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Lena Miro—who also goes by the names and pseudonyms Mrs. Richard Pryde Hughes III, Elena Mironenko, Lena Myro, and Miss_Tramell—is a Russian blogger who is most famous for her controversial opinions and outspoken criticisms on everything from sexuality to weight to race and culture.

She also has a lot to say about the US, Lithuania, and gorgeous wheelchair-bound activist, politician, and former Miss World, Ksenia Bezuglova.

But is there more to Lena Miro than throwing shade and launching toxic tirades at fellow online personalities?

We dig in to find out.

The Origin Story

Elena Vladimirovna Mironenko was born on June 24, 1981, in Stary Oskol, Russia.

Stary Oskol is a city in Belgorod Oblast, and means Old Oskol in English.

This distinguishes it from Novy Oskol—New Oskol—which is around 35 miles south. Stary Oskol is known for producing fighters—like MMA fighters Alexander and Fedor Emelianenko, Denis Lebedev, and Kirill Sidelnikov.

Elena Mironenko enrolled at Voronezh State University, in Voronezh. It is one of the largest universities in Central Russia, and has produced Nobel laureates, academics, and ministers.

After graduating from Voronezh State University, the diminutive Mironenko worked in several industries before starting her own blog.

A woman of many opinions—most of which appear to be negative—she decided to start her own blog on Live Journal.

The rest, as they say, is history.

The Life and Times of Miss_Tramell

Lena Miro was almost completely unknown to the internet community until she launched her Miss Tramell blog on Live Journal.

LiveJournal is a social networking service similar to Blogger and HubSpot, where users can host a blog or journal for free. Initially created by US-born programmer Brad Fitzpatrick in 1999, it is now Russian-owned.

Mironenko launched her blog on the popular European site in early 2010, and carved out her own place in the blogosphere writing about a variety of standard-issue topics. Among them was mental health, sexuality, and relationship advice.

It didn’t take long, however, for the twenty-something to start venting her opinions on the social sharing platform.

Within a few years, she was penning articles criticizing other women’s physical appearance and weight, using homophobic slurs against people who didn’t share her opinion on a topic, and shaming European social media celebrities with a larger following than she had.

Lena Miro became known for being controversial, and her following was predominantly made up of fans who enjoyed the toxic vitriol and divisive stance she took on almost any topic.

Miss_Tramell has a lot of buttons—and it doesn’t take much to push them and trigger her anger.

One such hot-button is her home country. Several times on her blog, trolls in her comments section have insulted Russia. True to form, she responds every time. She uses the LiveJournal platform to launch a tirade on the US and its “black chimp of a President”, throw homophobic slurs at American citizens, and insult Lithuanians.

Another trigger, apparently, is glamorous women who have survived car accidents and gone on to build a family.

In a tirade launched against Ksenia Bezuglova in one of her blog posts, she calls the inspirational beauty queen “repulsive” and “disgusting.”

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From Russia, With Love

While Miro seems to stay tight-lipped on her personal life most of the time, she’s been vocal about who she has been dating since early 2016.

After a trip to Burning Man in 2016, a photo of the Russian brunette appeared on fantasy photographer Richard Pryde’s Instagram page.

Pryde’s Instagram caption explained that he’d taken the photo while attending his 12th Burning Man event. He went on to say there was nothing else like it on earth, and he credited Elena M. as the model in the photo.

Not long after, Miro began posting as Mrs. Richard Pryde Hughes III on her blog and in comments, she posted on her social media.

The following year, a woman claiming to be Pryde’s mother shared that her son had been married in Colorado on November 29th of the previous year.

She said her son had met Lena Miro in Thailand while the pair were holidaying separately.

Miro’s mother-in-law posted photos of the happy couple to her own social media, in which Miro is wearing a white dress adorned with flowers, black boots, and Richard is wearing a dark suit and hat with a red rose.

Prior to her alleged marriage to Rich, rumors were rife that Miro was dating a man in his 70s.

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Lena Miro – Net Worth what is the net worth of Lena Miro

Miro earns most of her wealth from managing her blog where she writes about progressive topics, like, mental health advocacy, celebrities, and sexuality. She also has several books that can be purchased on Amazon.

Moreover, Miro has a YouTube channel with more than 17,100 subscribers on which she runs advertisements. Therefore, Lena Miro has an estimated net worth of $0.2 million.

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