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Meyhem Lauren Net Worth | Bio

Meyhem Lauren Net Worth – $2 million

What is Meyhem Lauren’s net worth? What is Meyhem Lauren’s real name?


James Rencher, or Meyhem Lauren as he is known on stage, is an East Coast rapper who grew up with a love for graffiti.

He was one of the original members of a group of graffiti artists called the Smart Crew collective, and later joined the rap scene performing at local venues.

DJ Muggs and Harry Fraud are just a couple of the big names in the scene that Meyhem has collaborated with.

He also released a song called Got the Fever which has been played over a million times on YouTube and is a tribute to the art of graffiti.

The Origin Story

Born on May 14, 1983, Meyhem Lauren grew up in Brooklyn, New York.

He was heavily influenced by the East Coast style of early rap, making his debut at the young age of fifteen.

“I’m really just a fan that turned into an artist,” he says, “I’ve loved rap since I was a little kid.”

James said that as a student in high school, he would pretend to take notes in his boring classes but would actually be writing down lyrics.

When asked how he came up with his name, he replied that as a graffiti artist in his early days, his tag was Mey Low.

Meyhem Lauren evolved from his tagging days.

At fifteen, Meyhem was given a verse to include in J-Love’s track “King of What I Do,” which started a cascade of jumping on more tracks in the following years.

Meyhem Lauren Net Worth


In 2007 he released the full collaborative album Acknowledge Greatness with J-Love, followed by his own solo album in 2011 called Self-Induced Illness.

He also jumped onto the television screen by guest appearing on Action Bronson’s food documentary show called F*ck That’s Delicious in 2016.

Meyhem continued producing songs and mixtapes at the studio, releasing more full albums like Piatto d’Oro (2016) and Terminal Illness (2017). His most recent album, a collaboration with Harry Fraud, was released in 2020, titled Glass 2.0. Harry produced Meyhem’s album Glass 2.0 independently.

“If you’re gonna do this, you gotta take it seriously and do it for real. Otherwise, don’t do it, figure something else out,” sad Meyhem regarding his dedication to his career. His consistency in cranking out mixtapes and albums throughout the years has gained him a loyal following eager for more.

meyhem lauren real name

Meyhem Lauren attends the “Shaft” New York Premiere at AMC Lincoln Square Theater – @Getty

Collaborating with DJ Muggs, Muggs later mentioned he was in awe of Meyhem’s work ethic.

Throughout his music career, Meyhem brushed shoulders with other big names in the East Coast rap ring.

Collaborating with DJ Muggs, Meyhem learned to try new things.

He had a successful formula that he followed, but Muggs pushed him to go beyond his creative comfort zone.

Following both his formula and pushing past his comfort zone as a hybrid strategy has helped him in his success.

To give an idea of the type of person and mentality he has, when Meyhem was asked which 90’s song he would love to go back to and collaborate with the artist if he could, his answer was unusual. He said that he would not go back at all.

Meyhem Lauren Net Worth


All of the music he listened to, and all of the influences in music he had in his early years brought him to where he is right now.

He would not change a thing.

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Romantic Relationship

Meyhem has no known romantic partners nor children.

He really is keeping his fans in the dark!

meyhem lauren height

Meyhem Lauren opens for Action Bronson at Le Trianon – @Getty

Meyhem Lauren – Net Worth

So, how much is Meyhem Lauren worth?

Meyhem mentioned that one of his favorite things about the old-school rappers is that he only knew their on-stage personas.

It was not like today with social media.

He knows what rappers’ kids look like, who their wives are, etc. It is too transparent. He liked the mystery that surrounded the old-school rappers’ personal lives.

It seems like he is following in this direction as well; Meyhem’s only known stream of income is his music career.

So far, James has released several albums (Gems from the Equinox, Silk Pyramids, Acknowledge Greatness, and more) and EPs (Glass 2.0, Nickel Plated Wordplay, Raw Cashmere, etc.). 

Therefore, American rapper Meyhem Lauren has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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