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DJ Duffey Net Worth 2024

DJ Duffey Net Worth – $1 million


Latosha Duffey, professionally known as DJ Duffey, is a famous American DJ.

She is also a reality TV star who had a recurring role in the hit show “Basketball Wives LA,” season 5 in 2016. 

The Origin Story

DJ Duffey was born on August 25, 1988, in Texas, US.

She was raised by her father, who served in the United States military, and her mother, who was a collegiate basketball player.

His mother’s career influenced her brother, so he took up the football sport.


He was scouted by Texas Tech University and accepted the opportunity to play quarterback on their varsity team.

It wasn’t only her brother who was influenced by their mom’s career.

While DJ Duffey attended Mansfield Summit High School, she was a member of the four-time state championship girls’ basketball team.

Following her graduation, she went on to attend the University of Texas Arlington, where she played Division 1 varsity basketball for the duration of her 4-year bachelor’s degree.


When she was 21, she married NFL star Brian Jackson not too long after graduating from university.

He was residing in New York at the time, so she relocated to be with him.

Shortly after settling, she became pregnant, and the couple welcomed their first son together.

Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last, so they separated, and DJ Duffey moved back home to Texas with her newborn son. They eventually finalized their divorce.

She was working as a customer service representative for Enterprise Rent-A-Car while she was attending university.

Following her graduation, she relocated to Dallas, Texas, and her goal was to pursue a musical career.

When she arrived, she reached out to DJ ASAP, who was well-known in the Dallas DJ space.


He offered to show her the ropes and mentor her to teach her the ins and outs of the industry. Immediately after meeting him, she resorted to Craigslist to buy her first pieces of equipment.

When she relocated to Dallas, she was accompanied by her young son as she was a single mother. When she wasn’t working, she spent her evenings practicing to become a DJ because it was her dream to transform her life.

In the beginning, she struggled to land gigs which are expected for an amateur DJ. However, she began to notice traction in her career over time, and eventually, she started to land paid gigs.

Nothing significant, but she was earning money nonetheless.

Within a short period, she was performing for audiences of over 300 attendees in one show.

The crowds were growing, and she began to build a reputation for herself in the Dallas music community.

The ripple effect continued to grow, and she began to gain national recognition.

This was a game-changer for her career, and there was no turning back by this point.

She earned a growing income and found it easier to provide for her young son.

When national musicians began to recognize her talent, she was contacted by well-known artists to spin for their parties. She took up every offer that was extended to her, and she eventually became the official DJ for American rapper, Curren$y.

Following her growing success, she resigned from her job in 2012 to pursue her DJ’ing career full-time.

At the time of writing, DJ Duffey is a well-known DJ and is recognized as one of the best female DJs in America.


She is currently an employee of D-FW radio station KKDA-FM (104.5). She is the weekend DJ who creates the mixes.


DJ Duffey is engaged with Iman Shokuohizadeh, a former NBA player.

Basketball Wives LA

In 2016, she was added as one of the recurring cast members of the hit reality show “Basketball Wives LA.”

While things were moving up for her, she was ultimately fired from the show after a controversial season.

But this didn’t impact her career, as she had already built a name for herself.

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Following this, DJ Duffey served as the editor of a book with her uncle, who was a professor at the University of Houston. The book “Why “We” Didn’t Choose You, Vol. III: From a Woman’s Perspective (Volume 3).

The book was written from a woman’s perspective and provides an opportunity for women to explain to men how to create strong, emotional bonds with them to form serious, committed relationships.

The premise was to address the issue women face with uncommitted men and what it would take to change that reality.

DJ Duffey – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is DJ Duffey worth? Latosha Duffey earned most of her wealth from working as a DJ. She was also a cast member of Basketball Wives LA. Therefore, DJ Duffey has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

“It’s an amazing blessing, and it’s definitely something I’ve worked for, so you know I’m happy, I’m proud,” Latosha told Cosign Magazine. “It was a goal of mine to be a DJ.”

The future continues to look bright for the ambitious DJ, and her inspiration runs deep in the national and international female community. She has been a pillar of womanhood and has singlehandedly taught women what it takes to be single moms while making their dreams come true. 

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