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How Much Does Jelly Roll Weigh In 2024?

What is Jelly Roll’s weight? Has Jelly Roll lost weight?


Jelly Roll might have made a name for himself as a country rap superstar with a quick style and a big bout of brutal honesty, but the first thing most people are going to notice is his size.

Because Jelly Roll is a whole lotta man.

And according to his mom, he always has been.

Rapper Jelly Roll—whose real name is Jason DeFord—earned the tasty moniker as a baby, thanks to his mother.

She called him Jelly Roll because he was so chubby and cute, and the name stuck.

It might have been a family nickname, but when De Ford hit high school, one of his buddies—a kid that went by the nickname One Armed Clay—resurrected it for the general public.

From that day forward, Jason was known everywhere he went as Jelly Roll.

jelly roll height and weight


It’s not something the charismatic entertainer feels bad about, either.

In interviews, he has joked about spending his “life trying to grow into the name. I think I’ve done it.”

The humble and hilarious rap genius might win hearts and sell out shows wherever he goes, but the question some fans keep asking is: how much does Jelly Roll weigh?

So, let’s find out.

Who is Jason DeFord?

Jelly Roll weight


Jelly Roll—whose real name is Jason DeFord—is a Nashville, Tennessee, native who hails from Antioch.

Jason’s childhood was pretty rough—much like that of many of the people in the community where he grew up.

DeFord admits that his mom struggled with addiction for the majority of her life, like many who grew up in the middle- and lower-class communities in Antioch.

“No one sees the effects of drug abuse like those people,” he observes. “My mother didn’t have [expletive], nobody had [expletive]. Anyone who did got it from drugs.”

So Jelly Roll sold drugs.

Jason also did “a lot of drugs,” by his own admission.

He took codeine, cough syrup, Xanax, and cocaine, and admits that he doesn’t remember the entire years of his life.

jelly roll height and weight

Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson attend night 2 of the 50th CMA Fest – @Getty

What he does remember is a 12-year stretch of his life where he was in and out of prison.

He also remembers an officer coming to his cell on May 22, 2008, to tell him that he was now the father of a little girl.

He had heard rumors that he’d gotten a girl pregnant the last time he was released from prison, but this was a turning point.

Despite his difficulties, Jason always acknowledges that he had a “great dad.”

And because of that, he wanted to be a great dad.

It was time to turn things around. By some miracle—and a whole lot of hard work—Jelly Roll made his way up in the music world.

What kind of music does DeFord make?

What is Jelly Roll's weight


In a nutshell: Jelly Roll creates a blend of country slang, backwoods experience, and lyrically masterful rap.

It started with his 2010 collaboration with Lil Wyte on the track Pop Another Pill.

The video racked up more than 6 million views on YouTube.

Hypnotize Minds snatched Jelly Roll up the following year to release the Year Round album with SNO.

The album featured the hit Come Here White Girl, which XXL would call one of the 10 most memorable white rapper collaborations in history.

jelly roll weight gain

Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll attend the 2023 CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena – @Getty

Several mixtapes followed before the indie release of The Big Sal Story in October 2012.

Following The Big Sal Story, Jelly Roll collaborated with Haystak, Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, and an SNO reunion album.

More albums followed. He also collaborated with iconic rap stars like Tech N9ne and Eminem.

In 2023, he won his first CMA Award, winning New Artist of the Year.

jelly roll weight and height


How much does Jelly Roll weigh in 2024?

That number seems to change from year to year—as it does with anyone—so let’s start at the beginning.

Jelly Roll explained in a Bobby Bones interview in May of 2022 that he’s always been “fat.”

He was a fat baby; he earned the nickname Jelly Roll from his mother, earned it again in high school, and spent the next decade and a half maintaining its status. But at his biggest pre-2016, Jason DeFord weighed 450 pounds.

With a diet that consisted of some pretty serious time spent at Waffle House, is it any surprise?

how big is jelly roll

Jelly Roll performs in concert during Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival – @Getty

Jelly Roll admitted in an interview that he had eaten at Waffle House more times than he could remember—although he guessed the number of visits would be high in the hundreds.

And every time he ate there, he’d have the same thing: the All-Star Breakfast.

For those wondering what an All-Star Breakfast entails, it’s all the things that could help a person get their weight up to the 450-pound mark: scrambled eggs with cheese, hash browns topped with cheese, fried onions, and ham, sausage, and chocolate chip waffle.

jason deford height and weight

Jelly Roll attends the iHeartRadio 106.1 KISS FM Jingle Ball at Dickies Arena – @Getty

And that’s all in one sitting.

DeFord jokes that he once checked his birth certificate to make sure he wasn’t born in a Waffle House.

This all changed—for the most part—when Waffle House sued Jelly Roll for using its logo in his album artwork.

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Jelly Roll weight loss


Has Jelly Roll lost weight?

Yes—several times. Following his legal run-in with the Waffle House, Jelly Roll went on a health kick and lost a staggering 180 pounds.

Looking trim and terrific in a 2017 video, he showcased his healthier build with some boxing training videos on YouTube.

Sadly, Jason’s drop from a hefty 450 pounds down to a much healthier 270 pounds wasn’t going to last forever.

In July 2020, he took to YouTube to talk openly with his fans and followers about his weight gain.

jelly roll skinny

Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll attend the 2023 CMT Music Awards – @Getty

He explained that he felt frustrated and ashamed of himself, and committed to getting back on the healthy living bandwagon.

In a video titled I got really fat…again, Jelly Roll explained that after losing 180 pounds, he had gained it all back.

He invited fans to join him on his journey, to help motivate each other, and to get back to a healthier goal weight.

In that first weigh-in, Jelly Roll weighed 478 pounds, and by July 2021, he had lost 60 pounds.

In early 2023, Jason said that he wanted to lose more weight as well as exercise regularly. “I lost some weight this year in 2022, but in 2023, I wanna finally conquer the demon,” he said.

In August 2023, his nutritionist (Ian Larios) said he’d lost 23 pounds. Watch the weight loss update on his Instagram. This weight loss occurred while he was on the road for his Backroad Baptism Tour.

jason deford weight loss

Jelly Roll is seen on October 31, 2023 in Los Angeles, California – @Getty

In an interview with Fox News Digital in November 2023, Jason said: “Weight is normally directly related to mental health, so I’m trying to get that under control, and the rest is following that.

Training for His First 5K In 2024

In January 2024, Jelly Roll announced on his Instagram that he was training for his first-ever 5K race. He also said: “5K by May, baby, 5K by May. I mean it.


Jelly Roll: Son of a Sinner

Jelly Roll weight

Did Jason DeFord go to prison?

Jelly Roll tattoos


Monday 5th of February 2024

Talented musicians but he’s going to struggle to live long, enjoy it now


Monday 15th of January 2024

As a fan of Jelly Roll's music and now his fitness journey, I'm thrilled to hear about his plans to run a 5K race. His determination to improve his health and fitness is inspiring.


Wednesday 4th of October 2023

I’m a 60 year old man who at one point was 402 pounds I also lost 180 pounds just by dieting and exercise. I’ve managed to keep most of it off I’ve gained back maybe 30 pounds of it. It’s a constant battle but I won’t ever be 402 pounds again, I promise you, there’s an app called my fitness pal. If you follow it to a tea, you can lose the weight and keep it off. I’m proof positive that I can work.

Paige Hampton

Monday 24th of July 2023

Diets don't work when you have an addiction to food you have to basically get over the addiction and think of food as to give yourself nutrition and cut out less of what your like including alcohol but very slowly or you will gain it back and more. It took me 3 yrs to lose the weight and I never have regained it and I ate the same foods and didn't exercise believe me I just basically drank less soda and smaller portions of same exact foods. I was 44 when I was diagnosed diabetic not one person in my family has this and you don't want to get it!

Lawrence Butler

Monday 3rd of April 2023

Congratulations on getting 3 awards at the CMT, watched half way though it and hope you win more.......keep up the great fight