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The world of business and finance is a competitive one, with no shortage of ambition to be the best.

But it also pays off to know what you’re doing and who you’re dealing with – there’s an old saying about knowing your enemy.

In the case of James Khuri, this couldn’t be truer as Khuri has been in the world of business for over twenty years now, starting lowly before moving on to CEO at a few different companies.

The Origin Story

Born on 26th December 1975, in the Flower City of Rochester, New York, James is an entrepreneur that has successfully grown several businesses from scratch to become multi-million-dollar companies.

Khuri earned a master’s degree from the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business in 1996.

From there, James has developed an interest in company and business development, which ultimately led him to build businesses in several industries.

It wasn’t until later in 2021 that Yahoo named James as one of the Top Ten Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021.

In addition, he was also titled as the “Serial Entrepreneur” in 2020 by Forbes.

The Beginning of Entrepreneurship

In 2009, he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he now resides.

As a young man of 21, Khuri began his real estate business and now owns apartments as well as medical buildings, both in Los Angeles and New York.

However, e-commerce has been his main emphasis and the most essential contributor to his success.

James received his big break in real estate.

During his early age, he developed a fascination with collectibles, particularly trading cards.

He turned his enthusiasm for trading cards into a profitable distribution company, becoming Amazon’s principal trading card distributor for at least 136 different nations.

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Successes in His Business Career

Khuri’s first venture was a real estate company, Performance Properties, that owns medical office buildings.

And he owns several other companies, such as Khuri Entreprises and FJ Holdings, in addition to his own.

Khuri Entreprises

A real estate firm specialized in multi-family and commercial real estate, Khuri Enterprises is headed by James Khuri, the company’s founder and CEO.

To guarantee that its facilities are constantly in top shape, the firm remodels them on a regular basis.

A pioneer in commercial and multi-family real estate, Khuri Enterprises is renowned for its exceptional customer service and James’ substantial knowledge in the field of real estate development.

FJ Holdings

In addition, James Khuri is the president and CEO of FJ Holdings, which specializes in trading cards and other accessories.

Management and oversight of all trading cards and accessories distribution channels, including sales forecasting and delivering items from various producers across the world, are all responsibilities of the firm.

FJ Holdings, led by James, has more than 15 years of expertise supplying extremely profitable supplies to a wide range of retail locations, such as food, athletic goods, and discounts.

A one-stop-shop for everything connected to trading cards, FJ Holdings has become a go-to firm for many prominent manufacturers and merchants.

Its clientele includes Amazon, FYE, and Walmart, to name just a few.

Pokémon, Topps, and Nintendo are some of their biggest suppliers, as well as Konami, Mattel & Hasbro.

The Success Formula

Building strong working connections, according to Khuri, has been the key to his success in all of his endeavors.

Because of this, he is aware of the demands of his target audience and works hard to guarantee that they are fulfilled.

James does all of this by listening to his client’s problems and responding appropriately to those worries.

When it comes to treating his clients, customers, and renters as human beings and not merely as a way to generate more money, this man is exemplary.

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James Khuri’s wife is a fitness and wellness trainer named Christine Khuri-Roderick.

Due to personal issues, the couple split in 2008.


Brendan Khuri is James and Christine’s son.

One of the most significant people in James’ life is his mother, who was always there for him in times of need and a wonderful supporter.

He is now residing privately in Beverly Hills, California, with his son.

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James Khuri – Net Worth

Khuri earned most of his wealth from different streams of businesses, which include the two biggest companies, Khuri Entreprises and FJ Holdings.

Also, James has co-founded a charity called Beautifullminds.com, which offers educational aid to institutions and programs that serve individuals in the community who require mental, spiritual, rehabilitative, and physical education/treatment.

James made over $100 million in sales by age 27.

Therefore, American businessman James Khuri has an estimated net worth of $250 million.

Her Bottom Line

In addition to his fatherly duties, James Khuri is a tremendously successful businessman.

Building his enterprises has taken a lot of time and work.

As a result, he’s ecstatic to continue his daily efforts to provide the world what it wants and needs.

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