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Who Is Yo Gotti’s Oldest Daughter?

Who is Yo Gotti’s daughter? Does Yo Gotti have any children?


If you are someone who follows the music and career of Yo Gotti, then you will know that he is a pretty private person.

Unlike many people in the music scene, not a great deal is known about his personal life.

His real name, Mario Sentell Giden Mims, is normally replaced by his stage name Yo Gotti.

A highly successful rap artist and record executive, Yo Gotti has been on the scene since he first appeared in the 1990s.

Under the original name of Lil Yo, he built a name for himself and had success with releases like Live from the Kitchen and I Still Am.

He has also been involved with various acts, such as 42 Dugg and EST Gee. However, aside from his successful career, he is not someone who has a huge amount of information about there about his life away from the studio and the mic.

What we do know is that he grew up in Frayser in Memphis, and he started rapping as young as 14.

His success came early, and since the 90s, he has been an important name in the Memphis hip-hop scene.

His family is a major part of his life, though, so who is Yo Gotti’s daughter?

Does he even have one?

Who is Yo Gotti’s daughter?

yo gotti oldest daughter


The daughter of Yo Gotti is a woman known as De’arra Taylor.

She has been seen a few times with her father in the past, most notably at his shows.

She is the daughter of one of the most successful rap artists from Memphis, but she has also made some pretty major success for herself in her field.

As the CEO of CMG, she has managed to build a pretty strong career for herself and has a net worth of north of $2m.

How do we know that she is Yo Gotti’s daughter?

Because in 2016, she tweeted that he was indeed her ‘biological’ father.

She is married to Ken Walker, and both of them are pretty successful vloggers in their own right.

They run Vlogs by DK4L and their primary channel, De’arra & Ken 4 Life.

They are highly popular, and they have managed to build a pretty big audience for themselves in recent years.

Unlike many children of the famous, though, De’arra’s growth is something that has come through her hard work and talent.

who is yo gotti daughter


Given her links to Yo Gotti came after her fame was very much secure, it is nice to see that her success and fame have been on the back of her work and talent as opposed to any kind of nepotism.

Check out her YouTube channels, and you will see why her vlogs are so popular.

Does Yo Gotti have other children?

Now, this is the interesting side of things – Yo Gotti has more than one daughter.

In fact, he has six children, with five of them being known to the world.

He has two children with his ex-wife, Lakeisha Mims.

This includes his daughters Kayla and Mariah.

He also has three children from his relationship with Jammie Moses. However, precious little is known about any of his other children.

We do know, though, about De’arra – her success is one of the main reasons why she is such a well-known name within the media world, though.

Yo Gotti has done a pretty good job of making sure that the media cannot learn too much about his other children, who, from the looks of it, would rather simply stay out of the limelight entirely.

They do appear from time to time on social media postings with their old man, but there is no real background or visibility out there for the younger children in his life.

Yo Gotti has endured a pretty chaotic love life up until this point.

He has found himself with a fair number of different people over the years, but his marriage to Lakeisha Mims is probably the highest profile of his relationships.

Who is Yo Gotti’s oldest daughter


That came to an end after a few years, though, and outside of that, most of the information about his love life is simply rumors and innuendo.

Rumors suggest that he met Jammie Moses while he was with Lakeisha, and had his three children during this point.

It is believed that De’arra Taylor is one of these three children, hence why she announced that Yo Gotti was her ‘biological’ father.

That being said, by all accounts, he is supposed to be a father who spends a lot of time in the lives of his children.

Despite the challenging nature of his love life, there are various examples of him being a loving father. For instance, he provided his daughter, Kayla, with a gorgeous Mercedes-Benz SUV for her 16th birthday.

Not many fathers can dig quite that deep into their pockets – even for a 16th!

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Key Facts

Is De’arra Yo Gotti's daughter


Like most people in the media limelight, Yo Gotti has found large portions of his personal life covered and written about online.

His relationship with De’arra has never been officially confirmed, but she has said he is her biological father, and nothing has been done to counteract that statement.

Considering that Yo Gotti has enjoyed a successful career that has helped him earn as much as $20m in earnings, he has become a major name within the Memphis hip-hop community.

People who try to connect and attach themselves to such people usually find themselves being called out for doing so.

With that in mind, the fact that nothing has been done to deny the statement means that it is pretty likely that, yes, De’arra Taylor is the daughter of Yo Gotti.

With such a rich and colorful career and parenting history so far, who knows what kind of rollercoaster revelations will come out in the future about the life and times of one of Memphis’s most successful rap artists?

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