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Pipcorn Net Worth $7 Million

What Is Pipcorn’s Net Worth?

Pipcorn is a “mini” variety of popcorn business with a net worth of $7 million. All of their mini popcorn are made from heirloom corn and non-GMO ingredients

Have you ever popped a bag of popcorn, eagerly sat down to enjoy it with a movie after a long day, only to get little pieces stuck in your teeth?

For such a great snack, popcorn sure does make it hard on itself to be eaten.

It’s a great source of fiber and antioxidants. And, it’s a chosen food option when it comes to people looking to eat fewer calories since it’s super satiating while still being pretty affordable.

The founders at Pipcorn had all the same thoughts as you, so when they stumbled onto heirloom popcorn kernels that offered all the crunch and non of the ouch, they knew they were onto something.

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Jeff Martin and Jen Martin – @Getty

Where did Pipcorn come from?

Like most great ideas, the story behind Pipcorn happened kind of unintentionally.

One day in 2012, a brother and sister duo named Jeff and Jen were moving Jen into her new apartment. Helping them was Jeff’s wife, Teresa.

At the end of that day, after having moved tons of boxes, bags, and furniture, they were exhausted and hungry. But, as anyone who’s ever moved before has experienced, they had forgotten to leave out the most important thing: food.

In the back of a cupboard, Jen found a few bags of heirloom popcorn she’d bought from her job at a health store.

They threw them in the microwave, and out came the best popcorn they’d ever had.

Crunchy, tasty, and with little to no pieces that could get stuck in your teeth while eating.

But, how was this possible?!

The secret was in the type of corn kernel used. 

Heirloom popcorn has never been genetically modified, as opposed to the more common corn kernels used in conventional popcorn.

This meant that it really tasted like corn but was much smaller in size than the common kind.

Less surface area meant less room for loose hulls.

Ultimately, the trio decided to embark on a journey to rediscover their favorite classic childhood snacks but with a sustainable, eco-conscious, and healthier twist.  

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pipcorn net worth


Then came Shark Tank

Before there was Shark Tank, there was Oprah’s Favorite Things.

And before there was Oprah, there was the Smorgasburg Brooklyn Farmers Market.

Their business journey started after they tracked down the farmer that had provided the kernels for that original bag of moving popcorn.

They studied heirloom corn, and then using their mom’s old spaghetti pot, they created Pipcorn.

With hand-stamped brown paper bags as their packaging and a whole lot of ambition, the first Pipcorn batches were sold to the lucky residents of Brooklyn, NY.

While manning their table one day, someone from Oprah’s Favourite Things team happened to stumble upon them.

If you’re not familiar with that segment of Oprah’s show, we can tell you that it’s a huge deal.

Every year Oprah chooses a collection of her favorite objects, foods, and fashions to share with her audience.

If your company ends up on the show sales, tend to skyrocket.

Pipcorn was selected – four times.

And their popularity exploded.

This allowed them to expand into Whole Foods stores across the US, which gave them an informal stamp of success.

This is where Shark Tank comes in.

Pipcorn had gotten to a point that required more help in order to keep expanding.

They were approached by one of the producers for the show, and in 2014 they appeared on season 6.

They asked the sharks for $200,000 for 10% of their company, and Barbara Corcoran stepped up to accept the deal. ”We went in wanting to work with Barbara and got a deal, and it’s been a great relationship since,” Jeff told Food Business News.

With experience in the food industry already, she was the team’s first choice.


In 2023, the company announced its latest innovation, Twists.

Pipcorn Co-Founder, Jeff Martin, said — “The launch of Twists was our latest foray into the sweet snack space.”

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Net Worth

After their Shark Tank appearance, and with Barbara’s help, Pipcorn was able to up their sales from $200k to $1.1 million in only a few months.

Today, Pipcorn’s net worth is an estimated $7 million.

An incredible ascent from the small kitchen-based business they were not so long ago.

From a production point of view, the brand today outsources packaging to partners on both the West and East Coast of the USA.

This allowed the founders to focus on other parts of the business, like internal growth.

They were able to create over 40 new job openings that allowed them to bring on people with fresh and new ideas to help Pipcorn explode even more.

Today, the company boasts an ever-expanding offering of products, including more than just popcorn.

With their online store developed during last year they were able to offer everything from cheese puffs to different popcorn flavors, and corn chips perfect for matching with any dip.

If you rather purchase in stores, you can find this healthy snack in over 25,000 Whole Food locations, Safeways, and Wegmans stores.

While they now also stock their products on Canadian soil as well, worldwide domination is still on the horizon!

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