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Laura G Net Worth

What is Laura G’s net worth?


Laura G is a Mexican American social media star who rose to prominence on Instagram as a beauty vlogger.

She has more than 3 million followers on Instagram and has since branched out into YouTube, where she runs her channel with her husband, Dhar Mann.

She is also involved in the business LiveGlam, which contributes significantly to her earnings. Below, we explore the net worth of Laura G and explain how the beauty influencer has earned her money. 

The Origin Story

Laura G was born in Michigan on November 1, 1986. She considers herself to be Mexican, as her parents are both Hispanic. 

Referring to her background in a YouTube video, Laura G said:

“So I am Mexican; I was born in Michigan, raised in San Diego. Both my parents are Hispanic as well, my mum was born in Michigan, and my Dad was born in Mexico. My parents had me when I was young, my mum got pregnant when she was sixteen, and because they had four kids by the time they were 25, I feel like we robbed them of their twenties and thirties.”

Laura G met Dhar when she was interested in working with his company LiveGlam, and the two clicked right away.

Laura G and Dhar Mann


She admitted to feeling in love at first sight. Dhar proposed to Laura G during a trip to Paris. 

The pair live in Los Angeles, and they have two daughters.

Their first, Ella May, was born in 2020, while their second girl Myla Sky arrived on Father’s Day in 2021.

Fans of the influencers can watch their childbirth journeys on YouTube. 

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Laura G – Net Worth

Laura G is an Instagram influencer and beautician who is best known as the partner of Dhar Mann.

She has more than 3 million followers on Instagram and earns most of her money from paid posts and endorsements. 

As a macro influencer on Instagram, Laura G can earn more than $10,000 per paid post, highlighting just how much money she can make from her platform.

While she spends a lot of time on social media promoting LiveGlam, she also has various other deals and endorsements in place. 

She first became popular on Instagram when she started sharing beauty tips on her platform, and she soon landed a gig as a LiveGlam ambassador, which enabled her to enhance her profile and earn more money as a result.


LiveGlam is a business run by her husband, Dhar Mann, and Laura G makes money from promoting the subscription-based make-up service to her millions of followers. She also runs her make-up line through LiveGlam, which further contributes to her net worth. 

Laura G has also teamed up with her husband to launch a YouTube channel – Dhar and Laura – where they have more than 1.3 million subscribers.

They describe themselves as ‘your favorite entrepreneur couple living in sunny Los Angeles,’ and their channel is an insight into their lavish lifestyle.

Their videos have been watched more than 40 million times so far on YouTube, which is impressive given that they only joined the channel in 2019.

While they aren’t yet earning a fortune from ad revenue on YouTube, their channel is only likely to increase in revenue in the near future. 

Some of their most-watched videos on YouTube include their gender reveal vlog, as well as their house tour, which racked up 3.1 million and 1.8 million views, respectively. 

The influencer couple is certainly not shy when it comes to showing how well they have done for themselves, providing their subscribers with an insight into their spending habits as well as their extravagant lifestyle.


For instance, Dhar and Laura G welcomed their subscribers on their house tour in 2020.

The house they have bought together in Los Angeles is worth $15.5 million and is in Calabasas.

It is their most prized asset as a couple. 

Although Laura G is undoubtedly successful in her own right, her net worth has been boosted by that of her super-wealthy fiancé, Dhar Mann. Dhar started his career on YouTube in 2018, and his channel has more than 15 million subscribers. His videos have been viewed more than 7 billion times. 

He is also a mission-driven entrepreneur and has formed various companies over the years.

He has an extremely impressive net worth, and now that both content creators and influencers have come together, they have been able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. 

As a result of her success on Instagram and YouTube, as well as her business endeavors with LiveGlam, Laura G has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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