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Grace Sharer Net Worth $2 Million

What Is Grace Sharer’s Net Worth?

Grace Sharer is an Internet personality who has a net worth of $2 million. Grace is one-third of the Sharer Fam, a group of YouTube content creators and siblings made internet-famous by their big brother, Stephen Sharer.

Grace, a Virginia girl with close family ties and unbounding energy, has dedicated her channel to marketing her brother’s merchandise and playing pranks on her siblings…but what else is there to know about the bubbly blonde?

Let’s find out!

The Origin Story

Grace Sharer was born on March 11, 2000, in Oakton, Virginia.

She has three siblings—an older sister named Nicole and two brothers named Stephen and Carter.

The family also has three dogs, who are named Otter, Cooper, and Millie.

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Grace Sharer and Stephen Sharer attend the 2019 Wish Gala – @Getty

Grace was born and raised in her home state of Virginia, where she attended Oakton High School—the same school her older siblings went to.

She followed in the footsteps of her siblings in other ways, too, pursuing the YouTube career that would make her famous with tweens across the US and internationally.

Finding (Sort Of) Fame

Grace has been vocal over the years about how grateful she is to her brothers—the YouTube-famous Stephen Sharer and Carter Sharer.

She has been thankful to the pair for encouraging her to follow her passion for pranks and entertaining, and also thanks her mom for being a positive role model and mirroring positive behavior for her.

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Grace Sharer attends the grand opening of Funko Hollywood at Funko Hollywood Store – @Getty

Grace may not have the same draw as her brothers do—Stephen has racked up 9.93 million subscribers, and Carter has just over 10.02 million—but she does have a loyal following of high-energy tweens to entertain.

She explains that her favorite thing about YouTube is getting lost in a video, enjoying what you’re watching, and being free from the stresses of the real world.

When asked by fans which of her videos she’s most proud of, she claims:

“They all are my favorite! It’s like all my crazy, creative ideas are coming alive!”

Sharer enjoys sharing all her experiences with her fans and followers and keeps it simple and unchallenging with content like the 3 Marker Challenge and Capturing The Pond Monster.

Knowing Your Audience

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Grace Sharer attend the premiere of Universal Pictures’ “A Dog’s Journey” at ArcLight Hollywood at ArcLight Hollywood – @Getty

Much of Sharer’s content revolves around an imaginary pond monster or trending pranks, and she often features one of her brothers to boost her view count and improve engagement.

At the same time, the savvy Sharer family utilizes Grace’s channel for merchandise placement and to drive sales on Stephen’s merchandise page.

The strategy pays off for the self-proclaimed Sharer Fam, with all Grace’s most viewed videos featuring either the pond monster or one of her family members.

Grace has spoken about how it feels to have such a young fan base—at age 20, most of her audience is between 6 and 13, although toddlers also tune in for the family-friendly fun.

She shared that she is humbled that they take the time to watch her videos and that it’s important to her that she shares a message of positivity with her viewers.

On the downside of having 2 million subscribers, Grace says it’s important for her to always be aware of how many people might be watching her and what impact her behavior could have on others.

Advice For Fans

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Stephen Sharer and Grace Sharer attend Nickelodeon’s 2019 Kids’ Choice Awards – @Getty

In an interview in 2020, Sharer was asked what advice she has for teens and young adults wanting to succeed as content creators. Although most of her audience is too young to heed her advice, she said:

“Create what you’re passionate about, and don’t let others stop you from doing what you love.”

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Away From The Camera

On finding interests outside YouTube, Sharer is a huge fan of getting artsy at home. She enjoys arts and crafts and playing around with new technology.

In the future, she hopes to keep spreading joy and positivity with her Sharer Fam online and to see how many lives her positive message can reach.


There is not much information about Grace Sharer’s romantic life. At the time of writing, Grace Sharer is thought to be single. Also, Grace Sharer is not married.

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Net Worth

So, how much is Grace Sharer worth? Grace earned most of her wealth from ads on her YouTube channel and selling merch. On YouTube, Grace has over 993 million views, meaning about $3 million in revenue before taxes. Her Instagram account (gracesharer) has more than 292k followers. Therefore, American content creator Grace Sharer has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Interested in learning more about the Sharer sister? Here’s her most viewed video.

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