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How Did SSSniperwolf Meet Her BF (Evan Sausage)?

How did SSSniperWolf and her bf meet?


For most people who enjoy the art of video gaming, streaming has become a popular concept.

Anyone can become a streamer, they say. However, you do need a personality that can handle the stress of being a streamer.

Having to maintain a certain persona on-screen can be tough, and for bigger names in the industry, their lives can be turned upside down.

A fine example of this would be SSSniperwolf, real name Lia Shelesh, the female gaming star who has a massive following list.

Like most streamers, as her popularity increased, so too has interest in her personal life.

For example, how did SSSniperwolf meet her bf?

This is a question that plenty of people are asking, since they want to understand everything about their favorite streamer.

While some might call this an invasion of privacy, this popular personality has been in a pretty public on-and-off again relationship with Evan Sausage.

So, who is Evan?

And more importantly, how did they come to be an item and a media topic in the first place?

The rise of interest in Lia Shelesh’s dating life

How did SSSniperWolf and her bf meet


As most people in the gaming sphere know, gamers who are female are somewhat rare.

At least, those who put themselves in the public are pretty rare.

This makes sense; unfortunately, gaming can be quite an uneven industry when it comes to the acceptance of people from ‘outside’ perspectives and groups.

Depressingly, this often simply means ‘females’ in the eyes of many.

SSSniperwolf is one of the biggest female streaming names, though, and her massive number of fans want to know more about her.

This makes sense – popularity breeds passion, and this means many of her viewers who spend hours watching her performances want to know more about who she is.

This has extended into her dating life.

People want to know everything about her, her history, and the people that she has spent time getting to know – this includes on-and-off again boyfriend, Evan Sausage.

Given that there are often mixed signals about whether or not they are still an item, fans are typically interested to know who he is, how they met, and more.

So, how did SSSniperwolf meet her bf?

And who is he?

Who is SSSniperwolf’s boyfriend, Evan Sausage?

sssniperwolf boyfriend


Born in the United States of America in March 1992, Evan Sausage is the (ex?) boyfriend of SSSniperwolf.

Like her, he is a media personality due to his gaming streams.

With over 450k subscribers on his YouTube channel, he has a pretty large following himself, and he plays many different games on his channel.

This keeps the content fresh and interesting, and it means that his channel is regularly updated with new stuff.

Typically, he plays games as varied as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, but he also tends to play games like Metal Gear Solid.

Interestingly, MGS is where SSSniperwolf gets her name from – her name is a play on the character in the first MGS game, Sniper Wolf.

As one of the most popular characters in not only the game but the series, she is an iconic character who was most loved at the time of release.

Even still, Sniper Wolf garners interest and has clearly inspired other MGS characters who also are good with a scope.

How did SSSniperwolf meet her bf?

sssniperwolf bf


So, their relationship has been a pretty consistent talking point ever since 2015.

SSSniperwolf showed a video from November 2015, which is believed to be their first major encounter with another.

Before SSSniperwolf was a big name in the gaming community, she uploaded a video.

This video, released in 2013, took part in another MGS game – Metal Gear Rising – and it was a major viral video for her.

The walkthrough she provided was in-depth and informative, and it naturally helped her account to boom in terms of the number of people following her.

As such, she got lots of interest in her account from other individuals.

One message she received, though, clearly stood out a little.

The message, from Sausage, said the following: “I would drag my balls through a field of broken glass to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie.

Naturally, SSSniperwolf found this hilarious, and she chose to respond to the individual himself.

This was their formal introduction of sorts, and the duo began talking to each other on a more regular basis from that point forth.

Eventually, SSSniperwolf passed on her contact details to Sausage, and they started to talk to each other on a regular basis – even with the time difference, they could spend as long as eight hours in conversation with one another.

They decided to meet up finally, despite the fact neither had been in a serious relationship up to this point in their lives.

So, they were pretty nervous – according to SSSniperwolf herself, Evan even tried to run away during their initial meeting!

How did the relationship develop?

how did sssniperwolf meet evan sausage


Like many people in their first major relationship, there were issues.

SSSniperwolf herself noted anger management issues played a role in their initial struggles to make their relationship work together.

They formed a strong bond with one another and even chose to buy a house with each other. The price of the house was $2.9 million.

Given both were new to a serious relationship, they began to share their experiences with one another with their massive online audiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

They initially broke up in 2016, with both providing videos of their subsequent break-up, reunion, and more.

The two even managed to get arrested at one point due to a loud argument they endured with one another over a profile picture.

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Is Lia Shelesh still in a relationship with Evan Sausage?

So, this is the complication.

At the time of writing, it appears that her relationship with Evan Sausage is over.

They appear to be split up for good, and that is a shame because, for all the drama, they seemed like a good, harmonious duo together.

That being said, given the explosive nature of their arguments, perhaps it might be for the best.

As it stands, SSSniperwolf is not in a relationship with anyone else.

Whether that is likely to change in the future or not, we will see.

Given her massive media attention and the sheer number of people who follow her, though, we do not imagine it would take long for the world to find out about SSSniperwolf’s next move.

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