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Nikolas Ajagu Net Worth

Nikolas Ajagu Net Worth – $2 million

What is Nikolas Ajagu’s net worth?


Nikolas Ajagu is the well-known spouse of celebrity wife Meena Harris, lawyer, author, and niece of Kamala Harris.

Nikolas is best known as the Global Head of Partnerships and Advertising Technology at Facebook’s New York office. 

Learn more about Nikolas Ajagu’s net worth, career, and personal background.

The Origin Story

In the United States of America, Nikolas was born in California on January 14, 1984. (unverified)

Ajagu is described on the internet as a bold, confident, and stylish person, albeit highly private.

He was present at Joe Biden’s inauguration in 2021 and was spotted wearing a pair of Dior X Air Jordan sneakers, exclusive footwear worth more than $2,000.

Together with his wife Meena, Nikolas has two daughters, one born in 2016 and the other arriving in 2018.

Meena Harris – @Getty

Nikolas is highly educated and is a graduate of Princeton University with a degree in Social Anthropology. His thesis focused on the cultural impact and economic growth of interactive media.

During his time at Princeton, Ajagu served as President of the Ivy Club, participated in the university’s basketball and football programs, co-founded the West Coast Students Association, and was a Rockefeller College Fellow. 

His career in technology started at Facebook when he was hired as a campaign manager in 2007.

His skills, intelligence, and confident manner fuelled his rise up the ladder until his last appointment as Global Head of Partnerships and Advertising Technology.

Nikolas met his wife at Facebook in 2007 when they were both employed by the social media giant.

Of course, we are assuming they are married.

Meena announced their engagement on social media in 2016, but we could not find any information about the wedding if there even was one.


Meena is a famous author, well-known activist, and head of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign.

This grassroots fundraising initiative has raised funds for up-and-coming organizations like Girls Who Code, Essie Justice Group, Higher Heights, Planned Parenthood, and the United State of Women.

It’s safe to say that Meena is much more active online than her partner.

Before his employment at Facebook, Nikolas co-founded three startups.

The first, which has since ceased operations, was Code & Canvas. The business was described as a collaborative workspace for 50 artists, musicians, and other creators.

Code & Canvas offered space for exhibitions, music events, and other fun social gatherings.

Unfortunately, Code & Canvas closed in December of 2019 for unspecified reasons.

The other business Nikolas was involved with was Barrel and Ink, which describes itself as a business that connects wine enthusiasts with access to limited-run wines from the best winemakers.

A web page with minimal and unrelated content and a Facebook business page is still accessible, but the last post was some years ago. It’s unclear whether Barrel and Ink are still open for business.

The third and still ongoing venture (as far as we can tell) started by Nikolas in 2005 is Ecosystems Ventures.

Nikolas’ role was to evaluate potential investments and support Ecosystem Ventures’ portfolio post-investment. Ajagu was also responsible for developing strategies for companies such as Zikon Inc. and Autonet Mobile.

Another of Ajagu’s roles at Ecosystems Ventures was served at PlaySpan, a company created to enable game companies to take payments for digital goods. Nikolas worked in this role for three years until 2008.

Nikolas is very private, so it’s challenging to peek into his personal life.

He has a Facebook personal page with no posts, which lists him as having 14 friends, and a LinkedIn profile he has never posted but includes a detailed overview of his various positions.

If he is on Twitter, we have been unable to track down his Twitter handle.

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Nikolas Ajagu – Net Worth

Nikolas is highly private about his earnings and net worth, and no information on his personal or business finances is currently available online. However, he is thought to have amassed a sizeable portfolio of a few million dollars, but this information is unverifiable.

Meena Harris, his wife, is a prominent author and novelist and is estimated to have amassed a fortune exceeding $2 million.

She worked at Uber as Head of Strategy and Leadership, a position that earns between $81,00 and $125,000. A previous post at Slack provided her a salary of between $127,000 .and $136,000. Meena also worked at Facebook as
Community Operations Manager as well as founded Phenomenal.

A current LinkedIn profile lists Nikolas’s current role as Global Head of Partnerships, Facebook Advertising Technology, so it is unclear whether he still holds this position. No doubt, the take-home salary for this role is significant but not publicly available.

Therefore, Nikolas Ajagu has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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