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Evan Hafer Net Worth $15 Million

What is Evan Hafer’s net worth?

Evan Hafer is an American war hero, and former Green Beret turned coffee roaster extraordinaire and has a net worth of $15 million.

He started Black Rifle Coffee to “supply a premium, roast-to-order coffee to the working man.”

Born in Idaho, Evan Hafer spent his younger years watching his father and grandfather work in the mountains with a thermos full of hot coffee.

This memory is something that planted a seed for Evan’s love of coffee.

There is little known about Evan’s younger years, age, or childhood family, as Evan has been very reserved about what he chooses to make public.

Aside from his memory of his father and grandfather, the next thing we know about Evan is that he spent 20 years in the military.

In the military, Evan was very passionate about serving his country.

He moved up in the ranks from infantryman to Special Forces and eventually a CIA contractor.

He was so talented that he even earned the rank of Green Beret.

It was when Evan was serving that he truly developed a fuller love for coffee.

He recalls a time when he was in Seattle, and that was when he knew that coffee would be a part of the rest of his life.

He loved coffee so much that he would bring beans along with him on deployment to have freshly roasted beans for himself and his fellow soldiers.

This dedication to a fresh cup of coffee would prove to be the guiding force for the rest of his life.

what is the net worth of Evan Hafer


After leaving the military, Evan began selling his special brand of coffee, Freedom Roast, on a friend’s apparel website.

After the first year and relative success, Evan decided to launch his own brand and website, where he sold his coffee and related apparel. 

Evan originally created Black Rifle Coffee as a direct-to-consumer website where you subscribe to monthly deliveries of coffee.

This was so successful, and it grew to well over 100,000 subscribers in 2020.

After growing in popularity, Evan sought out to find a way to distribute in retail locations.

This led to Black Rifle Coffee having three physical coffee shops.

In addition to the coffee shops, Black Rifle coffee is currently distributed in over 1700 retail locations.

The company blew up.

Sponsorship of USA Archery


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Evan announced that he was sponsoring the Archery tournaments for the 2020 Olympics.

He wanted to make sure that those that had a passion for this sport were well represented.

Evan continues to raise donations for both outdoor sports and the veteran community.

He doesn’t want veterans to be forgotten when they return from the battlefield and does all he can to help them live everyday life.

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Despite posting images on Instagram of his wife and children, little is known about them.

We know that Evan is married to Kate Hafer, and they have two beautiful girls.

It is not uncommon for Evan to post pictures of his girls doing outdoor activities while doting on them.

It is clear that those girls are the center of his world.

Kate Hafer is also on Instagram posting pictures of her children and family.

One image displays her and Evan at a shooting range with the caption stating that he taught her how to shoot on their second date.

How romantic.

This didn’t change when they had children.

There are pictures and videos of him teaching his 7-year-old daughter how to shoot a rifle at targets.

It makes him proud.

His family is beautiful and is filled with lots of love.

What we know of them is gathered solely from Instagram images, as he does not take his relationship public aside from Instagram love.


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Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Evan Hafer worth?

While a company’s success is not a complete reflection of the owner’s net worth, you can get some idea of what he might be working with.

In 2019, Black Rifle Coffee’s gross income was reported at $80m, doubling the previous year’s gross revenue.

With over 550 employees and his coffee being distributed at over 1700 locations across the country, Evan hopes to move towards more stand-alone locations for coffee shops that exclusively provide Black Rifle Coffee.

In 2022, BRCC has a current market cap of $2.07B.

Black Rifle Coffee Company sales surpassed $75.5 million in the third quarter of 2022, bringing year-to-date net revenue to $207.7 million.

The company had revenue of $369.59 million in the twelve months ending September 30, 2023.

Therefore, Evan Hafer has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

As the company continues to grow, so will Evans’s net worth. The company has set a revenue target of $500m for 2023. 

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The Future

Evan is extremely active in the outdoor sports community and raises money and awareness for veterans across the country.

His dedication to these activities has not slowed down over the years, and as his company continues to grow, he takes more opportunities to participate.

Evan has big plans for Black Rifle Coffee as well.

His company currently has three stand-alone coffee shops while it’s being distributed at over 1700 retail locations.

Evan is gearing up to open more stand-alone locations to employ more veterans across the country. ”We aren’t concerned with having everyone drink our coffee,” Hafer told Military.

His heart for the veteran community moves him to create more opportunities for them.

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