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Christina Khalil Net Worth & Biography

Christina Khalil Net Worth – $3 million

What is Christina Khalil’s net worth?


Christina Khalil is known for many things on the internet.

She’s a YouTuber.

She’s an Instagram model who posts try-on and unboxing videos (of mostly bikinis and lingerie).

She’s a fan of stuff that goes fast—with a whole YouTube playlist dedicated to cars she and her long-time boyfriend have driven.

She’s also a fitness junkie who shares her workouts with the world. And sometimes, when she’s not posting pics in a bikini, she’s taking it off on OnlyFans or Patreon for paid subscribers.

But is there anything more to the Lebanese-Russian beauty?

Here’s what we know.

The Origin Story


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Christina Khalil was born on 19 November 1993 in Beirut, Lebanon.

Her mother is Russian, her father is Lebanese, and she has an older brother named Karim.

She had a solid middle-class upbringing, and her childhood was very peaceful until the civil unrest in Lebanon began to escalate.

Christina’s parents were understandably scared of what could happen to their children if they stayed in their home country.

They made a heart-breaking decision: Christina, her brother, and her father would leave and go to the US. Christina’s father had a sibling in Santa Barbara, California, and the children would be able to stay long-term while their father found his feet.

Sadly, Christina’s mom couldn’t go. Visa regulations wouldn’t allow her to enter the US or stay in Lebanon. She moved to Ukraine, where she would build a new life for herself.

Christina said goodbye to her mom at the airport in Lebanon—not knowing it would be 18 years until she’d see her again.

The Journey to Citizenship


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Life moved on when ¾ of the Khalil family moved to the US.

They moved in with Christina’s uncle and aunt, and the young influencer still credits her aunt as being the female role model in her life since she moved to California.

Khalil was just 8 at the time they fled Lebanon, but eventually—when Christina was in her early 20s—the family were invited to apply for their Green Cards.

Khalil’s brother, Karim, wasn’t interested in becoming a US citizen.

After he graduated from college, he headed home to establish a successful life for himself.

Christina and her father chose to remain in the US and apply for citizenship. Khalil, who now had a younger brother named Alex in the US, went through a rigorous application process, but eventually, she was approved for a Green Card.

Unfortunately, in 2014 the card was revoked, and the process had to start over.

It would be four more years before she finally got her documentation. Sometime after her citizenship was approved—and after celebrating by going car shopping and taking a luxury trip to the Caribbean—she finally booked a trip to visit her mom and brother in Odesa, Ukraine.

18 years after her mom made the ultimate sacrifice for her to have a better life, the family was reunited as Christina’s boyfriend vlogged the whole experience.

Christina stayed at a beach resort and spent time with her mom, vlogging and posting bikini try-ons.

While Christina’s mom was relatively comfortable being on camera as she spent time with her beloved daughter, Christina’s brother Karim was vocal about protecting his privacy.

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Settling Down


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Khalil met US-born YouTube gym rat and motorcycle fanatic Jaret Campisi in 2014.

The pair hit it off and began dating in early 2015.

They bonded over a love of cars and fast motors, exercise, and an active lifestyle.

Jaret features heavily in his girlfriend’s content, with his analytical insight and intelligence—plus his skills with a motor—balancing Christina’s bright, bubbly, bikini-focused character.

Jaret Campisi was born on 7 February 1983 in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

He is a former track and field competitor, a mechanic, and a fitness enthusiast.

In May 2021, Jaret and Christina left California and moved into their first home—a massive mansion in Mechanicsburg, PA.

The home has a 6-7 car garage, two dining rooms, a massive pool area and hot tub, a cinema, a gaming room, bar, and an entertainer’s kitchen.

Christina posted a 20-minute house tour video to showcase the new buy to her subscribers.

In the video, the house was unfurnished except for a few mattresses on the floor in the bedrooms and the TVs the couple purchased during the video.

An Awkward Moment


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In March 2019, with both Christina and Jaret being established on the YouTube streaming platform in their own right, the couple put out a video on her channel about being demonetized.

Some of Khalil’s content was marked as not appropriate for all advertisers due to the near-nudity shown.

While one of those videos was a rash-guard and cover-up try-on, it is well known that the small-scale influencer also tries on bikinis and lingerie.

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Christina Khalil – Net Worth

So, how much is Christina Khalil worth? Khalil earned most of her wealth by posting paid posts on her Instagram account. Therefore, Lebanese-American Instagram model Christina Khalil has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

In addition, Christina has a YouTube channel that has more than 334 million views – meaning about $1 million in revenue before taxes.

Christina also receives donations on Patreon and has an account on the platform, OnlyFans.

On TikTok, Khalil has 757k followers and 465k on Instagram.

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