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Is Ines Rosales Married To Mike Woods?

Are Ines Rosales and Mike Woods married?


For years, people interested in learning about the facts of the day have turned to TV media.

While many denounce ‘mainstream media’ as biased and opinion-driven, it does provide us with many benefits.

Sure, you might not agree with the political views of a particular station, but there are some places where lies cannot really be told – starting with things like the weather and the traffic.

That is why many of us grow accustomed to seeing particular people on our TV screens every morning.

Before heading to work, we switch on the TV and see what the world has in store for us.

For most of us, though, it isn’t the latest celebrity scandal posturing we care about – it’s the weather and the news.

For many, turning to TV stations like Fox 5 News has been the starting place for a quick morning catch-up.

On those mornings and afternoons, we get used to seeing the same faces giving us the same news.

For those looking for news on things like metro traffic, you listen to Ines Rosales.

If you are looking for someone who can tell you about the potential weather for the day(s) ahead, you listen to someone like Mike Woods.

As anyone who knows anything about the newscaster world, though, there are always rumors of hook-ups and relationships between presenters, newscasters, and anchors.

One rumor is that Mike Woods and Ines Rosales are in a relationship.

Is this true?

Is Ines Rosales married to Mike Woods?

Who is Ines Rosales?

ines rosales married


Ines Rosales, born August 2, 1982, is a New Jersey native who is a journalist.

She has been part of Fox 5 News as a traffic anchor and a reporter on Good Day New York.

She joined Fox 5 News in 2007 and has been an ever-present since her arrival.

The public love her for a life-affirming, positive, and charming demeanor that makes her reports easier to digest.

Her previous work was operating cameras and covering reports for Metro traffic.

There, she also managed sky cameras for five different NY-focused television stations.

She also worked as a traffic reporter, using her fluency in both English and Spanish to deliver reports to a multilingual audience.

She also worked for WNBC as a traffic anchor from time to time.

So, people got used to seeing Ines on their screens on a regular basis.

Previously, she was married to Brian Renda, a New Jersey-based police officer.

Both managed to keep the media out of their marriage, though they did eventually divorce as a couple for reasons not disclosed to the public.

As far as people are aware, Rosales is no longer married – so does that put the question of whether or not Ines Rosales is married to Mike Woods in jeopardy? Let’s take a look.

Who is Mike Woods?

mike woods married


Mike Woods is, like Rosales, a Fox News 5 professional.

Born in Sacramento, he has lived nationwide across various parts of the country in that time.

His previous roles before joining the Fox News 5 team includes working for Eastern North Carolina, covering various hurricanes – such as Hurricane Bertha and Hurricane Fran – in the mid-1990s.

He also worked in Phoenix, Arizona, providing forecasts for five years.

He has been involved in the role for over 20 years, joining the program back in 2001.

Woods started out life on the show as a weekend meteorologist, giving people the news they needed to hear about the weekend weather.

He eventually took on the role of the morning meteorologist in October 2003, joining the Good Day show to do so.

Throughout his career, he has provided many hours of entertaining and informative information about various challenges in the local area.

For instance, he is a regular presence when heatwaves, hurricanes, and other forms of extreme weather roll into town.

Arguably his most visible period came across a 72-hour period where he provided intense coverage of Hurricane Irene.

As a holder of a degree in Rhetoric and Communications, it would be fair to say that he knows how to get his point across without wasting too many words.

He has received nominations in the past for his success on the screen, including an Emmy nomination in 2009.

His personal life is not as well-known as other members of the media team, though it is known that he is a triathlete.

He keeps himself in great condition by working out and has even been involved in the Muscle and Fitness magazine in the past.

Are Ines Rosales and Mike Woods married


Is Ines Rosales married to Mike Woods?

So, the question you came here for: is there something between the two?

Most think that they have a pretty spectacular on-air interaction, and they seem to really work well together as a news duo. However, for years, there have been rumors flying around the internet that they are both married.

Is that the case? Is Ines Rosales married to Mike Woods? The simple answer is no; Ines Rosales and Mike Woods are not married.

The rumors became more significant when they shared a ‘kiss cam’ moment, where they locked lips. However, things came to a head, and Woods eventually noted via his Facebook page that they are not an item.

They were just joking and remained close friends.

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Key Facts

mike woods and ines rosales married

Mike Woods, Rosanna Scotto and Ines Rosales – @Getty

So, that should hopefully bring an end to whether or not Ines Rosales is married to Mike Woods.

It must be highly frustrating to have people speculate on your personal life when all that you do is provide a service as part of your job.

The duo’s immense chemistry and ability to have a good time on-set, though, is increasingly rare.

With so many people feeling like they are actively competing against one another live on air, it is no surprise that many people assume Ines and Mike are an item.

They show a natural charisma and camaraderie that is increasingly rare in the polarised world of TV news.

So, is Ines Rosales married to Mike Woods? No. They are simply close friends and excellent, natural co-workers.

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