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Kevin Hunter Jr Net Worth 2024

Kevin Hunter Jr Net Worth – $400,000

What is Kevin Hunter Jr’s net worth? How tall is Kevin Hunter Jr?


Kevin Hunter Jr is an American celebrity.

He is best known as the son of US talk show host Wendy Williams.

The Origin Story

Hunter Jr was born on August 18th, 2000, to parents Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Sr.

He was born in California, though the exact location is unknown.

Hunter’s mother has detailed that she and her former husband had a great deal of trouble conceiving a child, and suffered a string of miscarriages – with two at five months into the pregnancy.

Kevin Hunter Jr and his mother

Wendy Williams and son Kevin Hunter Jr. (2019) – @Getty

Kevin Hunter Jr was, therefore, a “hard-won” child, according to his mother.

Teenage Troubles

Hunter Jr ran into trouble at the age of 14, when he began experimenting with K2 (also known as synthetic marijuana).

His mother later recalled being aghast at the change wrought in her son’s personality, and recounted how he became “someone [she] didn’t even know.”

Williams noted that as a long-term addict herself, she was able to recognize a great many of her own problems in Hunter Jr.

Altercation With Father

kevin hunter jr. age

Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams, and Kevin Hunter Jr () – @Getty

Kevin Hunter Jr later ran into legal trouble in May 2021 when he was involved in a parking-store brawl with his father.

Kevin Hunter Sr, who had left his wife and fathered a child with another woman, was confronted by his angry son at the convenience store.

The altercation arose as a result of ongoing familial disputes between father and son.

Hunter Jr was incensed due to his father’s infidelity and refusal to pay support to his mother, who had just filed for divorce.

In response, the elder Hunter accused his son of being ‘brainwashed’ by his mother, and told him that he needed to stand on his own two feet and stop relying upon his mother for everything.

The confrontation escalated, with Hunter Sr placing his son in a headlock. Hunter Jr responded by striking his father, reportedly bloodying his nose.

The police arrived as a result of a 911 call placed by Williams, who had received a phone call from her son and was concerned. As a result of the phone call, police took Hunter Jr into custody due to his father’s injuries.

The elder Hunter refused to cooperate with the police, would not let them photograph his injuries, and declined to press charges for the attack.

Recent Relationship With Mother

kevin hunter jr height


Hunter Jr became estranged from his mother in 2021.

As a result of her ongoing substance addiction issues, Hunter Jr informed his mother that he could no longer be in contact with her until she had resolved her problems.

Hunter Jr’s approach was characterized as ‘tough love,’ and came in the wake of his mother turning to alcohol in a bid to cope with her impending divorce from Hunter Sr.

Arrested For Punching His Father

In April 2024, he was arrested after punching his dad in the face. Kevin was released from custody a short while later.

Personal Life

Hunter Jr keeps a low profile when it comes to his romantic life, and it is unknown whether or not he has a girlfriend.

He is, at the time of writing, unmarried, and does not have any children.


Kevin Hunter Jr is about 5 ft 11 in (180 cm) tall.

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Kevin Hunter Jr – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Kevin Hunter Jr worth? There are no known projects from which Kevin would have made any money; hence, most of his money is from his mother. Therefore, Kevin Hunter Jr has an estimated net worth of $400,000.

On the other hand, his mother, Wendy Williams, has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

In 2022, due to $70k in unpaid rent, he was forced out of his Miami condominium. He was evicted at the end of 2022. For the first year of rent, his mother paid $100k. His mom couldn’t pay anymore since her finances were placed under the court’s control.

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