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Collete Davis Net Worth | Boyfriend

Collete Davis Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Collete Davis’ net worth? Who is Collete Davis’ boyfriend?


Collete Davis is a TV host, professional stunt, race-car driver, and entrepreneur from Kansas City, KS.

She is renowned for challenging preconceptions about the place of women in a traditionally male-dominated sport, and has distinguished herself with wins in several forms of motor racing.

The Origin Story

Davis is a self-described “army kid,” growing up on army bases across several states, including Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, and Louisiana.

As a student of mechanical engineering, Davis learned to get her hands dirty and got intimate with the workings of many automobiles.

It was during her studies that Davis developed a passion for race cars and monster trucks.


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Davis attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, further cementing her love of all things automotive.

It was during this time that she walked into the dean’s office and made her pitch: she wanted to drive a race car, and she wanted sponsorship.

Davis’ direct, no-nonsense approach yielded dividends, and she walked away with a contract.

Coming from a modest background, Davis spent a lot of time building up her brand and developing her entrepreneurial know-how.

From cold-calling female racing legends to soliciting corporate sponsors – all the while continuing to improve her practical mechanical skills – Davis managed to claw her way up the ladder of a sport that is traditionally hostile to female participants.

The odds were further stacked against a potential driver like Davis, who stood at 5’2 and was a blonde teenager – further ammo for chauvinist drivers not to take her seriously.

Monster Jam And Wonder Woman


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Not content with traditional racing, Davis spread her wings into the equally male-dominated field of monster truck rallies.

Diminutive Davis didn’t even reach the top of the wheels of her signature truck – named ‘Wonder Woman’ after the superheroine herself – but she hasn’t let that stop her from making a name for herself.

Davis attends Monster Jam rallies all over the United States, dazzling crowds with such feats of automotive daredevilry as vertical handstands.

She has expressed her hopes that she is showing young girls that if she can beat the boys at their own game, then so, too, can they.

Achievements And Accolades


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Despite only being in her mid-twenties, Davis has quickly made a name for herself – not only in the race car and monster truck fields, but also as an ambassador for many causes.

Davis is a passionate advocate for animal rights and is an ambassador for Pet Rescue, an organization that advocates for adopting rescue animals rather than simply purchasing pets.

She is also an ambassador for STEM Education and Women Empowerment, and makes it her business to empower girls and young women every time she gets behind the wheel.

In addition to her extensive involvement in ambassadorship across multiple fields, Davis has distinguished herself professionally with accolades in Global Rallycross (highest-finishing woman) and the Monster Jam Championships (where she won her first championship in her debut weekend).

In her free time, Davis is a passionate fitness enthusiast, and enjoys weightlifting, cycling, and CrossFit.

Las Vegas


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In 2023, she moved in Las Vegas for a month to film a new TV Show in Las Vegas. “It’s pretty wild, I never thought that I would be spending more than like four days at a time in Las Vegas but we’re about to be there for a full month,” Davis said in a YouTube video in January 2023.

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Collete Davis is in a relationship with Adam LZ. Adam Lizotte-Zeisler is an American automotive YouTuber who was married to Nicole Frye from 2016 to 2018.


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Collete Davis – Net Worth

So, how much is Collete Davis worth? Davis earned most of her wealth from ads on YouTube, brand deals on Instagram, managing House of PRIX, and her career as a professional racecar driver. Therefore, Collete Davis has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

On YouTube, Collete has over 36 million views — about $100k in revenue.

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