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Mark Beverlin Net Worth | Wife

What is Mark Beverlin’s net worth? Who is Mark Beverlin’s wife?


Mark “Marky” Beverlin is an internet personality best known for being married to Laura Beverlin, a renowned fashion blogger and vlogger.

The Origin Story

Information on Beverlin’s early life is scarce, as he is primarily seen online through his wife’s content, rather than this own.

Nevertheless, here is what is known about him.

Beverlin comes from a large family, and has two brothers and two sisters.

He is of mixed heritage, including Italian.

Beverlin likely comes from Florida, given his assertion that he went to college “near where [he] grew up.”

Little is known about his pre-college life.


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He graduated from Saint Leo University, FA, with a degree in Sport Business.

Though he has no formal background in photography, he has become an accomplished photographer during the course of acting as a cameraman on a great many of his wife’s photoshoots.


Mark Beverlin met his future wife, Laura Beverlin, in 2007. The two of them met in a Bible Studies exchange group between their respective churches. They dated for two years, before finally tying the knot in 2009.

At the time of their wedding, Laura was 20, and Mark was 23.

The couple has been inseparable ever since.

Photographer, Model, and YouTube Personality


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Beverlin’s wife, hailing from an accounting background, quit that job after seven years in order to go into fashion blogging and vlogging.

Mark supported his wife’s career change, acting as her photographer and occasional co-star in fashion shoots.

In 2017, Beverlin’s wife launched a YouTube channel entitled, simply, “Laura Beverlin.”

Although the bulk of the videos revolved around product unboxings, beauty advice, and house-moving vlogs, one or two videos did include Mark Beverlin, most notably a cooking video that featured a Q&A in which fans had the chance to ask Mark and Laura Beverlin any questions that they might have.

Laura Beverlin’s YouTube channel hasn’t posted any new videos since June 2019.

Despite this, however, the couple is still active on Instagram.

In November 2022, the couple announced that they were trying for a baby using IVF.

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Though Beverlin is tight-lipped on many aspects of his personal life, his wife is much more eager to share, and has revealed the following:

  • Beverlin doesn’t drink coffee at all. This is in stark contrast to Laura Beverlin, who is a coffee addict.
  • The couple has two dogs and a whopping twelve houseplants. It is unknown who manages the care of either.
  • Mark is a huge fan of outdoor activities and particularly loves kayaking, golfing, hiking, biking, and hanging out at the beach.
  • Beverlin and his wife have fully renovated two homes.
  • One of Beverlin’s favorite vacation destinations is Sweden.
  • Beverlin is a night owl, rarely going to bed before 1AM.
  • Beverlin is reportedly an old-school gentleman who insists on opening doors for his wife.
  • Beverlin previously worked in banking, but is now a full-time photographer and videographer for his wife.
  • Beverlin hopes to one day visit all 50 states.

Mark Beverlin – Net Worth


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So, how much is Mark Beverlin worth? Mark earned most of his wealth from working as a full-time photographer and in banking. Therefore, Mark Beverlin has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Note – Mark’s net worth is combined with his wife’s.

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