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Jill Winternitz Net Worth | Biography

What is Jill Winternitz’s net worth?


Okay, so Jill Winternitz isn’t really a doctor—but she portrays the ongoing role of The Good Doctor on the Netflix hit sensation, Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.

We met Jill Winternitz’s character near the end of season one.

In chapter 7 of the show, The Good Doctor is attending an annual convention for The Collectors—a group of serial killers. Fun Land is also in attendance.

While Winternitz may have only appeared in three chapters of the season, she had the skill—and the creepy character—to make an impact.

Now the fans want to know more about this diminutive brunette character with the disturbing personality—and the actress that portrays her.

Jill’s talents have helped her build a resume that includes more than acting in the biggest fantasy hit of 2022—she’s also narrated a bunch of audiobooks, appeared in plays, and once starred alongside Ronan Keating on stage (but not in the way you think!).

Here’s what we know about Jill Winternitz.

But first…what is The Sandman?

Jill Winternitz Biography


The Sandman was originally penned as a comic book series—written by the iconic Neil Gaiman and picked up for publication by DC Comics.

The comics were an understandable sensation, and work to turn them into a movie started as far back as 1991.

A film adaptation of the comics wasn’t to be, however.

By 2013—with nothing having been done to get the comics onto the big screen—David S. Goyer pitched the film adaptation to executives at Warner Bros.

The film was given the green light by the studio, with Goyer, Gaiman, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in place to produce.

Fun fact: Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also going to star in, and direct, the film.

Things hit the skids again in 2016 when Gordon-Levitt stepped away from the film over “creative differences.”

Warner Bros. also recused itself from the project, allowing Netflix to step in June of 2019 with a deal to produce The Sandman as a television series.

The series was filmed from late 2020 until August 2021, and eventually saw the light with its premiere on August 5, 2022—more than 30 years after discussions of a screen adaptation began.

The first season was a critical success, with the show receiving an average critics’ approval rating of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Audiences loved it, too—it was #1 worldwide just three days after it aired, with viewers clocking up 127.5 million hours of view time in its first week.

By the following month, The Sandman had been streamed for 393 million hours.

The Origin Story

Jill Winternitz the good doctor

@Getty/Mike Marsland/WireImage

Jill Winternitz was born on October 3, 1986, in Northern California.

She loved movies and music as a kid and took piano lessons when she was growing up in California.

Winternitz admits, though, that her teacher taught her piano and singing, and she was always more interested in singing.

Growing up, the family always had a piano at home, so playing came naturally to the young wannabe star.

While understanding the piano would definitely come in handy later in Jill’s life—especially when she scored a role in a hit musical—she confessed in an interview with Glass Magazine that she had to do some “pretty intensive” lessons to nail her on-stage performance.

She knew from a young age that she wanted to act, so she headed first to UCLA, and then to the Moscow Art Theatre.

To continue fine-tuning her craft, she enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, England. It was here that she scored her first stage role, in a stage performance of Dirty Dancing at the Piccadilly Theatre.

The Actor

jill winternitz age


The show sold out across the UK, and Winternitz was nominated for a West End Frame Award.

Not too shabby for her first official stage appearance.

Next came roles in A Handful of Soil, The Seagull, and Sunday in the Park, as well as parts in the films The Sorrows, Havoc—with Tom Hardy, Young Gun, Good Omens, Doctor Who, Anansi Boys—another Neil Gaiman classic—and The Replacement Child.

Her talent also led to her being cast as Girl—the leading lady in the hit musical, Once.

Once was a dream role for Winternitz.

She had watched the movie when she was on vacation in her drama school days and remembered it as being unlike anything she’d ever seen before.

She fell in love, and when—years later—she heard it was being made into a musical, she didn’t see how it would work.

When she bought tickets to watch the show, however, she was a believer.

She applied to audition, started relearning the piano all over again, and practiced the musical’s songs “just in case.” A year later, her agent called her with exciting news: she had the part.

It was here that she starred opposite David Hunter, and then former Boyzone singer, solo artist, X Factor judge, and The Voice coach, Ronan Keating.

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Jill Winternitz – Net Worth

Winternitz earned most of her wealth from performing in a few TV series.

She’s also narrated several audiobooks that are available through Audible.

Jill receives narrator credits for 2020’s Darling Rose Gold, The Magpie Society series, and the 2021 A.J. Gnuse bestseller, Girl in the Walls.

Winternitz has also narrated the following novels:

  • Pollyanna (2020) by Eleanor Porter and Neil Reed
  • Belladonna (2020) by Anbara Salam
  • The Recovery of Rose Gold (2020) by Stephanie Wrobel
  • Big Boned (2021) by Jo Watson
  • The Bird’s Nest (2020) by Shirley Jackson

Therefore, Jill Winternitz has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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