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OprahSide Net Worth | Girlfriend

OprahSide Net Worth – $1.5 million

What is OprahSide’s net worth? Who is OprahSide’s girlfriend?


OprahSide is a young up-and-coming YouTube gamer who hails from Chicago.

His self-titled YouTube channel is home to more than 2,000 videos that include vlogs, reactions, NBA 2K gameplay, NBA and college basketball game footage, and commentary.

He uses his secondary YouTube channel, Clark, to voice his opinion on issues affecting the black community, vlogs, and also promotes his custom tees, posters, and other merchandise.

Clark has over two million subscribers on the video streaming platform.

But what else do we know about the young—and extremely tall—YouTube personality?

The Origin Story


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Clark William—the artist who would one day be known as OprahSide—was born on January 21, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois.

He was raised in the Windy City by middle-class parents and grew up playing basketball in high school.

Taller than most kids his age—as an adult he is 6’8—he appeared to be born for the sport.

Like most kids his age, he also developed a love of video games—especially the basketball kind.

When he wasn’t playing ball on his neighborhood court with friends, he was gaming.

At 19, he started sharing his love of basketball with the world via YouTube.

He uploaded his first video, a walkthrough of the young basketball enthusiast unlocking badges in NBA 2K15, in 2014.


Clark “OprahSide” William is a fan of playing the court when it comes to women, too.

He’s only been linked to one woman seriously, while the rest have been flings or collaborations to boost viewership on his social media channels.

The one serious girlfriend he had was YouTube beauty, Mavi Malika.

Mavi has her own Instagram account and a small YouTube following.

Throughout most of 2018 and 2019, OprahSide featured or mentioned her in his videos, and celebrated his January birthday with the stunner that year.

The couple shared video of their celebration trip and crazy hotel antics on his channel.

The relationship was definitely the on / off kind, with Mavi accusing him of cheating multiple times, and OprahSide posting a break-up video not long before they got back together.

The Off-Court Career


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OprahSide began uploading NBA 2K15 videos to YouTube for fun, just before he turned 20.

The game had already garnered a lot of attention, so OprahSide’s foray into the YouTube world was well-timed.

As his subscriber count grew, so did his commitment to YouTube as a legitimate career.

Deciding to ditch the traditional route and find a real job, he began uploading more consistently and looking at ways to grow his fanbase.

His NBA commentary videos earned him a big surge in followers.

With his personal style and fresh take on player performance and team tactics, he became popular enough to start a second channel that also netted more than 500,000 subscribers by 2021.

Some of his most popular series include his IRL Basketball Videos—one of which shows him hit a nearly-half court shot with ease.

His storytime videos also draw a crowd, as he delivers his apparently “IRL” experiences with humor and honesty.

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Almost a GQ Feature


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In 2019, OprahSide posted a video titled 10 Things Clark Can’t Live Without | GQ.

The video amassed almost half a million views, but wasn’t really hosted by GQ at all.

The prank video features OprahSide, who calls himself Clark and OSN in the video, listing 10 things he can’t live without.

In the video, he showcases his Yves Saint Laurent fragrance, which he says he likes because it’s under $100 but it’s got the YSL brand so it sounds fancy.

He also talks about headphones, and says his favorite line is the Beats by Dre Pro—but they aren’t wireless. He also recommends the Bose wireless over-ear headphones.

At one point in the video, he also carries on a conversation with himself, pretending someone off-camera asked him who his favorite artist is. He lists Kanye, Da Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, and Lil Wayne.

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OprahSide – Net Worth

So, how much is OprahSide worth? William earned most of his wealth from ads on YouTube and sponsors. On YouTube, Clark has over 552 million views, meaning about $1.65 million in revenue before taxes. Therefore, Clark Williams aka OprahSide has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Like almost every other YouTube influencer in the game right now, OprahSide has launched his own line of merchandise.

He launched LIKEMNDS clothing in April of 2019, announcing his new clothing brand on YouTube and Instagram to his followers.

Clark speaks openly about his passion for his clothing, and says that his clothing brand means the world to him.

Many of his fans supported his label because of how genuine the video promotion was.

Want to check out OprahSide in his element? Here’s that non-GQ 10 of the best video.

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