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Hobo Johnson Net Worth | Girlfriend

Hobo Johnson Net Worth – $1 million

What is Hobo Johnson’s net worth? Is Hobo Johnson dating?


The same spirit that drove Hobo Johnson to embrace his then homelessness in his artist name motivated him to quit his job at a pizza restaurant to pursue his music, to be continually active on YouTube, to eventually release his first album independently, and to keep going after his dream even though nobody seemed to care when he first began.

This spirit continues to drive his music creation and evolution as an artist.

The Origin Story

Born into the name Frank Lopes Jr. to a Mexican/Portuguese-American family in December 1994, the rap artist, vocalist, and frontman of the band Hobo Johnson & the LoveMakers came up with his artist name after being kicked out of the house by his father and forced to live in his car for a while at age 19, after graduating from Del Oro High School.

hobo johnson net worth

Hobo Johnson of Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers performs during the 2021 BottleRock Napa Valley music festival – @Getty

A true artist at heart, Johnson’s life and career thus far have been marked by an unwillingness to relent to the norm.


Starting from 2016, Johnson has been actively present on YouTube, releasing a series of live recordings at Oak Park with his band.

I started like doing open mics sang hymns and street performing,” Hobo told No Jumper in July 2019. ”I make my living just doing that, and then after a while, we played shows and built like a following. The first song I made in my car and then when I like live in my car for a little bit, so it was kind of that was in when I was like 19.” 

The following year, unsatisfied with his first album, he created a second version of The Rise of Hobo Johnson, the release of which got him signed with Reprise Records.

Even though the album earned him several awards that year, his viral arrival wasn’t until one year later, in 2018, when he and his band released a music video on YouTube, “Peach Scone,” as part of the NPR Tiny Desk Contest.

hobo johnson girlfriend

Hobo Johnson performs at The Roundhouse on December 19, 2019 in London, England – @Getty

The video gained over 2 million views and made Johnson and his band a viral sensation.

By the end of March of the same year, his debut album won him the 11th spot on the Heatseekers Chart’s Billboard.

Touring North America and Europe from 2018 to 2019, the band also appeared on notable stages in other parts of the world, including Australia’s Falls Music & Arts Festival and Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee.

In 2019, Hobo appeared on ”Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

His second album, The Fall of Hobo Johnson, dropped in the fall of 2019 with Warners Records. With this release, his single, “Typical Story,” was featured in the EA Sports new video game NHL 20.

Though not so active during 2020, Johnson made up for it with two album releases in 2021, with The Revenge of Hobo Johnson in June, followed by Hobo Johnson Alienates His Fanbase in August.

Of the new songs, Johnson has commented to Vulture that by listening to them himself, he didn’t know why anyone liked his previous music, showing his own sense of growth as an artist.

hobo johnson wife

Hobo Johnson performs at The Roundhouse on December 19, 2019 in London – @Getty

Indeed, given his history of opening up new paths for himself and his music and relentless motivation for artistic evolution, Hobo is sure to only go bigger from this point on.

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Perhaps too busy with creating music and touring with the band, not much is known about Hobo Johnson’s current personal life. However, Hobo was in a relationship with a girl named Ashley. At the time of writing, Hobo Johnson is not married.

is hobo johnson married

Hobo Johnson on day one of Reading Festival 2019 at Richfield Avenue on August 23, 2019 in Reading – @Getty

Hobo Johnson – Net Worth

So, how much is Hobo Johnson worth? Johnson earned most of his wealth from selling copies of his albums (Hobo Johnson Alienates His Fanbase, The Fall of Hobo Johnson, and more) and touring the country with his band. Therefore, rapper Hobo Johnson has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

On YouTube, Hobo has over 132 million views, meaning about $390k in revenue before taxes.

Hobo also sells merch on his website –

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