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Pedro Rivera Net Worth 2024

Pedro Rivera Net Worth – $3 million

What is Pedro Rivera’s net worth? Who is Pedro Rivera’s spouse?


Pedro Rivera is a well-known Mexican-American recording artist who has toured worldwide.

He is a well-established name in the Latin music world.

Pedro is a musician and a music producer with one of the largest Latin record labels of all time.

Rivera has worn many hats in his lifetime; he has been a farmer, a photographer, a street vendor, and even a gangster.

Through it all, he has worked tirelessly to make a better life for his children and inspire them to live a life full of love, hard work, and success.

The Origin Story

He first ventured into the cinematic world in a film called “Asalto en Tijuana” in 1984.

Pedro even began to dip his toe in the acting world and appeared in ‘Camino al Inferno” the same year.

He continued to have great success within the film industry; however, he decided to expand his passion into music.

Musical Ventures

What is the net worth of Pedro Rivera


 He opened his own record label, called Cintas Acuario, in 1987, hoping to record his own music and showcase local talent.

But his talent didn’t stop there; he began writing his own music and wrote “The Fall of Noriega” in 1990.


Family is very important to Pedro.

He remains very close with his mother and his brothers.


Pedro Rivera married his wife in 1963, and they worked hard to build their life together, sometimes struggling to put food on the table before Pedro began his successful foray into the entertainment industry.

Together they have six children; Pedro Jr, Gustavo, Fenni, Guadalupe, Juan, and Rosa.

Pedro has said that “the time I share with my family is the most important thing for me.”

They aren’t strangers to controversy, however, because it is common knowledge that Pedro married his first wife Rosa when she was only 14 and actually did jail time for that since she was a minor.

Their marriage was still a very happy one that lasted well over forty years after he got out of jail.

A Tumultuous Love Life

Pedro Rivera biography


Rivera and his wife Rosa were married for 45 years before they were divorced, which is why the public was understandably a little shocked after divorcee Pedro got remarried to someone over fifty years his junior.

Pedro married his young, beautiful girlfriend, Juana Ahumada, in 2019.

The couple had been dating for eight years at this point and had originally met because Juana was working as an assistant within Pedro’s business.

Considering the strong religious culture within his Mexican American fan base, they reacted very negatively for the first several months following their marriage announcement.

Despite the couple being quite affectionate in public, many eyebrows were raised; however, when Pedro kissed Carolina Sandoval during a live concert while he sat next to his new bride.

The public has also commented on their over fifty-year age difference, something which is believed is also an issue for his adult children.

It has been reported that his kids had a big problem with how Pedro split up with their mother and the way he has treated her toward the end of their marriage.

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Pedro’s kids have greatly benefitted from being born into a famous family and have used it to their advantage in their careers.

His son Lupillo is said to have a multi-million dollar music career, as did his sister Jenni, who died in a plane crash.

Pedro’s son Juan is also a very successful American singer worth almost $10 million, while his daughter Rosie is an American TV personality.

This is a very well-established and successful family; in total, the entire family is said to be worth over $25 million.

Pedro Rivera Net Worth


Pedro Rivera – Net Worth 2024

So, how much is Pedro Rivera worth? Rivera earned most of his wealth from selling copies of his albums (Adios a Colosio, Que Me Entierren Cantando, Por Causa del Celular, Borradita Diente de Oro, and more) and touring the country. Therefore, Mexican Regional recording artist Pedro Rivera has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Pedro once said, “I am a man of struggle, or work, with firm convictions, strong character, determined.”

On YouTube, Pedro has over 31 million views — about $100k in revenue.

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