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Danny Gonzalez Net Worth | Wife (Laura Fuechsl)

Danny Gonzalez Net Worth – $3 million

What is Danny Gonzalez’s net worth? Who is Danny Gonzalez’s wife?


Danny Gonzalez is a famous social media star that got his start on the platform Vine before the platform closed down.

The Origin Story

Danny was born on June 12th of 1994, in Illinois, USA.

In the United States, he lived with his family, but his paternal grandfather was Mexican.

He has often mentioned his Mexican roots, and while he is not one to talk much about his private life or upbringing, this is something that he has previously disclosed to his fans.

His career as a social media star started when Danny was 19 years old.

At the time, he was studying to get a degree in computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. A degree which he completed.


What is the net worth of Danny Gonzalez


At the age of 19, Danny started posting short comedic sketches on the app Vine.

It was there that his career first started taking off.

His six-second sketches gained quite the audience, and he was even called to participate in the 2016 Vine mini-series, Camp Unplug.

It was there that Danny met Drew Gooden for the first time.

During his time with Vine, which lasted up until the app’s closure, Danny was one of the most popular creators on the platform, with about 2.9 million Vine followers at the time of the closure.


how much is Danny Gonzalez worth

Danny Gonzalez onstage during the 2022 YouTube Streamy Awards at the Beverly Hilton – @Getty

Still, Danny had actually migrated and had started making videos on YouTube as well in 2014, which meant that at the time of Vine’s closure, he had already developed a fanbase that followed him across different platforms.

On YouTube, Danny has three separate channels, all of which have their own audience and following.

His first and biggest channel, Danny Gonzalez, has over 6.27 million subscribers, while his second channel, 2 Danny 2 Furious, has over 2 million subscribers.

Finally, his third channel, Danny GAMEzalez, is the smallest of the three and has over 446K subscribers.

All three of these channels have quite a large audience, and Danny keeps a fairly active presence in all of them.


Danny is also known to frequent Twitch, where he often streams his gaming escapades.

This diversification of content and using different platforms is something that many former Vine stars choose to do, as they have already experienced once before what it is like to lose their platform and their audience.



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Danny’s so far career on social media has been filled with comedy.

His skits were what originally made him famous, but his videos now can often be seen as commentary and criticism of popular culture.

Apart from his online content, he took his comedy outside of social media in 2019.

Drew Gooden, who he had met through Vine, and Danny headlines a comedy tour called “We are Two Different People.”

The tour had Kurtis Conner as the opener and was overall a great success.

The act and name were both influenced by the similarities between Gooden and Gonzalez, who have both been dubbed by internet users as “skinny white guys on the internet.” 

While the tour was a success, comedy Is not the only endeavor that Danny has undertaken.

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Danny, who has previously created parody music, has also mentioned lately that he would like to explore the world of music more.

Still, he is making slow steps in his journey in music and taking his time with creating.


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When it comes to his personal life, Danny moves between the line of what he keeps private and public often. In July of 2017, Danny Gonzalez married Laura Fuechsl in a relatively secret ceremony.

This was not an event that he publicly announced at the time.

It was only sometime later, when his fans were wondering about his absence, that he informed them that he had gotten married to Laura.

Laura has also appeared in some of his videos, but she is not a part of the social media personalities community.

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Danny Gonzalez – Net Worth

So, how much is Danny Gonzalez worth? When it comes to his net worth, Danny has been an active social media personality for years, and as such, he has gathered an impressive amount from brand deals and ads on YouTube channels. On YouTube (three channels), Danny has over 1.5 billion views, meaning about $4.5 million in revenue before taxes. Therefore, YouTube star Danny Gonzalez has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

He would have also accumulated the proceeds from the tour and would have likely made revenue both from ticket sales and merchandise sales during that time. 

As many other YouTubers and social media creators have done before him, Danny has also created a line of merchandise as a way of further diversifying his income sources.

His merchandise has many creative designs, and it is directly targeted to his fans, whom he has famously been calling ‘Greg.’

Merch is a great way of generating further revenue while not being dependent on Adsense. Still, the fact remains that without his YouTube channel, his merchandise would not have as much success.

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