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Mario Kiezi Net Worth | Wife

Mario Kiezi Net Worth – $20 million

What is Mario Kiezi’s net worth? Who is Mario Kiezi’s wife?


A year ago, hardly anyone knew the name Mario Kiezi, today, he’s amassed over 76K followers on TikTok.

Mario Kiezi is an entrepreneur with an eye for spotting a profitable business / real estate venture.

He has become widely popular for his recent acquisition of a 1.5 million square foot commercial property.

Let’s explore what we know about Mario.


Mario Kiezi was born in 1990 and is the youngest of four; he has two brothers and a sister.

He grew up in Sterling Heights with his family.


Mario Kiezi and his wife, Samantha, have three children under the age of four together.

Mario’s parents operated many small businesses, and from a young age, he was interested in the retail business.

He claimed, in a YouTube interview with the Chaldean Cultural Center, that he’s been working since he was nine years old.

He’s worked side by side with his family in their various businesses.

His family once owned Antoine’s Ice Cream at Oakland Mall. This was where he discovered his passion for business.

After graduating from Sterling Heights High in 2008, Mario and his family moved to Toledo, where they purchased a liquor store.

Five years later, in 2013, his family sold the liquor store.

Mario and his brothers used the profit from this sale to invest in MKiezi Investments and got into the real estate business.

Kiezi acquires Oakland Mall

Oakland Mall opened in 1968 and has served the people of Troy, Michigan, for many years.

Mario purchased this 1.5 million square foot property and has a visionary mission for its rehabilitation.

He plans to develop a mall for the people.

His vision is to create a space that will encourage people to shop, spend time with their families, have fun, and make memories.

He claimed that many people struggle with mental health issues, and this could create a place where they can go to get out of the house and interact with others.

Kiezi referred to the mall as a community center.

Mario’s goal for this project is to build up the entrepreneurs and artists of the area.

He says he wants to make operating a business accessible for people with good business ideas who would not have had the opportunity to do so.

He stated that he wants to go into business with companies that will impact the community positively. He referred to the mall as an anti-mall.

Mario wants to work with companies that are conscientious about protecting the environment and taking the steps to limit the negative environmental impact that comes from their daily business operations.

Kiezi has taken to TikTok to reach the people within his community.

He’s asking for their opinions and advice as to what they would like to see in their community.

Mario says that the concerns of the people are important to him since the Oakland project is more about the people to him than the profit.


Mario states that he hasn’t been motivated by money but simply by his ambition.

He’s acquired and flipped numerous commercial real estate properties in Michigan and Ohio and will continue to do so to impact the people around him.

He stated that his goal is to encourage the youth to go into the fields that they love and work smarter, not harder.

Maria says that he wants to encourage the next generation to be the best they could be.

Kiezi stated that spreading positivity and encouraging people are incredibly important to him.

He stated that he feels like sharing positivity and knowledge can sometimes be much more impactful than money or wealth.

He wants to know that at the end of the day, he isn’t remembered for the amount of money he had or properties he acquired, but for the impact, he had on his community and the good that he’s done for the lives of the people around him.

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Mario Kiezi – Net Worth

Kiezi earned most of his wealth from serving as the CEO of MKiezi Properties, LLC since 2016, as well as from founding and managing MKiezi Investments.

In 2022, Mario bought the Oakland Mall via MKiezi Investments for an undisclosed price. The mall is located in the city of Troy, Michigan, and it opened in 1968.

“Oakland Mall currently is 90 percent occupied,” said Mario.

He also owns other retail and real estate properties all over metro Detroit.

Therefore, Mario Kiezi has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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