Chad’s first words to Vy were “Do you want to see my Spiderman comic book collection.”

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Net Worth


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So, how much is Chad Wild Clay worth?

We will never know how much of his income Chad spends, but we can estimate his earnings potential from his YouTube channel’s views.

The YouTube celebrity has more than 6.6 billion views, which, by our calculations, equates to around $20 million in revenue before taxes.

“A viral video isn’t necessarily the greatest thing, it doesn’t build you the most loyal audience,” Chad told Ricky Ray Butler in September 2019. “We got a lot of subscribers from it [viral video], but they weren’t hardcore dedicated subscribers.”

Clay is one of a team of four who regularly collaborates on Chad’s channel, but each of the team members also has their own YouTube channel.

The four of them own and operate a merchandise store selling kids’ toys under their Spy Ninja brand. “We have a merch store selling t-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, and other gear,” Chris said.

The underlying narrative behind the toys is for the Spy Ninjas to defeat an evil organization referred to as Planet Zorgo.

The toys cover a range of spy gadgets like voice changers, wrist walkie-talkies, night vision kits, and action figures.

The store appears to be an advertising portal only as it does not sell the products directly.


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Customers can purchase the merchandise from three major retail outlets, including, Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Chad has not released any financial statements about his merchandise earnings.

Before YouTube, Chris co-owned a software company which he left to “pursue this YouTube thing full-time,” according to an interview on Tubefilter.

In 2019, Chris and his wife inked with Surge Licensing, Inc. as their exclusive global licensing agency for the Spy Ninjas. “We are incredibly excited,” he said in a press release.

In July 2021, it was launched a Roblox game, Spy Ninjas vs. Project Zorgo Hackers ROBLOX. Later that year, Scholastic and Spy Ninjas agree to a three-year book deal in Canada and the United States. The books “will allow fans to engage in a new way,” revealed Lynn Smith –Scholastic’s global licensing director.

Therefore, Chad Wild Clay has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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Michael Thomas Schneider A.I.

Saturday 1st of October 2022

I grew up with chad wild clay and still hangout with his super cool father ,tom clay, . I am so happy that his talents have made him a huge success. Keep it up old friend!! I hope you get more and more popular!! Couldn't of happened to a better guy! He knew me as Michael blubby Schneider and I have fond memories of getting wild on many new years eve parties my parents threw. The Schneider's love chad and his whole family. Their just great people , with great humor and work ethics!! Huge congrats on his well earned successes!!