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Ryukahr Net Worth 2024

Ryukahr Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is Ryukahr’s net worth?


Ryukahr (real name – Ryan) is a multi-talented musician, online Twitch streamer, gamer, and YouTuber.

His claim to fame is his master status as a Super Mario champion which he regularly streams on Twitch and his private YouTube page. 

The Origin Story

Ryukahr was born on March 25th, 1987, in the United States.

His first memory of playing Nintendo was when he was five years old, wherein he and his brother played against his dad on the original Mario Brothers.

He never won the family competitions but learned a lot from his dad, who was the master player of the household.

When Ryan was in high school, he learned the trumpet, which kindled a more profound passion for the art of music.

He quickly realized he had a love for music. Upon graduating high school at around 18 years old, he taught himself how to play the guitar, which was his instrument of choice, and spent a lot of his spare time mastering the skill.


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His interest grew more profound, and in 2015, he took an interest in the piano. He purchased a piano and went through self-taught lessons where he would practice by playing video game melodies, including Final Fantasy VI, Tetris, and Super Mario World.

Ryukahr knew that he wanted to turn his hobby into a career but knew that to do that, he needed some level of accountability to keep him advancing and improving. So from here, Ryukahr introduced himself to the online world through YouTube.

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He began learning songs and would upload them to his channel to build a devoted audience.

On September 10th, 2015, Mario Maker was released and quickly became a hit in the gaming world.

This was around the same time Ryukahr began spending a lot of time online, so he strumbled across gamers live streaming their Mario Maker competitions.

Since the super Mario game was a large part of his childhood, he would watch the streams with his family, who were also interested in how interactive the games were, compared to the original consoles.

Knowing that his hobby was gaming, they suggested that Ryukahr try it out and see where it takes him.

Initially, he was hesitant, but he decided on it and began to prepare himself.

He quickly built an online streaming computer and began playing Mario Maker simultaneously while playing and recording songs on his YouTube channel.


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By virtue of his supportive family, he is who he is today.

“I was very fortunate to have people around me that encouraged me to go down the path that led to me to where I am now.”

To his surprise, gaming enthusiasts began taking an interest in him, and his viewership consistently grew.

He decided to quit his full-time job in IT to entertain the prospect of turning his gaming passion into a lucrative career.

He always preferred a career in the technology and computer industry, so he thought this would be a sensible tradeoff since gaming is still within that space.

On December 1st, 2017, one of his viewers surprised him with his most significant donation at the time, which was $10,000.

Unbeknownst to Ryukahr, the viewer had used his mother’s PayPal account to send the funds, so the money would eventually be returned.

Ryan remembers this as a humorous flash moment from his early days as an online streamer.

By 2019, things changed for Ryan with respect to his digital recognition and his growing community.

He learned from friends that Reddit went live with streaming services that allowed gamers to build a separate community on that platform, vs. Twitch and Youtube.

Upon experimenting with it, he became aware that his name was regularly trending, and unbeknownst to him, he already had a large community of devoted fans.

He currently devotes some of his days to live streaming on his Ryukahr subreddit account, interacting with his fans.

While his popularity continued to grow, he played the guitar in a few local bands in the post-rock genre. They played at local venues and slowly began attracting a loyal audience.


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With the growth of his popularity, he experienced an unattainable increase in demands to produce videos and content, which was overconsuming his time.

He decided to outsource a lot of the editing and recording work to his family and a few close friends.

He didn’t anticipate such a quick growth spurt and was unprepared to manage its demands.

Albeit, due to his incredible support system, he seems to be handling it all quite well.

During an interview, he was asked what his favorite part about streaming was. To that, he replied:

One of my favorite parts about streaming is definitely the opportunity to inspire others; that’s definitely up there. And for me, it’s like when we get messages from people who reach out and ‘say thank you for doing what you do like it puts a smile on my face, or it helps my anxiety, or it helps me sleep, or I was having a bad day, and I watch your video, and now I feel better.’ There’s nothing better in the entire world than to hear that from somebody.


In 2021, Ryukahr married Tammy Byerly.

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Ryukahr – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Ryukahr worth? His wealth is tied to his lucrative career as a Twitch gamer, YouTuber, and social media personality. Therefore, live streamer Ryukahr has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

For instance, on YouTube, Ryan has over 446 million views, meaning about $1.3 million in revenue before taxes.

In addition, Ryukahr makes money from selling merch on 

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