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Jake Herak Net Worth & Income | Wife

What is Jake Herak’s net worth? Who is Jake Herak’s wife?


Described as the “Next Generation of Balls-to-the-Walls Lion Hunters,” Jake Herak has made quite the reputation for himself in the Tobacco Root Mountains area.

When he made his Mountain Men debut, fans quickly fell in love with him, but who is Jake Herak when he isn’t on the screen?

The Origin Story

Jake Herak was born on February 28, 1989, to his parents John and Alisa, in Montana.

During his teenage years, Jake and his mother moved to Twin Bridges, Montana, where he attended high school.

Living near the Tobacco Root Mountains, hunting and fishing were always a huge part of his life.

He would explore the wilderness in the area and learn more about hunting throughout his teenage years.

Herak remained in this area to this day and now has over a decade of hunting experience under his belt.


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Jake was only 20 years old when he started chasing mountain lions.

He’s become skilled at hunting and killing mountain lions and earned himself the label of Lion Hunter.

Currently, with the support of his team of dogs, Jake’s main duty, during the winter season, is to make sure the ranches in the area are free from mountain lions. 

During his first professional season as a hunter, Jake and his team of hounds ran off nineteen mountain lions from the ranch.

Mountain Men


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Jake made his first appearance on the History Channel’s Mountain Men during the seventh season of the show.

In season 6, veteran Lion Hunter, Rich Lewis left the show, and the following season, Jake appeared, leaving fans to consider him a replacement.

Jake entered the show during season 7 and quickly became a regular cast member after being featured in 39 different episodes.

He’s now beloved by fans who enjoy seeing him and his crew chasing lions with their hounds.

Before becoming a cast member of Mountain Men, Jake was also featured on an episode of ESPN’s Highly Questionable. The episode showcased one of his most intense lion runs. His skills left everyone, including the show hosts, stunned by his skill and bravery.


Jake Herak married his longtime girlfriend, Anika, on July 2, 2022.

They first met in 2013, when Anika was just about to leave for veterinary school.

The couple remained friends and enjoyed many adventures together, from hunting to fishing.


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When Anika graduated college in 2017, Jake asked her to be his girlfriend.

On May 16, 2021, Jake asked her to be his wife.

“I used to think getting married I would be stuck with someone my whole life,” Jake wrote on his Instagram in 2023. He added: “I’ve come to find out if you pick the right one, life just gets better.”


Jake Kerak is a man of many interests.

He’s a sports fan and has stated that he played football in college.

Jake is also an avid fisher. Whenever he isn’t hunting lions, Jake uses that time to go fishing. 


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He’s also skilled with the camera and enjoys taking many pictures of his adventures in the wilderness.

He’s captured many incredible photos of the mountain lions and other animals he’s come across.

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Jake Herak – Net Worth & Income

Fans are wondering how much money Jake Herak makes. And what are Herak’s income streams?

Herak earned most of his wealth from working as a guide (he’s registered on Guidefitter) and from appearing in Mountain Men. He makes around $5k per episode.

Jake also promotes on his Instagram the website — Treed Up Outfitters. On this website, bookings can be made to hunt mountain lions.

Therefore, Jake Herak has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

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Bob Hoare

Tuesday 7th of November 2023

one of the BEST caricatures on the show Mountain Men . Don't ever give up