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Martha Tansy Net Worth | Ex-Husband

What is Martha Tansy’s net worth? Who is Martha Tansy’s ex-husband?


Season ten of Mountain Men introduced a new cast member into the mix, an Alaskan-born survivalist named Martha Tansy and her daughter Ellie.

Fans of the show were immediately intrigued by the pair and wanted to know exactly who is Martha Tansy.

The Origin Story

She was born in February 1983.

Martha grew up in Alaska and lived there for most of her life.

Her military training, however, is what prepared her for life in the Alaskan Wilderness.

Tansy served in the U.S. Army for five years in the Army’s vehicle recovery unit as a vehicle technician in a noncommissioned officer post.

This was where she honed her sharpshooting, off-roading, and mechanic skills.


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When she returned to Alaska, she honed her hunting and survival skills amongst the Athabascan people, the natives of the area of Alaska she now lives.

She was later appointed as the chief hunter for the native Athabascan people. She was responsible for hunting and preparing the wild game for the tribe.

Off-Road Racing Experience

Apart from hunting, Martha Tansy also has a special love for off-road racing.

She competes in many racing events in Alaska and throughout the country.

Martha features many different photos and videos of several off-road vehicles on her socials.

She’s also heavily involved in the Ladies Off-Road Network.

Mountain Men


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History Channel’s Mountain Men has been on air since 2012.

In 2021, Tansy was featured on the show for six episodes of season 10.

On Mountain Men, Martha showed the world her interest in exploring the Alaskan Wilderness and her love for off-road racing.

Every day Martha faced challenges that put her skills to the test, but she never once gave up.

Fans of the show immediately fell in love with Martha, and it has been confirmed that she will be returning to the show for season 11.

Other cast members of Mountain Men include – Eustace Conway and Jason Hawk.

Does Martha use a hearing aid?


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Many fans have questioned whether or not Martha Tansy uses a hearing aid.

According to a post on her Facebook account, Martha has promoted a company that provides hearing protection devices.

She indicated that she uses these while hunting, operating heavy equipment, and racing off-road to protect her ears by amplifying her hearing while suppressing loud sounds.


Martha Tansy is currently divorced from her ex-husband, Roy Tansy Jr.

The pair seemed to have been living very different lifestyles; while Martha was a survivalist, her ex-husband’s work involved the management of construction, oil and gas facilities, as well as security companies.

Roy Tansy Jr. has been working at Ahtna, Inc for more than 30 years in the operations, business, strategic planning, and corporate leadership departments.

In 2020, Roy was promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Despite being a public figure, Martha has not shared any private information about her relationship with her ex-husband or the reason for their split.


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The two have a daughter named Ellie Tansy (b. in August 2008).

Martha’s daughter closely follows her mother’s footsteps and has been living and hunting alongside her mother since her parent’s separation.

Martha Tansy – Net Worth

So, how much is Martha Tansy worth? Tansy earned most of her wealth from working as a mechanic, appearing in Mountain Men, and from brand deals. Therefore, Martha Tansy has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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