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Matt Stuller Net Worth $2 Billion

What Is Matt Stuller’s Net Worth?

Matt Stuller is the founder and current CEO of the jewelry and accessories company Stuller Settings Inc and has a net worth of $2 billion. Stuller has worked in the jewelry sector in some form or another since he was 16 years old. He managed to start a jewelry company from scratch, using only his knowledge of the industry and his selling prowess.

He is currently one of the richest men in the United States and owns one of the largest companies in the jewelry sector.

Most people know him because of that, and he is seen as a nice and familiar face, that has achieved success in life but never forgotten his family, friends, roots, and his past.

Now with the help of his wife and children, he continues to grow his business into a jewelry empire.

The Origin Story


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Matthew Gordy Stuller was born in 1951 in the city of Lafayette, Louisiana.

His parents are Alma and Gilbert Stuller.

He went to the Our Lady of Fatima high school and started working for that local jeweler still in high school.

After that, he traveled to New York in order to find and connect with the greatest professionals in the jewelry sector so that he could sell his ideas and products to them.

According to Stuller himself, he did it all with the support of his parents and commented: “There’s nothing better than being able to make your parents proud.”

He is now the Founder and Chairman of Stuller Settings Inc.


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He is also a member of the 24 Karat Club of the Southeastern United States, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, and a member of the Young Presidents Organizations.


Matt Stuller married his wife, Cece Stuller.


The couple has three children together: Alex Graham Stuller, Matthew Stuller Jr., and Lauren Stuller.

Together they keep and maintain a philanthropic organization called the Stuller Family Foundation, helping a lot of different causes in the US and abroad.

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Net Worth

So, how much is Matt Stuller worth?

Matt Stuller built his company, Stuller Settings Inc., over 40 years of hard work and an intelligent business model.

His idea all those years ago was to provide “just-in-time” logistics to the jewelry industry, and he has achieved that to great success.

The company has its headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, Matt Stuller’s hometown.

The company has well over a thousand employees all over the country, including some of the best engineers, bench jewelers, technologists, and merchants in the jewelry sector.

The products being manufactured and sold by Stuller Settings Inc. includes gemstones, diamonds, mountings, jewelry, and bridal jewelry.

He uses only high quality gold, silver, and precious stones, like diamonds and emeralds.

The company markets itself as being a seller of fine jewelry for both men and women, with unique designs and a really unique approach to distributing and selling the merchandise with a different approach to the supply chain issue.

Online reports on yearly revenue for Stuller Settings Inc. state that the company made over $485 million in 2021, and the jewelry sector is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Yet, despite all of the great success that the company has had, Stuller continues to be a local Lafayette personality, never giving up his love for his community.

The company started in that same city in Louisiana when Matt was only 16 years old. At that time, young Stuller wanted to buy a ring for his girlfriend but didn’t have any money.

He walked inside a jewelry store in downtown Lafayette and offered his services there so that he could pay for the ring, and started working there.

He learned fast all of the tricks of the trade, including crafting and making jewelry.

He quickly noticed that there was a good niche for a company that would provide better customer service and faster delivery of jewelry, and he decided to start his own company when he was 19 years old.


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His company’s first year was headquartered under his father’s orthodontic office, and from there, he started selling and delivering his products home from home in an old Nissan 240z, driving the roads and meeting with a lot of other jewelers.

Over the years, he met a good number of great professionals and built a network of great customers and advisors that helped him expand his company.

The core of his business is what makes it work: providing fast products to jewelers while keeping only high-quality materials and focusing on customer service.

Some of the products from his line can be ordered for next-day delivery, which is unique in the jewelry sector.

From 2008 to 2017, Stuller Inc. was granted a total of $3.5 million in property tax exemptions. In April 2021, the company announced that it has 200 new job openings.

Therefore, Matt Stuller has an estimated net worth of $2 billion.

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