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Is Hailee Steinfeld Jerry Seinfeld’s daughter?

Is Hailee Steinfeld related to Jerry Seinfeld?

Short answer – No, Hailee Steinfeld is not Jerry Seinfeld’s daughter.


In the modern acting world, few stars are shining as brightly as Hailee Steinfeld.

The multi-talented Steinfeld has wowed audiences on both the stage and screen – a triple threat has the ability to both sing and act, and has been moving us with her skills.

As Steinfeld has risen to superstar status, many have begun to ask more about her past, history, and family.

One central question that arises is whether or not Hailee Steinfeld is possibly related to another major star on the screen – Jerry Seinfeld. 

While the two last names aren’t identical, it is not uncommon for actors or singers to change their last names in order to pave their own way forward in the industry.

Let’s take a look at this potential father-daughter dynamo and see if we can finally answer this question:

The Rise Of Hailee

Is actress Hailee Steinfeld Jerry Seinfeld’s Daughter

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How did Hailee Steinfeld become a household name?

The illustrious career of this starlet began over a decade ago as a leading little lady in 2010’s True Grit as the rambunctious and strong-willed Mattie alongside Jeff Bridges’s Rooster Cogburn. 

However, Steinfeld was active in the industry prior to her breakout role in True Grit.

Born and raised in the star-studded region of Tarzana in Los Angeles, Steinfeld had the unique opportunity to cut her acting teeth around many famous actors and actresses. 

At age 8, Steinfeld began to get active in the industry, with roles in a variety of TV shows and short films such as ‘She’s a Fox’ as well as ‘Heather: A Fairy Tale.’ 

However, landing the role of Mattie in True Grit was the rocket fuel that shot Steinfeld into the stardom stratosphere.

The part of Rooster Cogburn’s snarky young client was highly competitive, with the directing duo of Joel and Ethan Coen reportedly looking through 15,000 potential actresses to fill the coveted spot.

How did Steinfeld land the role?

Hailee Steinfeld

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In her interview for Hollywood Reporter, the actress reflected on her ability to click with both Bridges as well as the Coen brothers quickly: 

“Just the thought of [auditioning] was kind of intimidating… But the minute I met [Jeff Bridges], I realized that he was just there to do a job, and I’m there for the same reason, and I kind of clicked with him and the Coen brothers.”

Steinfeld’s acting ability and her spunky personality landed her the role of a lifetime and helped her to impress audiences in True Grit – garnering both a BAFTA and Oscar nomination at a young age.

Steinfeld’s career continued to grow upon True Grit’s success, with a role as Juliet in 2013’s Romeo and Juliet directed by Carlo Carlei.

Steinfeld then won another blockbuster casting as heroine Petra Arkanian in Gavin Hood’s film take on the book Ender’s Game. 

As Petra, Steinfeld rubbed shoulders with another film giant in Harrison Ford – further cementing her future success as an actress willing to take on big roles with even bigger stars.

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So, Are Hailee Steinfeld And Jerry Seinfeld Related?

Despite seeming to be cut from the same cloth as television and comedy’s powerhouse Jerry Seinfeld, Hailee Steinfeld isn’t actually related to him.

Jerry Seinfeld

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The similarities may be uncanny – both in name and in skill on the screen – but the two are actually colleagues only.

However, this hasn’t stopped the pop culture world from swooning over the possibility of a familial connection between the two.

From red carpets to late-night talk shows, Steinfeld has had to clear the air about her genetics and the Seinfeld connection.

On one occasion, the hilarity of the duo’s name similarity was brought up on an episode of The Late Late Show with James Cordon.

During an interview, Steinfeld told Corden about a time when her mother, Cheri Steinfeld, was accidentally confused for Jerry Seinfeld over the phone for reservations at a restaurant. 

Fortunately, the case of mistaken identity may have allowed the Steinfelds to enjoy some pretty lucrative accommodations!

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What Is Next For Hailee Steinfeld?

actress Hailee Steinfeld

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While she may not be making an appearance at Jerry Seinfeld’s family reunions, Hailee Steinfeld’s future is bright.

After starring in various films in 2010-2013, Steinfeld starred in Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) and 3 (2017).

She then landed yet another leading role in 2018’s Bumblebee. She will also be appearing on Disney+ in Marve’s short series Hawkeye in the coming years.

Steinfeld is also making waves in the music industry.

In 2015, the actress took her shot at impressing listeners with her debut single ‘Love Myself” and is continuing to work on her craft in a variety of mediums. 

Will she ever break the rumor that she’s related to Jerry?

Maybe not, but perhaps it doesn’t matter for this mega superstar!

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