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King Cid Net Worth 2024

King Cid Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is King Cid’s net worth? Who is King Cid’s girlfriend?


King Cid is an American YouTuber and social media influencer with more than two million subscribers.

When he realized he could earn a living online, he quit his job in a call center to pursue his YouTube channel full-time.

Most of his videos are pranks and challenges, after which he offers cash or high-value item as a prize to the winner.

The Origin Story

King Cid – real name Jason Cid – was born in Florida on August 26, 2000.

While little is known about his early life and his escapades at school, he is of Dominican heritage as his parents are originally from the Dominican Republic. 

He enjoyed playing basketball at school and even represented his High School team in Florida.

But he admits in one of his videos that he was cut from the team on more than one occasion, which led him to fall out of love with the game and focus on pranks. 



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His first girlfriend when he was famous was Instagram model Dymond Charleston, but the pair split up in 2019.

Not long after, King Cid’s fans were delighted to hear that the YouTuber was dating fellow influencer Breann Llewelyn, another famous influencer and cheerleader who has a huge following of her own, but that relationship didn’t last long, either.

In September 2019, Jason found himself in trouble with the law as he was arrested and arraigned in court on a domestic violence charge.

His ex-girlfriend took to social media to announce their split was a direct result of the charge: “I broke up with Jason on August 14, the day he put his hands on me. He took both his hands, put [them] around my neck, and pushed me against my closet door.”

This was followed up with another arrest in October with a charge of disorderly conduct stemming from a fight, which was essentially a prank gone wrong.

While it’s unclear exactly what Jason did to get himself arrested for the second time in a month, he was widely criticized by other YouTubers for taking things too far for the sake of likes and views.

According to online reports, King Cid is dating Migo Monroe. 

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King Cid – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is King Cid worth? As a popular YouTuber and social media influencer, King Cid has accumulated most of his net worth through his online endeavors. Therefore, thanks to his success as a YouTuber and the various pranks that he films, internet personality King Cid has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

He has more than 2.46 million subscribers on YouTube, and the videos on his channel have racked up an impressive 243 million views.  

Some of his most popular YouTube videos include Smash or Pass But Face to Face YouTubers Edition, Last to Get Knocked Out in the Hood Wins a PS5, and Last to Stop Kneeling on Rice Wins $10,000. 


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Each of these videos has been watched more than six million times on the platform, with several other Jason videos enjoying in excess of two million views. 

As you can tell from the titles of his most popular videos, Jason is popular as a result of the daring and somewhat reckless nature of his content and the fact that he regularly sets his subscribers challenges with a cash prize.

For instance, his video entitled Last to Leave Toxic Pool Wins $10,000 was criticized by some for being reckless, but it became exceedingly popular all the same.


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As is the case with many other YouTubers, Cid has earned most of his money through ad revenue on the platform, which is in excess of $750,000 (before taxes), given the number of views his videos have enjoyed.

What’s more, he also collaborates with other YouTubers from time to time, in a bid to further increase his audience.  

Cid started his professional life working in a call center but always said to himself that he would quit his 9-5 job to focus on building his career as a YouTube.

He ditched his day job when he had just 5,000 subscribers, and the fact that he has grown his follower base so impressively in the years since is a testament to the quality of his content.

One thing that’s for sure is that Jason loves living a lavish lifestyle, as evidenced by many of his social media posts.

For instance, on Instagram, he regularly poses in front of super expensive cars, including his orange Mercedes, although it’s not clear if he owns all of the cars he poses with in front of gas stations. 

Unlike other influencers, Cid doesn’t appear to earn money from various brand collaborations and sponsored posts, as his Instagram content is focused on his own career as a YouTuber.

What’s more, he doesn’t appear to earn from merchandise sales, which is another popular income stream for YouTubers and influencers. 

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